Feng Shui Horoscope

Feng Shui Horoscope

Feng Shui Horoscope – the Chinese Horoscope used in Chinese Astrology

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Feng Shui horoscope or the Chinese horoscope used in Chinese astrology revolves around twelve Chinese animals. Each different animal represents a year which changes after every twelve years. Each animal year has its own significance. While finding their perfect life –partner, the Chinese firmly believe in checking the compatibility of their animal years along with those of their partners’ too. Anyone can find their perfect match by following the chart and referring to the corresponding animal year.

The twelve animals are rat, dog, horse, ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, dragon, monkey, pig, cock and goat. The Chinese horoscope also uses the technique of the LoShu Magic Square, which was formed about 6000 years ago on the back of a turtle. It is an ancient tool in Feng Shui used in Chinese astrology. The I-Ching, the flying star, and many formulas of astrology in Feng Shui depend upon this magic square.

Feng Shui flying star

It is based on the LoShu chart. The evaluation of number movement in the chart with the movement of time and energy flow is done by the flying star. The flying star helps in the identification of the movements of unlucky and lucky stars according to which good luck and bad luck befalls in one’s life. The Feng Shui masters and users place the flying star on this chart and locate the mountain and water star which points out the direction of wealth and power enjoyed by the person related.


Yin and yang

The Feng Shui horoscope is also dependent upon these two energies. One is known as masculine energy and the other it’s opposite. They are two powerful energies of the universe by which everything that exists on this earth is balanced.

Chinese New Year celebration

Influence of nine stars

The influence of the nine stars and their position is also a great part of Feng Shui horoscope. Therefore it is also called the 9star Ki. By evaluating various theories, calculations and traditional methods, the personality of a person can be judged.

The personal number of a person affects his personality and also the various cycles of his life. And the most important factor is that we must understand the trinity of luck in our lives. The trinity of luck is the heavenly luck, earthly luck and human luck among which the principle of heavenly luck is very necessary to understand.

For accurate predictions, one must also understand his control and behavior number too.


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I-Ching or the Book of Changes is one of the traditional and ancient forms of Feng Shui fortune telling. It is related to the LoShu Magic square chart and it is based on the eight trigrams. There are about 64 trigrams and each trigram has a specific meaning. They are made by the combination of broken and unbroken lines. Two trigrams combined together form a meaning.


Five elements and the four celestial beings

The five basic elements in Feng Shui are wood, water, fire, earth and metal. Each of them has a different impact on our lives. So balancing each one of them in our lives is very important. The four celestial animals that represent the four directions north, west, south and east are turtle, phoenix, dragon and the tiger. These elements bring in good luck, health, wealth, success into your lives.


Ten heavenly stems and the twelve earthly branches

These are collectively known as the stems branch or Gann Zhen. They belong to the Chinese cyclic number system. They also follow the concepts of the yin and yang and the five elements and hence they are related to the Feng Shui art and science.

In order to correctly predict the horoscope, one must provide his birth date, location and time of birth accurately. The patzu or the eight numbers correspond to the birth year of a person. They represent the eight compass directions. A specialized Feng Shui tool, the bagua is also used in Feng Shui horoscopes. It is based on the traits of the twelve animals. The principles regarding the Chinese horoscope and zodiac are very complicated and difficult to understand. So these and many other factors like five elements, the ten heavenly stems, yin and yang and the twelve animals together influence the Feng Shui horoscope of an individual.

According to Feng Shui astrology, one’s character is influenced by the year of our birth. It is believed that the person born in the rat year is supposed to be intelligent but suspicious and the one born in the horse year are generous and love to be free from bondage. The Feng Shui horoscope also tells us about our compatibility with the other people around us. Chinese lanternAnother way to predict destiny and future is the Chinese four pillars of destiny or the BaZi which represents the sun, the moon, the earth and the planets.

Thus, based on traditional knowledge, a Feng Shui horoscope is a very efficient resource in providing us with knowledge of human behavior and more understanding about it. It is a kind of ancient reading of people’s behavior and how nature influences their lives.

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