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Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity

By Charles L Harmon

Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity

Buddha statueWealth and prosperity is a very essential part in every individual’s lives. Feng Shui is an art that helps you to get rid of negative energy and thus enhancing the flow of positive energy into your lives and increase your wealth, health and good luck too.

By using element and symbols of Feng Shui, one can increase positive energy in our lives. This can even by done by proper placements of things, furniture and objects in and around your surroundings. We can make use of various Feng Shui items, symbols and colors and tips to incorporate wealth and prosperity. The Feng Shui principles help us to attract materialistic wealth towards us.


Some important tips for wealth:

Getting rid of clutter is the first and foremost thing to be done. Things placed in disorder block the easy flow of energy in the home and office. Everything should be organized and settled in a well mannered way. Discard the things that you don’t require anymore. They should be sold, given away or thrown away. The place under the bed should be clean too for the free flow of energy. Closets, drawers, shelves must be cleaned and set in order.

The main element of Feng Shui bringing wealth and fortune is the water element. Clear, free flowing and moving water should be present in our surroundings. Do not allow stagnant water in and around the house. An aquarium is a great idea too but make sure that the fishes are healthy and the tank is always kept clean. Images of water like the fountain or flowing water should be displayed on the walls. Do not put pictures of storms or disturbing water scenes. Such pictures bring in negative energy. But here again, water element should be avoided in the bedroom as they have negative impact on the working life of the person.

The number eight is the most powerful money manifesting number so make use of coins that have the number 3, 6 or 8 and tie them to the main door handle with a red ribbon. The wealth corners can be also enhanced by hanging wind chimes and mobile sets above the entrance door. Adding some plants with round leaves is also beneficial for bringing in wealth. And if the plants have red and purple flowers, it is that much better. Pictures of the things that we want should be displayed in the home like harvest scenes, which imply abundance. If we aim to buy a new car or a house, then pictures of the same should be put around you. These also aim to bring abundance and wealth to your lives.

Representative elements of richness like jewelry box, piggy banks and purse should be kept in the wealth corner of the house. Other things which can enhance your wealth are the sea shells, fish sculptures, healthy plants and the Austrian crystals.

The house or the work place should be painted from time to time. This enhances prosperity in the house if the correct and effective colors are chosen. Green, red, purple, black and gold are the colors for wealth. Among these, the color red and green color is considered to be most effective.

Opening the doors of the house invites wealth in to a great extent. All the doors of the house should be opened almost regularly. Do not keep a closed or locked door in the house. This leads to discomfort in living.

The kitchen is the most essential part of a house; hence, makes sure that Feng Shui elements of wealth are incorporated there as well. Plumbing work should be perfect in the kitchen without any leakages in the pipeline or a dripping water faucet. This drains the money out of your home. The drains should be plugged when not in use. This allows you to keep money in your possession.

A small basket of fruit filled completely should be kept on the kitchen table to show abundance. The stoves and the burners should be in good working conditions as they are believed to have direct connection with wealth accumulation. They should be kept clean as well. It is said that the more number of burners in your kitchen means more wealth will flow into your home. Therefore, several times a mirror is hung over your gas stove so as to increase the number of burners’ visible, thereby increasing prosperity. A copper, silver or brass teapot should be used in the kitchen as it symbolizes wealth.

Toilet lids should be always kept closed. The plumbing work should be good in the bathroom without any leaks or drips. The drainage in the bathroom should be plugged in when not in use.

Feng Shui elements placed around the house also attract wealth and prosperity. A wind chime can be put on the ceiling to attract wisdom and good chi. Valuables like jewelry boxes, safes or piggy banks must be kept at the far left corner of the bedroom. An eighteen inch red cord of round clear crystal should be hanging in the living room at the far end, left corner, to boost wealth into your house.

Now we move towards the outer portion of the house. Some Feng Shui elements and tips can be applied even to the yard, garden or the porch. A fountain placed outside the house with an inward flow towards the house is a very good Feng Shui way to attract wealth. The fountain should be turned off at night.

In order to stimulate wealth and energy, a windmill, weathervane or any other moving objects should be kept in the far left corner of the backyard. You can also create a Feng Shui wealth vase. Feng Shui candles, oils, crystals, chimes should be properly placed in the house to invite wealth. You can also buy yourself Feng Shui jewelry by consulting a Feng Shui expert. The southeast area is the best location for your home or office as it follows the principles of sun mineral or ‘Pyrite’. goldfishThis is also considered to attract wealth and fortune.

