Bad Luck – no luck at all?

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Bad Luck, Unlucky, no luck at all – a few Videos

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A Horseshow hung with opens up is thought to be good luck. However if open ends are facing down then it is BAD Luck.

Are you one of those persons that nothing seems to go right for you? Below are a few selected videos and questions and answers about bad luck or unlucky people taken from Yahoo Answers and Youtube for the videos.

Well I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like nothing is going right. In fact right now is one of those times. So I am listening to some blues and songs that fit my mood. When you are feeling down and out these tunes may just resonate with you.

Here’s a few songs for those times. These videos were taken from Youtube and we hope you enjoy them.


Ruth asks…

Were you “Born Under a Bad Sign”? What other blues or rock songs are about a person with no luck at all?

Born Under a Bad Sign – Albert King – Blues great




Born Under a Bad sign – Cream – Rock Legends


Born Under a Bad Sign – Jimi Hendrix – Guitar God

Born Under a Bad Sign – Pat Travers a very under rated Rock n Roller

Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out….Big Joe Williams

It Serves You Right To Suffer….John Lee Hooker

BQ – Do you like any Pat Travers songs? If so what are they?

Suzi Q answers:

Police Dog Blues…Blind Blake

Bessie Tucker – Mean Old Master Blues

BQ: Yes I do….

Pat Travers – Hooked on Music

Pat Travers Black Betty

Pat Travers-Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)

Pat Travers Snortin’ Whiskey

Pat Travers Crash and Burn

Pat Travers Band – I La La La Love You

take care

These questions are those submitted to Yahoo Answers and represent a random selection of a few of the many questions submitted. Because they are from a wide selection of people they do not necessarily represent what any group or other particular person may ask or think. Same goes for the answers to the questions.

Carol asks…

An engagement ring question about Bad Luck?

I was just asking about engagement rings, and on the site I visited I saw these, and think this is beautiful! But is it bad luck to pick both your engagement ring and your wedding ring at the same time? I’ve heard that it is×6-bsapp-plat.html

Suzi Q answers:

Bridal set is one of the most amazing jewelry designs ever! It makes totally sense to purchase your engagement ring and wedding band together. Not only the design of both rings can go well together, but also these 2 rings will lay perfectly together! Many of my friends run into problems of finding matching wedding bands for their engagement rings. Eventually they had to have their local jewelers to custom made the wedding rings for them. The most painful part is they had to leave their engagement rings with the jewelers for couple days. I beg there is no girl out there would leave their engagement rings. I love the set you chose. Elegant yet classic! Excellent taste!

David asks…

Does anyone know any love superstitions?

Superstitions like: ‘To dream about your future husband, sleep with a mirror under your pillow.’
‘If you tie a blue satin ribbon around your ankle, you will be kissed by the end of the day.’

Suzi Q answers:

Seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck.

Susan asks…

Since i was born i’ve always faced bad luck. i’ve always failed to make good relations with others. ?

I am very sad in my life. i’ve not any contact. how ever i feel i attract any 1 in very less time bt isn’t 4 a long time.
now i feel i’m failed in every field of life.
Can any one help me?? my D.O.B-21/02/1990
TIME-11:40 PM

Suzi Q answers:

Have you ever heard the saying “Before you can really love someone, you have to love yourself first”.
It’s really true. You need to work on building confidence and self-esteem within yourself. Stop trying to so hard. Just work on loving yourself and then let your energy bring people to you, b/c when you are really happy w/ yourself, it will make you shine!

Chris asks…

If you don’t believe in bad luck, what would you call it if you were on a plane that crashed and killed all of the passengers

or walking down a city street on your lunch break and being the victim of a sniper who decides he feels like going on a rampage for the hell of it, or if your child was kidnapped from the school playground when she was under the supervision of a teacher? If you don’t believe in good or bad luck, or that people are victims of bad luck, how do you characterize random acts of violence, fatal car accidents or industrial accidents, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time and dying because of it, or events like 9-11? If you win a million dollars in the state lottery, what would you call that if it’s not good luck?
This question is for those who do not believe in luck, good or bad.

Suzi Q answers:

Chance. The chance that those things will happen to you is ever present, but the odds are quite high. They could happen though, and it is not luck but chance, just like gambling, the odds are there, just not easily stuck.

Ken asks…

Do you think George Bush had a lot of bad luck during his presidency?

With 9/11 and Katrina and the like? Maybe we would have done a better job if those thing didn’t happen?

Suzi Q answers:

Actually I would like to believe it was incompetence.

Ruth asks…

What do you think of people who think that George Bush is a good president but a victim of bad luck?

Sean Hannnity and Rush Limbaugh always make this argument because of 9/11 and the economic crises. (That Bush caused but they blame the democratic congress even though republicans controlled congress 12 out of 14 years and had a republican president for 8 of them). What do you think of it? I think it is non-sense.

(Even if you do not like fox news or rush limbaugh you should watch it so you can see how the republican party are like zombies and eat the propaganda up like it is really true.) Then you will learn why George bush got elected twice. Fox news went a whole day without talking about the issues one day. You would think that their was no economic crises and 2 wars were not going on. Its amazing!

