Child Luck

child luck

Child Luck – Your Child can bring You and your Family Luck

By Bobbie Blueblood

child luck

Child luck, just what does it mean? In India according to the Vedic books, getting a child is a result of the good deeds done in previous birth. So it means getting a child is itself a boon from God.

People in India believe that is it not the child who brings luck but in fact, it is the parents who get a child who are lucky. The child itself is a boon for his family.

There are many beliefs and myths according to many religions and traditions. The beliefs vary from person to person and family to family. In Hindu traditions, it is believed that the child brings good luck or bad luck according to his attitude.
children luck

Some of the popular myths regarding child luck are as follows:

    child sitting

  • A child crying on his naming day is a good luck sign.
  • A large mouth child is said to be a good singer in the future.
  • It is found to bring bad luck if a new born baby is put on a table.
  • The first time you take a baby for traveling never take him downhill first; otherwise, he will go down in his life always.
  • An infant who clutches a coin when given for the first time will bring money to the family.

Every child is born with a pinch of luck and flavor. From the very first day of our birth, the universe, the sky rules over us and we carry luck, either good or bad. This is according to astrology.

The very fact that we are born proves that we are lucky. So the conclusion is that out of millions of sperms every individual who comes to this world is considered to be lucky. It’s all in one‘s mind. When the baby fails to keep the family traditions from the beginning, he brings bad luck.

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Some people judge the child’s luck through the days on which the child was born. This is again astrology or possibly numerology. They have rules which determine whether the day and /or time in which a child is born on a certain date will determine the life path of the child.

Those rules also determine whether the child might be considered lucky. That’s according to the beliefs of the parents if they believe in astrology or numerology.
children luck

Here are some common sayings about being born on certain days:

lucky girlMonday’s child is born fair.

The child born on Tuesday is full of grace.

Wednesday’s child brings sorrow and woe.

A Thursday child goes a long way.

Friday’s child will never be away from you

Saturday’s child is good at heart and kind

And the child born on a Sunday is good and gay

Also fair and wise.
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The Childs Name

The name of the newborn child also affects the luck of himself/herself and also of the family where it is born. A child’s name apparently can mean success or failure to the child and thus to the family.

Sometimes parents, or the child when he gets older, will change the name of the child to bring more favorable luck to the child. You often see this in movie stars, but the reason for changing the name might be different.

Sometimes an awkward sounding name is changed to an easy to pronounce name, while other times it might be for the person to have a unique name or even a common name.

A child brings prosperity, money, wealth, health and blessings to a family. There is sometimes woe and misery in the relationship between childless couples. A happy child makes a happy home so here again the luck of the child showers on the family if the child is kept happy.
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Detecting Good Luck

It’s very hard to detect good luck, so the very upbringing of our child determines our luck. More often than not children brought up in a loving family will turn out good and thus shower good luck on their family.

While the case of a child in a broken family is often the prerequisite of bad luck for the child and family. But you must remember these are not always the case.

In other words, we have to earn good luck by bringing up the child well. Child luck is nothing but a recipe prepared by our own ingredients used by us in bringing up the child.

Since children are the blessings of God, so it is worth to consider them as a good luck or bad luck to their family they are born into.

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