Date Luck Factor


Lucky Dates, the Date Luck Factor , and Unlucky Dates

By Charles L Harmon

The Date Luck factor definitely works in our life; some dates can be lucky dates, while other dates are unlucky dates. It is an important factor that is intermingled with every aspect of our life. Dates are considered to be very valuable while planning to do something new like marriages, inaugurations, births, establishment of a new business, or laying a foundation of an institute, or planning to build a house for oneself. Dates play a very important role nearly for everyone no matter in which caste, creed, race, age, or country one belongs to.

The Chinese follow the tradition of starting a new business on the second day of their new year (February). They consider it to be very lucky. This ensures them a smooth year ahead financially and otherwise. This practice is followed only in Asia; for the Europeans, the date to ‘open work’ is probably after the Christmas and the New Year’s holidays after the long winter break.

But for the Chinese and the Indians, it is somewhat like a tradition to follow an auspicious date to start something new. The Indians follow this tradition just after the Diwali (sometime around October or November), the festival of lights. So, this proves that the date factor is important to affect one’s luck.

It is not only the hard work or dedication that is important; date luck also plays a very crucial role because if luck is not involved, we would not be able to achieve anything concrete in life.

Although superstitions don’t play a role in the modern society in the western world, still, there are many who consider Friday, the 13th, to be an inauspicious date. A child born on Friday the 13th is doomed to bring misfortune; people marrying on this date are doomed to lead a bad life together with the spouse. The number 13 is considered very ominous.

Many people try to avoid these omens… hotel owners renumber the room 13; they number the 13th floor as 14th floor (immediately after the 12th floor). The 13th day of any month is considered to be bad for starting a new venture. This fear, this phobia, of the date 13th, is known as ‘Triskaidekaphobia’.

We can find out our lucky dates for each year according to our birth dates and sun signs. Hence, we can work according to these lucky dates. By knowing our lucky dates, we can plan certain important events of our life. Lucky dates are those dates on which we can hit the bull’s eye and be successful in whatever we do, or achieve whatever we want to.

Lucky dates are those dates on which we have an optimistic drive within our inner self. These lucky dates, known as ‘muhurats’ by the Indians, are meant to ward off the evil and help in leading a smooth life ahead. Dates are given importance because they bring the luck which makes our hectic lie hassle-free.

The talismanic calendar or the telescope is a type of horoscope that tells us the lucky dates of a particular month of a particular year.

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