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Lucky Symbols Around the World

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Dreamcatcher - Lucky Symbols

Luck*, a very common and ordinary word, is symbolized by a wide array of objects, lucky symbols, numbers, plants, and animal life. All of these things vary significantly in different cultures around the world. The significance of each symbol is rooted in either folklore, mythology, esoterism, religion, tradition, necessity or a combination of these things.

Some International Symbols

Horse shoes are considered lucky in many countries. Acorns, rainbows, tortoises, Saint Christopher, Dream catchers, coins, a pot of gold, the nautical star, spotting an albatross, wishing wells, wishbones, a stray eyelash, spotting a shooting star as well. All of these in one form or another are common representatives of good luck or can bring good luck to the person with them.

Symbols for Certain Countries


Carrying a fish scale in ones’ purse or wallet is considered ‘lucky‘.


The fish is considered to be a lucky symbol in Italy.


The Germans consider the pig as well as the ladybug to be symbols representing luck. The spotting of a chimney sweep in traditional clothing is also regarded fortuitous.


I’m sending luck and wishes
All wrapped up in a hug
Good things should come your way
With this tiny ladybug.

~ Henry Ellis


How brave a ladybug must be!
Each drop of rain is big as she.
Can you imagine what you’d do,
If raindrops fell as big as you?

~ Aileen Fisher

Some Unusual Ladybug Gifts


United States

  • The lucky rabbit’s foot is a widely accepted lucky symbol.
  • Numbers are often considered lucky and the number 7 is often called the lucky number 7.
  • Dice and playing cards were considered as lucky Nose art on American military aircraft
  • A Barnstar is a symbol of luck, like hanging a Horseshoe over a door.


The number 8 is considered lucky, because its pronunciation is similar to the pronunciation of the character meaning prosperity or wealth.

Jade is also considered particularly lucky.

Buddha figurines are considered fortuitous. Dragonflys, crickets, red bats, tigers, red chinese lanterns, bamboo as well.


Representations of Leprechauns are believed to be lucky.


Trolls are considered lucky.


Garden dwarves are believed to be lucky although this symbol has wider appeal.


The Egyptians consider Scarabs to be good luck beetles.


* Symbols and some text taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Questions about Symbols

James asks…

what symbols are good for luck ?

like what animals statues and jewellery are goodluck
and other symbols ?

admin answers:

My favorite 2 are the four leaf clover and the horseshoe.

Sandra asks…

What did the horse represent in the wizard of oz?

Like the Dorothy shoes were silver
The road was yellow which represented Gold
The wizard represented the President of the U.S.
What was the horse symbolic for?

admin answers:

In the book, Dorothy’s shoes were silver. The movie made them ruby because it worked better with the colored film.

“What’s the horse of a different color? Because the horse is the wizard man’s manhood, it must change since the man is changing.”

Lucky or Unlucky Symbols

James asks…

Is the Inverted Pentagram Really Evil?

I bought a Pentagram and I didn’t realise it was Inverted until i took it out of the box, Now i have a friend who thinks he knows it all and Says that inverted it is supposed to Represent a Goat/Satan, What The Person who sold it told me is that it means
Normal=Spirit positive= bringer of good luck
Inverted=Spirit Negative= Banishing of bad luck
Now My friend is starting to annoy me alot so can you give me some more ideas or websites that support it not being symbol of the devil?

Suzi Q answers:

Can a symbol, on its own, be evil?

Your problem is that for some people it does represent, to them, a goat’s head. You cannot change that, and, consider it, should you try to? (because you become the oppressor of their belief and opinion).

Your interpretations are non-contradictories, they employ the “heads I win, tails you lose” trick. For some it is a symbol of the dark inside you, a warning that you have to keep that in control – that does not banish bad luck (nor would anything, just as no symbol brings good luck).

Paul asks…

Question on religion the soul and other things like heaven salvation?

i have a few questions and any religion can answer please give a good answer not just stuff like believe in god or impossible
1. first since computer and robotics keep advancing and one day there will be a robot as smart humans will it have a soul what if it ask if its gods child or creation. what if it can love like that one scene in season 2 episode one of the terminator show where the robot cameron said to john that she loved him when john was about to kill her
2. if intelligent life is found some where in another star system or the SETI project find something how will religion react what would you say how would they explain it since they said god made us but not them the other intelligent life
3. if someone is gay yet they go to Church every sunday follow the ten commandments they are a good person do charity never drinks or does drugs is kind and gives to the poor participates in church activities will they still go to hell even though doing all that. i mean if they go to hell i would say god is a bad and cruel god or he is dead or does nexistxst.
4. why is the pentagram said to be the symbol of the devil if it was originally a symbol protectionion and good luck.
5. is it true that only 4 angles have seen god or is that just from the show supernatural is it true that angles have not been on earth for a long time and that the angles think god is dead
please answer one or all of the questions with detail and again do not say impossible or science fiction and make your answers long

Suzi Q answers:

I will answer number 1 2 (briefly) & 3

1) in a sense computers already have a “soul” Because they compute, (think) I say this because God made us in His image, in His likeness. Read the first 2 chapters of Genesis. What is God He is 3 in 1 God the Father (1) Son (2) and holy Spirit (3) We, being in His image, are Spirit (1) soul (2) and body (3) God said; “the DAY you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you will die.” SO that DAY something died, Even though we see that Adam & Eve lived to be 900 years old. So What died? Our Spirit, that is why Jesus told us we must be “born again” John 3:3 Jesus also said; “the words that i speak they are spirit and they are life” John 6:63. So when Jesus said we must be born again He is talking about our spirit (since He talks about spiritual things when He speaks)

So what is our soul and why computers in a sense have one? Or soul is our mind were we think where our emotions and memories are housed. So computers (in my opinion) will never have emotions since they have to be programed and they will never thinking as fast a a human because some things are ONLY understood based on the understanding of emotion. Which computers can’t be programed with. (everything you see on TV is a lie, it is entrainment)

2) If life is ever found out there (which i think not) God also made it. I say this based on the Bible also. Read (Psalms 8;4-6 All means ALL.) and yes religion would have a reaction towards this event because they would feel further threaten. In the end religion will fail it will fall apart. Most of it will come to nothing. Why? Because it is not doctrine that God cares about it is not DOING things that makes God happy. He does not care about religious things, He cares about US He loves US he wants to have a personal relationship with each of US He created US to be with US. SO all He does is about US adn all we do should be about HIM.

3) You are basing your question on a religious point of view, (as i talked about above) that DOING enough of the right stuff will earn you a ticket to heaven. This is not what the Bible teaches this is what religion teaches. Religion is bondage, relationship is not. If you know the truth (Jesus) John 14:6 The truth (Jesus) shall set you free. John 8:32 free from the bondage of religion. Also if you know the truth it wil set you free from other forms of bondage, like homosexuality. So if a homo does a better job than all other religious people they will still go to hell because it is not religious DOING that gets you any points with God. It is knowing Him, relationship with Him. Jesus died for the sins of the world. This includes homo’s. So God is not cruel at all to send them to hell because they in CHOOSING hell. He is just and fair and He gives us a choice. (i,e, choose Jesus and live with Me forever in life as I know it. Or choose death and live with satan forever) Because I God created you as spirit like me in my image in My likeness to be alive forever So you ARE going to live for ever in life or death the choice is yours.

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