Aliens/UFO’s In Dreams


Aliens and UFO’s In Dreams – Be Careful How You Interpret Them

By Bobby Blueblood.

Aliens and UFO’s in dreams can be interpreted to mean a lot of things in our day to day lives. Though it is not a very common dream, its significance cannot be denied altogether. Aliens signify thoughts that are totally unfamiliar in our common lives while the UFO’s represent hope in the present world of science and technology.

Dreams of UFO’s depict the religious side of a person and how deep are his thoughts regarding the religious world. However there is a lot of confusion regarding the interpretations of dreams relating to Aliens. It is assumed that only the person who experiences the dream can interpret them the best.
aliens and ufo's

Alien and UFO Dreams are also Lucid Dreams

These dreams of aliens and UFO’s are also lucid dreams and the dreamer is totally conscious of what is taking place. Dreaming about aliens and UFO’s in dreams means that one is going to enter a new world which could be either a new job or a new city.

It also denotes that there are people in and around you who are behaving in a strange way towards you. They behave as aliens or strangers with you. Sometimes it depicts that one is going to acquire some bad habits from the outside world.

Aliens and UFO's In DreamsMost of the dream interpreters say that dreams about aliens and UFO’s are totally unsolved mysteries. Some people dream that they are aliens. This means that one is confused about oneself. It symbolizes the part of you which is yet to be discovered. It further signifies that one wants to run away from the realities of life.

Aliens and UFO’s in dreams also represent the outlandish behavior of the person as well as the imagination that this person can hold about life. To see that one is being injured and surrounded by aliens indicates the fear of losing family and friends. It symbolizes loneliness and fear of changing circumstances. It also means that the person’s privacy is being encroached upon.

To see dreams about aliens also signifies that one is having difficulties in adaptation and adjustment to new and unknown surroundings. It is actually the feeling of being ‘alienated’ or disconnected from the others.

A Person could be having Troubles in Handling a Particular Situation

Another interpretation of this dream means that a person is having troubles in handling a particular situation or a person. There is also a psychological interpretation of these dreams which says that the person is having a conflict with the neglected side of one’s own character.

child and ufoSometimes it can be seen in dreams that our near and dear ones have become aliens. This depicts that one is not having good communication skills with the family or the close ones. It depicts a wall or a barrier between you and your close ones. Similarly dreams about UFO’s interpret as something that will come on earth to save humanity from mishaps and injustice. It further represents hope and global peace.

If someone dreams that he is traveling in a spaceship, it denotes that the person is going to achieve great things in life. Dreams of UFO’s landing indicate the coming of new people in our lives. On further thought, dreams about a UFO’s acting in a strange manner give the indication that one needs to take more precautions in life.

As you can see aliens and UFO’s in dreams can mean many things. It depends on how one interprets the dream. Because of so many interpretations that are conceivably possible, you should use caution if you try to interpret such dreams.

There are also unexplained abduction situations where the person swears it wasn’t a dream. Such situations cannot be summarized in an article such as this and are shrouded in controversy.

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Alien/UFO Dream Questions

aliens and UFO's in dreams

William asks…

I dreamt of birthing alien babies?!! Plz HELP?

Last night I dreamt that i had two aliens babies. One was about four inches in length and about an inch in width. The other was about and inch in length and i believe it was dead. The looked how yo would imagine them to. Pale grey, rubbery skin big bulgy eyes. I don’t remember the actual “birthing” of them. I just know that they came from me. When the came out they “fell” in a circle. Peculiar enough a tiny little penguin and a tiny little elephant were also in this circle. Across from each other. They were not alive, i get the feeling they were there for symbolism. Of what i have no idea. This one alien tho, the one that was still living. For some odd reason i loved it. Its seemed though that the longer it stayed outside of my belly the sicker it got until finally i believe it died too. I was very sad, like REALLY sad. As if this baby were human and my own. Ive never had dreams of this sort and im pretty baffled at it. If anyone is good at interpreting dreams plz plz plz let me know what is going on here.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Suzi Q answers:

To dream that you are giving birth to a non-human creature signifies your overwhelming (and unfounded) fear in the health of your baby. You are overly concerned that your baby may have birth defects. This type of dream is common in expectant mothers in their second trimester. If you are not expecting, then it refers to your fear in the outcome of some decision or project. You are trying to overcome difficulties in your life and achieve inner development. In particular, if you dream that you are giving birth to a monster, then it implies that your inner creative energy has yet to blossom and grow into expression. You may have some hesitation in releasing this “monster” for fear that others will judge you or that they will not accept your ideals.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Donna asks…

is it possible for two people to have same dream about aliens at same time?

