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Feng Shui Office – Questions and Answers about How to Feng Shui my Office

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Feng Shui my office

Michael asks…

How do I Feng Shui my office?

My office is mostly white (the walls, the cabinets, the door, and the white board – duh). I’ve only had it for about two weeks now, and I think I’m getting headaches and less productive when I enter and sit down. What’s the best way to Feng Shui it?

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

Face your desk towards the door but at an angle…
Solid wall behind your back, never a window…
Never sit with your back to the door…
No sharp objects facing you on your desk…
No bonsai or spikey plants in office…
No open bookshelves behind you…
Feng Shui Office No piles of files on your desk…
Have a picture of a mountain behind your chair (no water in picture)…
A turtle behind you to the north…
All diplomas, awards, etc. Hung on a south wall…
Southeast corner a little water feature…
Never face a mirror at work (a problem for hair stylists I guess)

Feng Shui my office

Sandy asks…

What is the best website for feng shui tips for office layout?

I have shifted to newly renovated office. I like to find out about feng shui tips on office layout for prosperity.

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

Here is a link to a site that has guidelines for feng shui within your office.


Good luck!

Feng Shui my office

Daniel asks…

Help Feng Shui my home office?

I’ve just moved into a new home office. I’d like any general feng shui advice, and I have a specific question too.

Here’s the office layout:

I have a picture of a lighthouse and calm sea that I’d like to hang on one of the walls. Where’s the best place for this picture with water in it?

General question: does anyone have any other advice on the layout? I’ve taken care not to have my back to door or window. Anything else?

Hi guys,

Some more details:

BOD: 30 Aug 1978

I started an internet marketing business about 8 months ago – see link for details.

It may be difficult to change the orientation of the door (as I do not own the house), but I will see if it’s possible.

I understand that more precise details are required for a thorough analysis, but it’s unfair for me to look for such detail in a free answers forum. I’m happy to learn from whatever you guys can share.

You can contact me via the business website if you need to get in touch.


Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

First, i like to emphasize that fengshui is only good when the whole house is involved, even if you only stay in 1 room, it is required that the whole house is fengshui’d. The reason for this is that we often use the fengshui chart of the whole house to be applied on the 1 room in the house.

Next, my comments below are not precise, it is just based on the picture you attached. Fengshui is better when it is precise and personal. Personal, because your birthdate/ time and certain info regarding you and your house are used in the calculations.

– can you make the door to open the other way, so that the person coming in can find you right away.
– there is a special formula to see whether the angle from the door to the diagonal corner is healthy to the occupant/s; this is known to most fengshui practitioners
– general layout is okay, except for the door.
– regarding the picture, you can put it anywhere you like. It is not fengshui when you use a picture or a furniture to attract wealth into your life. That is just what most western writers like people to believe. It is much more complicated than that. Regarding the picture, it will not affect you in anyway, if you put it anywhere, as far as fengshui is concerned.



Feng Shui my office

Betty asks…

What is some design tips for a feng shui office space?

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

**According to office feng shui guidelines, your desk should be placed at a diagonal to the doorway or directly facing it, rather than with your back to it.

**If there’s more than one desk, place two on a diagonal facing towards the door and any others on a diagonal facing into the center of the room. They should not be placed in rows in a traditional classroom layout or back to back.

**If the doorways of offices that face each other across a hallway are not exactly aligned, place a mirror on the front of each door.

**If you face a partial wall or partition when entering an office, place a mirror on the partition.

**Soften jutting walls with plants. If you don’t have a ‘green thumb’, artificial plants are just as effective as live ones.

**Break up dull walls with mirrors or paintings.The feng shui elements that are easiest to blend into an office decor are pictures and photographs. Look for pictures that represent the various aspects and display them in the appropriate areas of the room. Very obvious feng shui symbols may invite unwelcome questions from visitors or co-workers.

Here is a visual example of an office space that has been feng shui-ed:


Feng Shui my office

Robert asks…

How do you Feng Shui your office if you have a door on one side..?

and windows on all 3 surrounding walls?

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

The door shouldn’t pose a problem. Neither should the windows.You can go to this site for more info. There is actually examples of how to create a feng-shui office. You just have to click on the link at the page.


Steven asks…

What do you suggest to decorate my office desk following some feng shui principles?

