Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom – 7 Tips to Promote Vitality and Energy

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yin yang symbol A bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of vitality and energy is a good Feng Shui bedroom. A bedroom that lures you, invites you, calms and pacifies you, is a proper Feng Shui bedroom. Such a bedroom is fun and pleasurable to live in either for a short nap or for a lovely good night sleep.

You can use a variety of Feng Shui tools to create a good Feng Shui bedroom. You can also apply Feng Shui principles and tips to enhance the flow of positive energy in your bedroom. Good energy can be brought into the bedroom with the application of seven important tips of Feng Shui.


7 Feng Shui Tips You can Try

  1. Electronic gadgets like computer, television, and exercise equipment should not be kept in the bedroom as they tend to destroy the positive Feng Shui energy.

  1. Try to keep the windows open often as the quality of air is very important in creating a Feng Shui bedroom. Stale and polluted air brings about negative energy.

    A good air freshener should be used to keep the air pleasant and fresh, and to bring about sufficient amount of oxygen. Plants should not be kept in a bedroom but if you do want to keep plants, then place them away from the bed. Essential oils like rose, jasmine or ylang ylang can be used to improve the energy level of the bedroom.

  1. Lighting plays a very important role in a good bedroom. Several levels of light should be used and a dimmer switch can be used to adjust the various levels of the light to increase or decrease the energy.

    One of the strongest sources of energy is light and it is a very important nutrient essential for life. The best Feng Shui item for lighting the bedroom are candles. Be careful while buying candles; check that they have no toxins.

    Candles, being Feng Shui fire element, improve the energy of purification and inspiration. Candles help in releasing daily stress and they also warm up the energy. Feng Shui studies reveal that burning a high quality candle just fifteen minutes before going to bed will help in a sound pleasant sleep and help in shifting the energy.


  1. Choose proper images for your bedroom as they carry strong energy of Feng Shui. Do not use sad and disheartening images as they make you feel the same. Choose those images which you want to see really happening in your life. In the same way, do not use lonely images.

  1. Colors play a vital role in the bedroom. Feng Shui colors, also known as skin colors from pale white to dark rich chocolate color, work best for the bedroom. The best flow of energy in a bedroom comes from a balanced decor.

  1. All the doors in the bedroom should be closed at night whether it is the bathroom, the wardrobe, the closet or the main door of the bedroom. This strengthens the relationships in your lives. It also creates a sense of peace and harmony around you.

  1. Your bed should be approachable from both the sides; avoid having the bed and the door in a direct line. Mattresses and sheets of high quality are also a source of good energy in a bedroom.

Pleasure and dreams are the keywords in creating a lovely and beautiful Feng Shui bedroom.

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