my spouse and i had same dream at same time about aliens how is that possible?
spouse woke at 5 am didn’t feel well,nausea. we cuddled and fell asleep .. i think soon i ,in my dream heard this loud noise like a hovering airplane. then i could see this misty green hue light through the window curtains. i turned to tell my spouse when he is gone. i get up and look out the window and this little creature is staring at me. this loud noise in my head with the strangest feeling of fear, anxiety, and curiosity. then like a hundred thoughts pictures in my head of my past. i was trying to wake or get out.. felt like a vise of some kind had my mind on hold …lol as silly as that sounds. i remember asking why are you doing this to me? and i woke with my heart racing and fear and anxiety like i have never experienced. as i woke my spouse wakes up in a daze and short of breath. i ask him are you ok? he says no,not sure i just had the strangest alien dream.
we both were freaked out … there’s more..

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Suzi Q answers:

Actually, two people having the same dream – in the kind of circumstances you describe – is fairly common. Consider: You and your spouse are in close proximity, you see many of the same things, you think similarly, you may even finish each others sentences. These are all very common with people that are close.
Now, throw in a dream that sounds very similar to sleep paralysis (see source), and the possibility that one or the other of you may talk or mutter in your sleep, and this is no great coincidence.
If you discuss your dreams on a regular basis, you and your spouse may find that you experience somewhat similar dreams perhaps one night out of ten, or even somewhat more often.
Its a little bit eerie when it happens to you, but its not anything to get concerned about.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Chris asks…

Alien dreams? More than once?

So I have this dream that this alien comes to my house and eats all of my family except for me. Then a voice out of no where tells me to hide in a bucket. My sister also tries to block a door with a rock and my mom makes me wear sneakers.
I have had this dream about 4 or 5 times.
Anyy meanings?

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Suzi Q answers:

It can mean that you’re currently very worried about your family’s safety right now. Is there anyone living near you guys who’s a criminal or a bad person and you’re scared? There’s a child raper living in my neighborhood and that’s why I’ve been having dreams of being raped by random guys. Your dream kind of has to do with fear and the aliens are the bad guys you don’t want your family to get hurt by. However, if no one bad lives nearby you, it can just mean that you hope for nothing bad to happen to your family. And aliens are very weird creatures, that part means you also don’t want anything weird happening to your family or something almost to impossible to be true.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Mark asks…

I had a dream about aliens and ….?

in that dream an alien defector told me that many aliens have websites. Is that possible and if so, why would they need a website ?

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Suzi Q answers:

Of course it is possible… an infinite universe we, mankind, cannot be alone. We are being scrutinized, studied, for the benefit and evolution of an alien lifeform. And of course, it is an ongoing study to glean information which will be put to their use and their use only. Only those survive who maximize their opportunities.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Laura asks…

Is it a bad thing to dream about Aliens even though you don’t know anything about them?

When I was 7 I used to have these “Magical Feelings” in my stomach when I was watching up in the sky and sawing these moving lights. In my dreams I used to saw “Huge flying Ships” who were flying over the cities. Back then I didn’t know anything about aliens. So to speak I also used to have the feeling that somebody was watching me. So when I found out about aliens nothing special diff happened. But the last couple of month’s I don’t know have the ship “Encounters’ I actually see them. And I usually run away or something. But I always have the remains of why did I have this all my life even though I never knew about it.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Suzi Q answers:

……………how can this be a bad thing…..?

aliens and UFO's in dreams

George asks…

Explain this dream anyone?

Right, let me start before the actual dream started – it was a pretty normal day, until around 12:00 (night), when i felt that someone was watching me on the stairs, there was a definite shadow on the stairs, but i thought nothing of it – because i thought it was just the light angle, but then i felt really tired, so i went to my bed and fell asleep. Here’s where it got weird, i woke up on an operating table, with these blurry things with big eyes surrounding me – they were talking, i felt a sharp pain in my right thigh, i looked down and there was a gash in my leg, with tubes and stuff in it, they injected me with something, i saw who was injecting me, it looked like one of those classic aliens out of an old film, then another one of these things pushed my head back onto the pillow thing – and i fell back to sleep. WTF?
I have a scar on my leg, but that’s always been there, so we’ll have no alien fanatics telling me about abductions. i just want a dream interpretation.

aliens and UFO's in dreams

Suzi Q answers:

Your concern from the stairs was carried over in your dream. You borrowed a picture from memory (an old sci/fi movie) for things. There may have been some similarity to your feeling as you slept that resembled another time you felt that way, such as when watching the old movie. You were playing a puzzle in your mind with pieces of old moments that were stitched together.

You are normal, nothing to worry about from that dream.

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Now that you’ve seen some questions and different answers what is your feeling about aliens and UFO’s in dreams?

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