Feng Shui in Your Home


Feng Shui in Your Home – Tips on How to Use Feng Shui in Your Home

Presented by Bobby Blueblood
yin yang imageIt is believed that you can enhance your life by applying Feng Shui in various aspects your life. The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui helps in organizing your environment, gives you better health and a happier surrounding.

These tips will help you in eradicating the negative effects in your surroundings thus making the flow of energy easy. Feng Shui tips help in balancing the yin and yang, using the five elements and thus helps in easy flow of Chi or the aura around us.


Feng Shui Home Tips

The first impression upon entering the home should be warm and welcoming. A bagua mirror should be hung above the entrance door. The bagua mirror should not be used indoors. There are three kinds of bagua mirror: flat, convex and concave.

feng shui compassThe flat one is for the protection of your family, home, kids and yourself. The concave ones prevent negative energy from entering your home or office and it kills negative chi. The convex bagua mirrors extinguish negative energy, however, it is rarely used as it can harm your neighbors when the energy is deflected.

In order to attract money and auspicious wealth, three coins should be tied in a red ribbon and hung on the back of the front door handle. For guarding the home and office from negative influences, ‘fu’ dogs can be purchased. If you are maintaining an aquarium, you should keep only one black fish so as to absorb all the bad luck. The fish must not be kept in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

The address of the house should be visible from the road whether it is day or night. Avoid keeping dried flowers in your home as it depletes your wealth. The kitchen must always be kept filled with food stocks. This will make one feel the abundance of living.

Brooms and mops must not be kept in sight and they should be hidden in closets. This prevents livelihood to be swept away. Don’t keep waste and clutter that you do not need. Throw them away, sell or give them away. This will greatly reduce negative effects in the home.

Shoes and sandals should not be thrown or scattered at the entrance door. Playing nice soothing music is also a very good way of eliminating negative energy. Garbage cans should be always covered.

The grass in the garden should not be overgrown and should be cropped and trimmed from time to time.

Feng Shui meal

Feng Shui kitchen tips

The kitchen should be at the same level as the living room and the dining room. Sinks should be away from the cooking area. Brooms and mops should be kept in the closets. Refrigerators and other electric gadgets should be kept away from the stove.

The kitchen should always be located at the backside of the house; otherwise, being in the front of the house kills the energy coming into the house. A round shaped kitchen is always avoided. Always a rectangle shaped kitchen is preferred. Kitchen should never be in such a position so as to face the toilet.

These are some of the tips by which we can apply Feng Shui into our lives and thus enhance our living conditions. Feng Shui is a wise approach to change our lives into an organized one.

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Feng Shui and Chi Flow Question

Linda asks…

Feng Shui HELP!?

We just moved to a new house. The stairs going to the 2nd floor is directly in front of the main door of the house. Is there anyway to avoid having the good chi flow out the door like put a room divider in front of the stairs or something? Or is there something else we can add to the house to counteract or at least restrain the bad luck effect of the stairs-in-front-of-door?

Suzi Q answers:

It is not really bad luck to have this situation – your house just cannot contain chi that much. Meaning easy come, easy go – this goes for people, relationships, money, etc.

So what do you do? Make the door smaller. You can have an unequal width door installed. Then just use the bigger or smaller door. Then use both, when moving appliances in and out of the house.

Another thing is have a bright light installed above the stairs.

These remedies are common, you can find them in books. I do still think that the most important thing in a stairs is what kind of energy are you bringing up into the 2nd floor – which you can only do if you know flying stars method of fengshui, or consult a fengshui practitioner. Bec even if you have such a situation (door – stairs), but your stairs is bringing up good chi – then, your house will have good fengshui, whether or not you have the remedy installed. This is just deeper Chinese fengshui stuff, but more powerful.


A General Question

Donna asks…

My cubicle’s entrance faces another door, which is actually the main door. Is this bad feng shui? I can’t move?

My cubicle’s entrance faces another door, which is actually the main door. Is this bad feng shui? I can’t move it. What can I do?

Suzi Q answers:

I can’t answer for I just can’t see how it is. But you can contact me or give me a photo, besides you may want watch this:


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