Origins of Feng Shui

Origins of Feng Shui

The Origins of Feng Shui – an Art Originating over 4000 Years Ago

By Bobby Blueblood

Origins of Feng Shui


The origins of Feng Shui were in China and it is related to wind and water. Feng Shui was used in ancient China to determine auspicious sites for the tombs of the ancestors. Later, this art was used to in building palaces, monuments and government buildings. Even sometimes a whole city was built on the principles of this art.

About ninety percent of properties, buildings and sites in Hong Kong are built using Feng Shui principles. In the east, Feng Shui is taken very seriously. Even today in Hong Kong or China, many buildings are sued if not built on Feng Shui principles as they are believed to kill the energy of the surrounding businesses.

Hongkong imageToday most of the trainings and workshops are conducted in London. London is also known as the Feng Shui capital of the world. A lot of energy and effort is required in mastering the principles of Feng Shui.

It takes thirty years of apprenticeship to become a master in Feng Shui. A strong hope to disoriented life is offered by this art. Feng Shui was first known as ‘Kan Yu’ which means ‘looking up and looking down’.

The ancient Chinese were keen energy observers and they were aware of the fact that things placed properly cause energy flow and predictable results. This was the first method and was known as Form School and it was introduced in the west in the early 80’s.

Feng Shui was called ‘Chinese Geomancy’

Feng Shui was recognized as a part of nature from very early days. Historically, it was called ‘Chinese geomancy’. It is partly based on time space theory and was also called astrology for architecture.

It is firmly believed that Feng Shui has its origination from Vaastu. Many debates have been held regarding the origin of Feng Shui.

There is no evidence about the origin of Feng Shui. One thing is sure that it existed long before the invention of the compass. It is not at all an important matter to most people regarding the origin of Feng Shui, as long as we get benefits from it.

Of course to historians and others with a more profound interest the origins of Feng Shui are of great importance. It is enough to know that Feng Shui is an art that used the metaphysical path and not blind faith.

Moreover, the more important issue is the validity of its formulae and theory, and not its origin. Some four thousand years ago, Feng Shui came into existence in China. Survival was the main objective of Feng Shui in those times.

Chinese boatThose days, people used to practice farming and reared animals. So they needed a way to locate proper sites for farming, which would be well protected from the enemies and harmful natural elements.

They realized the importance of Feng Shui. Those people felt that living in harmony with good health and prosperity was possible by keeping the yin and yang in balance.

The results they obtained after using Feng Shui principles were great. Even today, the same traditional concepts are put into use and are still fundamentally important to achieve a beneficial influence on people’s lives.

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Origins of Feng Shui


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