Solar Eclipse Superstitions

Solar Eclipse Superstitions

A Few Solar Eclipse Superstitions of how the Eclipse Affects things or People

By Bobby Blueblood

solar eclipseTraditionally, solar eclipses have always been linked with superstitions and beliefs. In spite of the advanced development of science and technology, some people still hold many superstitious beliefs regarding natural phenomenon like lunar eclipses and solar eclipses. Although it is a very beautiful event, the superstitions that people hold about eclipses make it altogether a scary and fearful celestial phenomenon. There are many weird beliefs relating to eclipses.

Some superstitions are beneficial because of the fact that they help to take safety precautions while viewing these phenomenon. A person’s eyes could be permanently damaged from looking directly at a solar eclipse. You always need very dark glasses, preferably ones made specifically for that, if available, before directly viewing a solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipses are an Ominous Phenomenon?

Solar eclipses have always been taken as an ominous phenomenon since ancient times. Hence many superstitions are related to solar eclipses. Back in ancient times when people didn’t understand things, that was a time ripe for superstitions to be born.

According to one superstition, the sun is said to have been swallowed by demons and devilish dogs. Pregnant women are instructed to take special precautions on this day. They are not allowed to go outdoors on an eclipse day. If they do so, the child may be born with dirt marks all over its body.

They are also not allowed to do any mending or sewing work and even not allowed to cut vegetables. This is done so that these women do not have deformed children. Doing these things that are restricted could affect the baby in the womb and it might have distorted limbs or may be born unhealthy.

It is also said that a pregnant woman should not hold scissors, knives, keys or any other sharp objects on this day. A child born will have cleft lips as per some superstitious beliefs.

Many people do not come out of their homes during a solar eclipse because of harmful rays from the sun. They say that during a solar eclipse the plunging of the earth into a dark shadow means enveloping the earth with a negative energy field. People even bathe in the rivers after an eclipse in order to cleanse and purify themselves.

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During a Solar Eclipse Prayers and Offerings are made in India

During a solar eclipse prayers and offerings are offered to the gods and goddesses. Charities and donations are also given to orphans and the needy. Some people refrain from cooking on such days because they say that the food gets contaminated with germs during solar eclipses.

Food items are covered with basil leaves in many Indian homes. Drinking water is thrown away and fresh water is filled again in those pots.

A Few Solar System Quotes

“The solar system has no anxiety about its reputation”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


“I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’d like to see more and more planets fall under the ruthless domination of our solar system.”
~ Jack Handy


“It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system.”
~ Dan Quayle


“We are the intelligence that has evolved in time out of the space and matter of the solar system, and specifically the earth…”
~ Barry Long


“With every passing hour, our solar system comes forty-three thousand miles closer to globular cluster M13 in the constellation Hercules, and still there are some misfits who continue to insist that there is no such thing as progress.”
~ Ray Floyd


Predictions of Doom and Disasters are made about Solar Eclipses

Astrologers and wise men have made many predictions about consequences, doom, and disasters caused after solar eclipses. Emitting of harmful radiation during an eclipse is another superstition believed by many.

Superstitious Chinese believed that a solar eclipse was a heavenly message or sign to predict the future of the Chinese emperor. They thought that the dragon swallowed up the sun. There was this practice of beating drums loudly so that the dragon would run away from the noise.

All possible things were done to stop this natural phenomenon from taken place because the Chinese believed the life and death of their emperor was at stake during a solar eclipse. Spiritually a solar eclipse is regarded as a very good time for offerings and prayers. A solar eclipse is a most spectacular and amazing event apart from the many superstitions attached to it.

With so many superstitions abound today I wonder how many people still believe in these and many more superstitions about solar eclipses. You see on TV thousands of people all over the world plus amateur astronomers all gather at prime locations just to watch solar eclipses nowadays.

That’s a far cry from ancient times when some of these superstitions were in full force and people hid from the event fearing ominous things could happen because of a beautiful celestial solar eclipse.

Maybe there are some readers that still have their reasons for fearing solar eclipses or reasons not written about here. If there are, please leave a comment so we can know more about these superstitions.

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Questions about Solar Eclipses

Nancy asks…

Magickal repercussions from the solar eclipse?

I could look it up but I’m feeling lazy. :0)
Besides, I like to get personal perspectives. What are some of the magickal repercussions of the solar eclipse that is coming on August 1st? Any ideas for workings that would be especially apt? I am knowledgeable about most aspects of magick and paganism, including moon phases and lunar eclipses but unsure about solar eclipses. Thanks!

By the way: I don’t need a theology lesson or a spelling lesson. Spelling “magick” with a “K” IS the preferred spelling of the word in this context and as far as my spiritual beliefs, I believe in a blend of theories including evolution, paganism and creationism. I’m afraid we are all going to have to live with that.
What a shame. Yet another troll from under the bridge.

Suzi Q answers:

It is a good time to do meditations removing blockages from your own life that keep you from seeing or living the truth.

If you have secrets that have been holding you back, a good time to loose yourself from the power you have given them over you.

A good time to reconnect with something important from your past that you have lost connection with..a family member, hobby, friend or path of study.

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