I have heard Feng Shui is good, so i would like to have some ideas i can use in my own space at the office any suggest for it? it is small is not a single room for me…

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

Hi, the area you work is a great place to start with Feng Shui.
There are many different levels of analysis or schools of Feng Shui which will help to personalize the space for your building and location however some generic principles can be used without knowing the building or office feng shui chart.
These are:

1. Clutter-remove stuff that is not used anymore or is not related to the main tasks that you perform at your desk. E.g. Old paperwork/books, cables, boxes etc. Go through all the things and ask yourself if it will help you with the job at hand. Most people like to have a small reminder of their family or friends at their desk such as photos, however don’t let this take over the desk. I have seen many corporate employee desks where they looked more like a toy pen for kids (stuffed toys etc) rather than an office. Balance is paramount in Feng Shui, the aim is to create a balance which enhances a good flow of energy around us.
With clutter, it is ok to have a cluttered desk while you are working there, if that is how you work, however always tidy it away at the end of the day before leaving. This will ensure that when you start the new day, you start fresh and positive.

2. Having your back against a wall is very positive also. When you have your back to an open space it is harder to concentrate as there may be people coming up behind you which is distracting.

3. For ensuring good health and happiness, may I suggest a shiny metallic round object of gold or silver. This could be a ball (it doesn’t have to be made of metal, but it needs to have a shiny metallic surface) or a cup, place it at the top right of your desk. The metal element is a very powerful element for good health.

4.Water is also an important element of success however to have a fountain on or near your desk may not always be possible. Correct placement of water is also important and it would need proper analysis via a compass reading of the office etc. One thing you can do though is you could hang a picture of water up that you can view, make sure it is a beautiful waterscape with smooth, unrushed water flow and has a lot of blue colour.

5. Another positive thing is to face your positive direction according to your year of birth calculation. This is called your gua or kua number. Many sites have this calculator….mine will have it added in the next couple of weeks. This will give you 4 positive and 4 negative directions. Try to ensure though that you have your back against the wall too.

6. Balance of yin and yang. This requres you to look at the balance of your environment. Ensure you have a good balance of light, not too bright, not too dark. Smell; make sure the room or area is pleasant and not too overpowering. Colour is hard to advise on generally as I look at individual charts for properties, each on is different, however one thing is to ensure a balance of colour, again not to bright, not too dark.
Sound is another, ensure a balance there also. Soft playing music that you like if it doesn’t distract you is also a nice addition.

Anyway hope this helps, all the best,

feng shui office

Feng Shui my office

William asks…

Feng Shui for my small office?

I have recently moved into my new office. It is small and I have placed the desk in a south-east position in the corner looking out a window. The door is in the opposite corner and my back is to the door. I am limited for space and can’t move the desk to face the door. I plan to get a pot plant and put up scenic pictures. Are there any other items I can use to feng shui my office?. Any tips is appreciated. Thanks

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

Think about this. Fengshui depends on chi or energy which occupies space – the bigger your space, the more energy. So, if you have a small office, there is no point in having good fengshui. Because the effect will so small that you cannot feel it in your life.

I am not being a pessimist, just being a realist and being practical. Is still think that moving into a bigger office is better.

Same reason why the rich becomes richer, while the poor gets poorer.

And in business, you need to think big. No business prosper by thinking small literally. Just look at apple, google and microsoft, they just grow bigger and bigger.

Besides you cannot move anything, so you just make do with what you have – just like a poor person living in a shanty does.

Feng Shui my office

Sharon asks…

box room office feng shui?

hi there. im turning a box room 2m x 2m into a box room, theres a door in the back left corner with a cupboard (built in) next to it on the opposite wall theres a window. the window looks out to the east, the room is on the 2nd floor at the back of the house above the kitchen and with a bedroom next to it (phew) anyone got any tips on how i can get the best from this tiny office?

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

A simple corner desk might do the trick. Anything along these lines or smaller…


Feng Shui my office

David asks…

Where is it a good place to place a mirror in your office for feng shui purposes. Behind your desk?

My desk faces the door so that I can view everyone coming in and my back to the wall. Should my mirror go there or somewhere else?

Feng Shui my office

Suzi Q answers:

Mirrors serve several purposes in Feng Shui. First mirrors reflect and deflect chi. Secondly, mirrors are used to draw in the energy of an object outside of the room.

It is not advised to have a mirror in your office at all. If you place the mirror behind your desk, which faces the door, you’ll be sending all the good chi out of your office. In fact, you’ll prevent chi from coming into the office in the first place. If you have a window in your office, you can not place it opposite the window, because it will send the chi out the window.

Why do you need a mirror in your office in the first place? If you really need a mirror, then place it on the wall that will have another solid wall opposite it. This way, you are not sending any chi out. However, with the presence of a mirror the chi will be constantly moving, which means that you will lack focus while at work. Therefore, it is best not to have one at all, because mirrors cause more harm then do good.

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