Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors are related to Five Elements of Nature

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Feng Shui Colors

On of the easiest ways to shift energy in your space is the color therapy used in Feng Shui. There are five different elements of nature related with Feng Shui and each color is an expression of one of the five elements.

These five elements are water, wood, fire, metal and earth. Referring to the Feng Shui energy map, these five elements are used in curing different problems in different areas.

To choose the best colors in creating a harmonious home environment, one should follow the Feng Shui color chart. You should choose Feng Shui colors according to the energy you require and accordingly, you should blend them into your Feng Shui areas with the wall color, art, photography, etc.

Different Elements Representing Different Colors:

color green


FIRE – Passion and High Energy

Fire is a strong element balancing your life with a supporting energy required to improve your career life, and help you achieve fame and recognition. The southern direction Feng Shui element is the Fire.

Fire energy can be also used in the northeast and south west Feng Shui areas. There are five Feng Shui colors of fire: red, orange, purple, pink and strong yellow.


Earth – Nourishment and Stability

Earth is considered as a strong and harmonious Feng Shui element in your home. It helps in creating stability, protection and nourishment where relationships are concerned. It is the Feng Shui element of the northeast and southwest direction.

The element of the center of our home is also the earth. Colors of Feng Shui element earth are light yellow and beige, and other earth and sand colors.


Metal – Clarity and Preciseness

The qualities of sharpness, precision, clarity and efficiency are brought about by the Feng Shui element metal. It helps a person to bring clarity and precision in his or her life. It is an element of west and northwest.

You can also use this element in the north direction of the house or office. The Feng Shui metal colors are gray and white.


Water – Freshness, Free Flow, Abundance and Ease

To bring about a refreshing energy of calm, ease, purity and freshness, Feng Shui element water is used. Being the ancient symbol of abundance, water is a potent Feng Shui cure. The north direction is related to it.

The Feng Shui water element color blue and color black represent water.


Wood – Health and Vitality

toy windmillTo bring about the energy of health, growth, development and vitality, the Feng Shui element wood is used. It is an element of southern direction. The wood element colors in Feng Shui are brown and the color green.

It is all in the Feng Shui color guidance chart and you can make the utmost use of it, and create a healthy and happy home. Like music, color is used for the upliftment and nourishment of life; the more colors you absorb into your life harmoniously, the higher will be the sense of well being.

As it is known, color is light and light acts as a nutrient for all. So move on and nurture yourself and the people around you with harmony, peace and vitality.

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Feng Shui Colors


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