Make sure that the flow of Chi, the positive energy is good and frequent. Remember what the experts and old masters of Feng Shui say – Feng Shui cannot bring wealth and good luck to you if you do not work for it. In fact, it is only a support system to enhance wealth and fortune. After all, hard work does matter.

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Below are some of the many questions submitted to Yahoo Answers by their readers. These are questions by non professionals in the field of Feng Shui or maybe just people interested in Feng Shui so don’t pin your hopes that all the responses are correct or represent informed views.

Feng Shui Questions

Susan asks…

Feng Shui: What Colour are you Supposed to Paint a West Facing Back Door?

Suzi Q answers:

If there is an appropriate color for every direction, then chinese houses must have a common color – but they don’t.

In fengshui, there is no such thing as the best color. Fengshui authors who claim this, obviously do not know the fengshui concepts, which is the core of fengshui.

You can paint any color you want. Just avoid the red or any bright colors, as these colors can “activate” chi. Note that chi can be good, and it can be bad. Good chi make you lucky, while bad chi makes accidents happen. Chi cannot be felt nor sensed. It just can be predicted by flying stars method of fengshui.

Maria asks…

Feng Shui – Front door direction – How do I know?

Ok with a compass right? Well the actual question is – which side of the door am I considering here? I mean according to what I read, my front door should be a South door. Ok, but how do you tell? I mean if I face my front door from the inside I am facing south, if I face my front door from the outside I am facing North. How do I know what direction my front door is? Do you take it from what direction you are walking up to the door from outside?

Also, If using Feng Shui my head is supposed to face direct West when I sleep. Ok, now the question is how do you face west while sleeping? Does this mean your body is in an east (head) / East (toe) direction, or is it the other way around?

Suzi Q answers:

Very simple!!! When you open the door and stand in your doorway, what direction are you facing? If you are facing south,then it’s a south-facing door..if the you are facing north, it’s a north-facing door, and so on……as for the bedroom question, ‘facing’ west means just that; your head should be facing west, which means your feet would be facing east…

Sandy asks…

Feng Shui – Our Bedroom – I am east and my husband is west?

We are moving and I want to try setting up our new home using feng shui. To start, our bedroom. Windows both East and West, door to hall and door to bathroom both South. He is West metal 6 and I am East fire 9? Oppisites create balance… but our bedroom?! Our wall choices are feet facing south, east, or west. From all I have read one of us is doomed. Please help! Our new jobs and healing relationship need it!

Suzi Q answers:

I would suggest to give priority to whom is earning more or has the most important job. So, for 9 fire, you should sleep with your head pointing to the South and if it is for 6 metal, it should be West, as those are the best directions out of the 4 favorable directions.

But as you belong to opposite group, the choice should be the least unfavorable for the one of you sleeping in a bad direction. This would be the Nort-east for the 9 fire or the South-east for the 6 metal.

Another point to take into account is the house. Analyze in which sector of the house is your bedroom to see for whom it is best.

And, after deciding, you should use the characteristics of the element (as color for example) to improve the personal element for whom is in a bad direction, that would be wood for the 9 fire and earth for the 6 metal.

You can check out here about all the theory, calculators and so on:

Charles asks…

Front door in feng shui?

To enter my home, you go through a North facing clear storm door onto a large screened-in porch. To actually go inside the condo, you walk slightly left to enter a West facing door which I have painted red.
First, is the North-facing storm door good feng shui? Second, is red a good color for a West facing door? Any other tips for this sort of home layout would be much appreciated.


Suzi Q answers:

Good questions. There are at least 5 major schools of feng shui in the United States, so you will notice that the answers you receive may contridict themselves. I am a feng shui teacher of instinctive feng shui. From my discipline, each direction is good. The north represents knowledge gained through life experiences. You selected your home for the attributes it has to support this part of your life journey. You may consider painting your door your favorite color, a color that brings you joy. Hope this helps.

Lizzie asks…

How do you Feng Shui an apt with the door entrance facing the South?

I was born Feb. 11, 1984 and am a female. My apartment door faces south (190 degrees) but a little more closer to the south east side. I’m using what I think is the western school of feng shui in that my apartment layout in divided into 9 squares:
Empty area and a quarter of my bedroom where the widow is in the NW corner and number 6
Bedroom is in the North and number 1
Bathroom is in the North East (toliet does not face the door but may face either south or NW) and number 8
Patio area is in the West and number 7
Living room and a quarter of my bedroom is in the center and number 5
Dining room is in the East and is number 3
Storage room outside and a quarter of my living room is South West and number 2
Entrance to the house and 2/3 of my living room is in the South and number 9 (the door is more to the SW side of the wall)
Kitchen is in the South East and is number 4

My lucky corners are NW, W, SW,and NE and
My unlucky areas are N, S, SE, and E.

