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Lisa asks…

South Feng Shui for living room?

Looking to redecorate this spring, and incorporating Feng Shui Living Room principles ( for the first time ).. My living room is the only south room, and according to this should be predominantly red. Problem is none of my exhisting furnishings go, and I can’t afford to replace them. The living room also has a direct east, and west wall, which green, and gold both would go well. Can I do an accent wall say on the west wall in a gold tone, and incorporate red accents like vases or art?

Suzi Q answers:

I would suggest you forget the whole Feng Shui thing (which is just New Age nonsense) and decorate in a style you like.

Daniel asks…

I need some recommendations for paint color on a living room using feng shui design principals-see details?

chestnut colored l-shaped leather sectional, mission style medium brown end tables, oranges/browns/yellows mission style stained glass lamp beige carpeting, one wall is a rock wall. The room is located in the career and helpful people/travel/father guas, immediately inside the front entrance of the home. I have a beautiful mission style blue hued stained glass/white entrydoor.

Suzi Q answers:

From the description of your furniture, it seems like you have a somewhat conservative, warm taste. (which is fine).

Since you obviously want it to flow, and match well, i would pick a neutral color. You have browns, yellows, and oranges and that’s what you want people to look at. Not the color on the wall.

Advice: Go with a brown, neutral color. If you like light colors, try different shades of tan or sandy colors. If you like deep, richer colors, a mocha or chocolate brown color might do it for you.

I’m sure it will look great no matter what you do. Hope this helps. :O)

Joseph asks…

how do i feng shui my living room?

ive looked it up and read about it, but i just dont get what im supposed to do…

Suzi Q answers:

In fengshui, the house is always considered as 1 unit. So you need to fengshui your living room as a part of that unit.

Dont confuse yourself with too many books. Most books that offer easy quick fixes do not work anyway. Get this book, it explains flying stars method, which is powerful enough to improve your life in just 3 weeks after applying changes. Http://www.amazon.com/Master-Course-Feng-Shui-Eva-Wong/dp/1570625840

fengshui is about a group of fengshui methods, each is about a system or a configuration. You need to understand this, to manipulate your life. Most of the formulas has 2 ways to improve life:
– use the good energy (by using the area, and making that room bigger)
– leave the bad energy alone (by not using the area)

one of these methods is flying stars. This method is simple enough to learn. You just need a compass to measure your main door facing and do some calculations to know what kinds of energies are inside your house. So you can use these to your advantage.

I know it is vague. But it is difficult to explain a method here.

The following are just good for 2009. Everything in fengshui needs to be measured and calculated. The following are made using time as a base, meaning they are only good for 2009. In 2010 and other years, the effect will be different: (please use a compass in using these)
– put a small blue pail full of water in the west most of the house (not room), replace the water everyday (this will put out too much fire in that area in 2009, and based on castlegate method, it is a location to put water to win some money)
– put 4 green living plants in the northwest most of the house (this will attract clients/ people into your life)
– put 4 green living plants in the center of the house (this will make the family closer together)
– please do not put plants or water inside a bedroom (this can complicate your life), and dont put plants and flowers inside the bathroom (this can also complicate your life).

Carol asks…

is it ok to have a crystal in our entrance to our living room,and how does that coinside with feng shui?

it is a tiny crystal hanging from our archway into the living room. is this good feng shui or bad?

Suzi Q answers:

Feng shui was used by the Chinese and its precepts would tend to refer more to their country with sharp peaks, swirling winds and large rivers than it may to those living in a country with a different geography. It also incorporates their beliefs, so it may depend on whether you share these beliefs or inheritance, where you now live and the design of your house,street, town or wherever you live. Feng shui works in that planning your building, altering some minor points, and keeping it tidy do work on the way you feel, think and so act. AS few of us can afford to build to their own design we have to make do with what we have.

A crystal should be pleasant, especially if it catches the sun and so sparkles and as long as it does not hit anyone as they walk by. It draws in light which should lift your feelings.

You have not said what you think is the purpose, if any, of this crystal. If you wish to practice feng shui, think about the room adjacent to the living room and in what part of the house, regarding north, south, east or west, is the living room. These would all matter for feng shui.


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Sandra asks…

What is the best direction to position an aquarium in the house/living room according to feng shui?

Suzi Q answers:

This is a bit difficult esp if you don’t know flying stars or fengshui techniques. The trick is to put it where the current water star is.

What does the current water star means? We are now in period number 8. Thus, the current water star is the number 8 in the water star of the flying star chart of your house. When you activate by putting movement or use this area, you activate the luck of the house – thereby, making your house lucky in the current time = present.

In flying stars method, the land where your house is, is divided into 3 rows by 3 columns, like a tictactoe grid. Then each box, there are 3 numbers: the time/base star, mountain star, and water star. To learn how to “fly the stars” or get the chart for your house. Read A Master Course in Fengshui by Eva Wong, I think amazon.com sells it.

