Business Luck

Business Luck

Business Luck: How Luck Affects Business

By Bobbie Blueblood

business luckThe chance occurrence that greatly influences our life is known as luck. Luck affects nearly all aspects of our life. Successful businessmen definitely count hard work and luck together to reach their goals.

Although business luck is still just luck there are many factors relating to luck that affect the business of an individual. The first and foremost thing to be taken into consideration is the date and times to start the business.

Many businesses have failed even before they have been started properly. Some people believe that the date on which a business was started might have been inauspicious. So not only does actual business affect business luck, but dates have a great importance to some people.

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Chinese Bbelieve the Date a Business Starts should be Auspicious

The Chinese greatly believe this fact. They are very superstitious and they say that a proper and auspicious starting date should be finalized before starting a business.

It is believed that the owner’s date of birth and of the foundation of the business should be compatible with each other in order to make the business prosper.

But altogether one cannot wait for the luck to hit upon us and just sit and watch quietly. Hard work matters a lot along with luck. People who work hard are also those who grab every opportunity that life gives them and thus they make their life lucky.

Those people who just depend on luck are the ones who do not know what direction to move to. They lack self-confidence and get nervous easily. These are the ones who make their own life and business unlucky for themselves just due to lack of vigor and strength to work hard.

Some other factors that luck affects is the kind of people one works with or to employs. The luck of the employees working in the business also affects it. People employed should have the favorable elements which are required for the success of that particular business to flourish.

From the company’s foundation date, one can also calculate the fact whether the business is going to prosper or not. Another thing that can be done is to have a partner in the business with some favorable elements for the business to run smoothly. The person whose pillars match with each other can become successful business partners and lucky for each other.

Some Successful Businessmen use Charms, FengShui, Amulets for Luck

Many successful businessmen have been seen wearing some good luck charms or amulets to enhance their luck. Feng Shui techniques and astrology can be applied before starting a business. Some Feng Shui products and colors can be used to balance the flow of positive energy. They may also eradicate the negative energy to bring good fortune to one’s business.

make money onlineIntuitions or the lucky hunches also play a great role. One should listen to one’s sixth sense. The unlucky people are actually those who do not heed their sixth sense. So paying attention to the little bell ringing in your mind is an essential factor for luck.

Only optimistic people are said to have luck knocking at the doors. Positive thinking really affects an individual’s way of taking decisions on grave matters which further leads them to good fortune.

The name of the firm and the business also affects it in a great way. Even though one is very rational in thoughts, others may consider your product to be an unlucky one. What may sound catchy to us, may have some others might think it to be unlucky.

So luck in business or business luck is affected not only by the owner’s attitude but potentially the starting date of the business, whether or not partners are involved, and also the beliefs of the customers and buyers.

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