I am very worried about my bedroom being in the north corner because that’s my career area as well being the water element area, my northwest corner where helpfulpeople and travel has only a quarter of my bedroom where the widow is on that side of the wall and is empty, my entrance is a fire element but is an unlucky direction according to my kua number and my kitchen is my wealth a prosperity but is in an unlucky corner… what can i do to help remedy is problem? I’m buying new furniture and am considering painting my walls. I would like to have strong love, career and health corners.

Suzi Q answers:

Do not be wary of this, in Fengshui there are many schools. Kua numbers is just one of the school. In recent years some Fengshui masters have already discarded the Kua theory as not sensible, becos of it consist only East and West grp of ppl. Which is not right as there are so many type of ppl with so many kinds of Bazi combinations, how could there be only 2 grps?
Therefore I suggest that you go for the Bazi School which is close to the San-He Theory.

To know more abt elementary FS visit my blog and forum at:

Adam’s Fengshui Blog

Blog address:

Forum address:

Helen asks…

Sewing and feng shui?

I like to start a sewing business from my home basemet. How can feng shui help?
My main door face west.

Suzi Q answers:

Basically in fengshui, you can do any business you like. I do not believe that there are appropriate business for a particular person. Because you can always use fengshui to enhance business.

With a door facing west. This is only good when you moved into this house from 2004 onwards or period number 8, and you belong to the west group based on ba zhai.

The first is based on flying stars method, you can read about this from http://www.amazon.com/Master-Course-Feng-Shui-Eva-Wong/dp/1570625840/ref=pd_bbs_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1208498236&sr=8-4

the second part is based on ba zhai or 8 mansions method or what most of lillian too’s books are about.

You need to learn these methods in order to use them properly.

How can fengshui help in business? When you frequently use areas in your house with good chi/ or energy – you make these energies manifest in our world – thereby making your life easier.

Having a west facing door is good even if you do not belong to the west group. Because with flying stars alone, you can harness the power of the double 8’s which is good for business. It is just luckier if you belong to the west group. But again, fengshui is particularly a specific thing. It is not a general thing. Meaning your door must face a certain degree to have that double-8’s at a particular location.

Sharon asks…

Some feng shui advice for a new home…?

My new house is white and tan throughout, with some green in the master bath & a little blue in the guest bath. Our couch & club chairs are brown. Other furniture is avocado, mauve & black. (The rug makes it work.) Curtains in the living room & master bedding are French blue, we have smoke sheers in the master. It all looks good, but I want to begin planning the walls & accents while ensuring we attract abundance, health, friends & happiness – not the opposite.

By Chinese horoscopes, I am metal, my husband is fire and my kids are both earths. I read a lot about feng shui, but don’t know how to apply it.

I created a Ba-gua:
front door/living room – South
master bedroom – Southwest (head of the bed – Southwest/West wall, MA door faces Northeast)
master bath – Western corner
kitchen & laundry room – Northwest
family room (with fireplace) and office – North
guest room is Northeast
guest bath is East
children’s bedroom is Southeast

What are inherant obstacles? Fixes/Tips?
Last night I went and did a little more digging. My Kua # is 4. My husband’s is 6. Hubby’s year sign is fire sheep and fixed element is fire. By year I am a metal pig and my fixed element is water.

I do find not only is some information I read contradictory, but of course my husband and I are cancelling each other out. 3 1/2 weeks after we moved here I was fired unexpectedly from my job of 3 1/2 years, which is causing terrible financial problems. I am also concerned especially about our health. I am interested in the flying stars method, but don’t know how to apply it, and is it for the whole house or for each room? Thanks very much for your help.

Suzi Q answers:

Going back to your situation based on the fengshui i know:
– front door in the south, this is bad for next year, because south is the tai sui and 3 killings for next year. So you need to be careful next year. Just keep everything calm, no new projects. And keep a salt water cure in this area. A salt water cure is an exceptions to the remedies i was talking about. A salt water cure : get a ceramic or glass jar, fill it with rock sea salt (not iodized) until it fills the 1/3 of the jar. Then drop 1 silver coin and 6 copper coins on the salt, do not mix. Then pour in water until the mix level up to 1/2 of the jar. The important here is the chemical reaction you get from the silver, copper and salt. Thus, you need to put these at the south most part of your house, away from furnitures, because it will have nasty splashings from the reactions. This will mellow out the bad effects of the tai sui.