But be careful, because water is a very powerful element. It can mean money, but in fengshui, the more powerful a technique, the more it can be fatal when used improperly even by mistake.

Regarding your aquarium, i like to emphasize that location is important, or that fatal thing can happen. Then number of fish and color of fish is unimportant. The most important is to know what kind of water do you need in that location. There are 2 kinds in fengshui: still water and moving water.

In moving water, fish can be used; but for me, an aerator in the aquarium is best, bec you don’t have to maintain it.

Still water, is simply water that is not moving.

There is a big difference in these 2. If you use moving water in place of still water, you might provoke a bad thing to happen, which can become a bad fengshui. This usualy happens if you don’t know what you are doing.

Nancy asks…

How can I use feng shui to produce a healthy sleeping enviroment in the living room?

At the moment my husband and I sleep on a futon in the living room whle my 2 daughters have the bedroom. How can I create a healthy sleeping enviroment in the living room.

We have the dog, the african grey and the pc desk in the same room. What can I add or make sure to do to create this.

Suzi Q answers:

There is nothing about sleeping and fengshui. Fengshui basically do only 1 of 2 things per fengshui technique/ concept: increase money or improve health. When you achieve either one of these, it does not always follow that you’ll sleep like a baby.

In fengshui, the basic things about a bedroom:
– don’t put a mirror in the bedroom
– don’t put tv/ pc/ stereo in the bedroom, as these can make the room more yang than yin
– have a lighter paint inside the bedroom (yin colors, as opposed to bright yang colors – red, orange, yellow)
– don’t put a bed with the head or feet pointing directly at the opening of the door or window
– don’t put a bed in the middle of 2 windows with a wall in the middle (“crying eyes”)

these are basic fengshui things, that don’t use fengshui concepts, meaning they do not have power to change your life for the better even if you avoid them. But if you have them in your room, they can make your life a bit bad.

My rule about my bedroom: when i sleep, shut down everything: lights, tv, stereo, pc, just leave the air conditioning on. No fengshui involve.

Fengshui does not cure everything.

How to improve health with fengshui? First when you have a plot of land, you calculate for the slying star chart of your house to be, then based on the chart, you see which locations is good for health, then you make that location into a bedroom, which location is good for money, you make it into a office, a living room, a kitchen or a den. That is how you use fengshui. But if you are going to adjust a room to accommodate fengshui, then you are asking for a nightmare. Because there is no simple tips to give you. Fengshui is not what most people think it is. It is not instant.

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David asks…

what are the correct feng shui colors for the living room and dining room?

Suzi Q answers:

I believe blue or green for living room for a sense of relaxation and red for the dining room/kitchen. I say red because it accents the food and is associated with feeling hearty and happy, which comliments food completely.

Susan asks…

feng shui for large room?

i have a big sofa,3 medium sofas and a couch,my living room is kinda big and it’s a living room and a dining room together,i don’t know how to put my sofas to be in a circle because it would be a really big circle….how do i feng shui my living room for happiness but also success?if i put them on a small circle so that the sofas are closer to each other then there is a lot of room empty…i don’t know what to do

Suzi Q answers:

Fengshui do not work that way.

There is no such thing as a general guidelines that you can follow.

It is not a belief, not a religion, and not a philosophy.

Regarding simple fengshui, it is good that you know them. But i dont really like them, because they are useless. I mean, you’re damned if you have them. And when you have them right, it doesn’t have any good results or energy that brings you luck.

So what is fengshui all about? It is much complicated than having all of your furnitures in a circle – that is for sure.

There are many methods in fengshui. One of the methods is called flying stars. Here, you measure the facing degree of the front door of the house (not bedroom, or that room, must be of the whole house), and use when you first moved into that house (in fengshui, time has an energy, and it is not constant. It differs from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, month to month, year to year, period to period; 1 period = 20 years, we are now in period #8), to plot out the flying star chart of your house.with this chart, you can analyze which areas have good energy and which areas have bad energy. Ideally, you use the good areas more for living, while leaving the bad areas for storage or just use them less.

Energy in fengshui is not something that you feel or sense. Energy in fengshui combine, they react and interact with each other (and with us) to form new energy formations. When we use an area, the characteristics of the energy that exists in that area becomes our lives – so when good energy exists, then you life will be luckier. When bad energy exists, then you will experience accidents and expenses. This is the essence of fengshui, and how practitioners manipulate life by using fengshui. In a way, fengshui is like a system/s that have been derived from observations of nature – so, it is really making nature work for us.

Betty asks…

how to feng shui a complicated room?

I live in a small one room apartment with a room mate and I sleep in the living room where I have my bed and desk and this is a bit complicated to feng shui what guidelines should I follow to properly arrange everything?

Suzi Q answers:

Try to minimalize your space. Keep it open and try your best to leave room around your bed for energy to flow.

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