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Feng Shui Luck – Make it Work for You for Personal and Professional Problems

Presented by Bobby Blueblood

yin yangFeng Shui luck and awareness definitely helps you in building your career and can solve your family problems in the framework of Feng Shui. If a person goes by the Feng Shui’s rules and its disciplines properly, then luck will definitely help him to get rid of all personal and professional problems.

It can make his present life happier as compared to what he had faced in the past.


silver dollar plant

Silver Dollar Plant (crassula arborescens) - in Poland known as Tree of Fortune.

There are three types of Feng Shui luck:


is the gifted luck that comes with the birth of a person. You can call it ‘inborn luck’. In the Indian culture, this luck is also known as the ‘Karma’.


is the combination of energy and good fortune in a person’s life. A person himself is responsible for generating this combination. Positive attitude, worship and energy in the body can bring this type of luck.


or Feng Shui luck is the availability of vital energies and the energies around a person. Creation of this luck depends upon the human effort. If a person strictly follows all the conditions of Feng Shui and if he creates a healthy environment around him, he will surely be lucky.

Feng Shui Luck can be Generated Anywhere

Feng Shui luck is the only luck that defines human efforts. For having this type of luck, a person can take advice from Feng Shui experts. It will definitely help him or her in the long run.

Feng Shui luck can be generated anywhere. If a person wants to establish his business setup, then with the help of Feng Shui experts, he can make a Feng Shui environment in his office. He can use lucky charms.

He can use some paintings, and can select his office and its direction according to the rules of directions of Feng Shui environment. All these efforts will bring luck in his business, and he will definitely get a healthy growth in his business in no time.

Feng Shui luck defines the luck for personal life also. If a person wants to get rid of personal and family problems, in any area for that matter, then he can start with reconstructing his home according to Feng Shui rules.

He can use Feng Shui items in his home; he can change the direction of welcome door of his home, and so on. These factors will bring joy to his life, and will help in stabilizing his family and personal problems to a great extent.

gambleOne thing is for sure, if you want to go by Feng Shui, follow the rules till the end. Only then can the desired result(s) can be achieved.

Reverse impact of Feng Shui Luck

On one hand, obeying Feng Shui rules to the point can bring tremendous joy in a person’s life. On the other hand, opposite impact of Feng Shui, if not followed properly or if followed half-heartedly, can upset a person’s life.

Why is it Feng Shui luck gets converted into bad luck? It is because of unethical human deeds and adversely following Feng Shui rules.

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