– toilet in west is not good for women (esp daughters) of the house, please keep everything simple. Do not decorate with flowers nor with plants in this area. The bad effect is that women or daughter/s are sometimes rebellious towards their parents because they are attracted to the wrong crowd

– toilet in the east, bad for old people

– kitchen in the northwest, i am not so sure, but it can have a bad effect on the husband, because the wife might be overpowering him. And this is a bad place for the kitchen, because it is often called as fire in heaven. There is no remedy but to move the kitchen to another location

in fengshui, there are things that i am not sure of. To tackle these, fengshui has many concepts, thus i use other concepts. Other concepts just need more specific info about your house like facing degree of main door. Because sometimes, like in my home, my front door faces the south, but it is in the southwestern location. This mean that there are ghosts in the house. And i can see them in my home. But it is okay, because i am used to them.

If it is based on 8 mansions:
– children’s room is not good located in the southeast
– you are good being in the southeast but not to your husband, he must feel very irritated… Hehehe
– the front door is not good to you, but it is to your husband. But this is negated by the fact that your kitchen is in the northwest

regarding additional info, i like to focus more on fengshui, the part that deals with houses and environment. Fengshui is not a cure-all. But fengshui has a side to analyze people and their relationship. I don’t really like to go that direction, because i dont believe that you can improve relationships with fengshui. Fengshui can only achieve 1 thing: either get money or get health, cannot be both, just 1 at a time. And there is nothing with regards to relationship.

4 belong to east, while 6 belongs to west; basically your not compatible. But as my master would say, things happen and people fall in love, and there nothing we can do about it. So, you and your hubby must make things work, no matter how hard it may seem. Based on 8 mansions what is good to you is bad for him and vice versa. To manage this, we usually give the kitchen to the breadwinner or the person who earns more, and the bedroom to the other person. Bec the kitchen is one that attracts wealth. But there is a secret way to do this that is not published in books, nor in website. You need to get someone to do it for you.

To learn more of flying stars, buy a book by ms. Eva wong called a master course in fengshui, get the second edition, it has more examples at the back. There is a slight difference between ms. Wong’s take on the concept as what most masters are practicing – most people use water star and mountain star combination to interpret; while ms. Wong use water star and base/time star to interpret.

Most fengshui concepts contradict with each other, but with practice, you will know what concept to use on what situation.

I usually always go for money; because as my master would say when you have money, you can always go to the hospital to cure your illness.

There are many concepts and many ways to get rich. There is even a way to setup your toilet, so that whenever you flush, the more money comes into your life. It just depends on how you use them.

Lisa asks…

Help! Dorm Room Feng Shui questions…?

My roommate and I are trying to impliment feng shui into our dorm room. Our door faces west at the end of a hallway and we have four windows facing east and south. Our beds are against the west wall, and the desks are against the north. We also have a tv, refrigerator, microwave and video game console in the southeast corner of the room. Just a few questions…

1) Is there anything about our room configuration that strikes you as very bad feng shui?
2) Are bunked beds good or bad feng shui?
3) Is it best to keep the dorm room open with lots of floor space or divide the sleeping area and study area?
4) What is the best placement for a single betta splendens in a small nonfiltered bowl? In a small tank with a filter?
5) What are some ways to reduce school and career related anxiety?

Thank you in advance!

Suzi Q answers:

Considering the size and orientation of most dorm rooms, it will probably be practically impossible to rearrange beds, etc, to conform where each of you should place them. I’d leave the furniture alone, and concentrate on simplifying the space and hiding or disguising things that have to be there – like covering the appliances when not in use with a simple cloth (go to Hancock fabric’s remnant tables). You definitely need some plants and maybe a moving waterfall item. And something that makes a faint noise (chimes). Get under the bed boxes and put most of your stuff out of sight completely. Have natural baskets for things on your desks, and keep the clutter down.

Donald asks…

Feng shui problem, need help easy points?

my backyard door is facing west, i want to buy a shed for storage

the shed has a door, but the way im arranging it, is the shed facing my backyard door. The shed’s door facing east.

so is that okay?


Suzi Q answers:

Am not really doing this for the points. Just like to answer questions regarding chinese fengshui. People have many wrong ideas regarding fengshui.

If the shed is another small house like a guest house in your compound, based on my fengshui teacher had said before, it is not a good idea. I know that many people have a shed in the western world outside their homes. But according to my teacher, a small house in your compound represents a grave/ tomb – thus, it is not a good idea. But if the shed is a part of the house, then there is no problem.

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I hope these questions and answers have shed more light on Feng Shui techniques. Of course you will likely have more questions so there are plenty more questions here on the site. Go for it!


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Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity


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