Suzi Q answers:

They are delusional.

Robert asks…

If it wasn’t for bad luck i’d have no luck at all. any advice?

If it wasn’t for bad luck i’d have no luck at all. I’m in my early 20’s. I’m not hideous but i’m not good looking. Never been in a relationship. Not attractive. No shape. No big butt or breast. I’m obese now before i was 145 pounds. No friends. Extremely tall i’m 5′11. I don’t socialize much. I’m never getting married I bet… ! I was never popular in school. I was never invited to events. When I was young ppl would make fun of me and disrespect me. My mother is not supportive and shes always teased me and spoke negatively about me and that’s why i’ve never had a positive image of myself. because even though i looked like crap she never stood by me to tell me it was okay.. and that she would help me. she was never an adult about the situation. she had me at 20 so we basically grew up together. She is embarrassed of me and would never go anywhere with me. i know im hurt and i cant let most of these things go. i cant forgive ppl for what they did to me in the past… i hold on to it.. im so angry and i need to move on.. i will move on.. im planning on taking control of my life for the new year. and i want to change all the things i can and improve in life..

my life is crappy. but will it ever get good? when does it get better? im also from a low income family.. so i don’t have many opportunities.. i tell you.. if it wasn’t for bad luck i’d have none at all..

but im just wondering if anyone had some nice words to spare for this journey im getting ready to go on..

Suzi Q answers:

Stop being so negative!!! Nearly 95% of this post was condescending towards yourself. In order to be and live happily: you need to think positive.with an attitude like “im never gettng married.” you;re right you wont. You need to think and say “yes im going to get married. It may sound silly, but i believe in wishful thinking. If you think of what you want to happen, it will. When you are negative and degrading, this puts off an image of you that others pick up on. SMILE! Walk with confidence and hold your head high..literally. Your situation is very similar to me. I also grew up low income, my mom would say terribly mean comments that had a great effect on making my self esteem drop. Believe in yourself!! Take some time for yourself and you can make yourself feel good about yourself. Do your hair a little bit diff one day, buy a new jacket, put some makeup on and be confident girl!! Let your inner self shine. Take control of your life. For the new year, make a resolution to try new things, appreciate the little things. Its all about your confidence. You know how sometimes even the not so good looking guy was actually really attrective because he was so charismatic or funny with a good attitude? (thats just an example). Be that person, use your charm and personality to make up for the things about yourself you dont love. Look in the mirror and find something you LOVE about yourself. Everyone deserves to be loved and to feel love. I hope this helps. Believe me honey, i was writing in my diary the same type of feelings you just did about 4 years ago. Im 23 now, and with a confidence boost: im able to be happy with myself and love life. ACCEPT YOU FOR YOU!!! <3


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Maria asks…

ok, so is this normal or is it just bad luck?

ok, every time i meet a girl and i like her and all, then i think i may have a crush on her, right? that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach like butterflys, (well thats not the question), then out of the blue 1 of 3 things happen, she is either already taken, (i don’t mind, lucky guy) she vanishes off the face of the earth, or she is from another country, and goes back home. ok i don’t mind if i like a girl who has a boyfriend and all but when i find out i would think of her as a friend and hide the feelings i have for her and have her as a friend, and eventually the feeling i have for her would go away, ok i meet this on girl she was beautiful, and she always said hello when i got a bottle of water from the gas station, at first when she said hi, i was blushing a little and then i would say hello, then pay for the water and go to school she had short hair shoulder langth, she dyed it every now and then, a nice body and a sweet personality, on the last day i last spoke to her she asked me what i was doing this weekend i said i wasn’t doing anything, then asked what she was doing, she said that she was just cleaning her home, i said that sounds like fun (jokingly), she said that it wasn’t, we both laughed a little, i handed he the mony for the water, and said to have a good weekend and try to have fun, she said ok, i waved good bye to her, and left for school, then on monday i went to the gas station to get water and ask if she would be interested in hanging out this weekend comeing up, and she wasn’t there :'( well i bought some water, then left for school, i thought that the logical explanation was either she moved or went back to school, or went to a different gas station, and many more ideas. she just vanished :'( oh well i know i’ll walk into her again someday. 🙂
lastly, a girl from japan so i get to know her right and i give her my e-mail, and we are friends i asked her if she would be willing to go for a date with me, she said maybe, but she went back to japan oh well at least she is a friend.
ok i know i cared on a bit but my question is, is this normal or just bad luck, when ever i think or say that i think i might have a crush on her she already has a boyfriend, or she may vanish into thin air, or go back home.
oh FWI, this happend within the past three years, grade 11, the Japanese student grade 12 at the gas station, and last summer till three weeks ago, the girl with the boy friend.
sorry for it being to long, and i know that this sounds a bit weird.
she worked at the gas station, i was the one who bought the water, and went to school.

Suzi Q answers:

Is normal,happends to me alot.

Michael asks…

Why do I have such bad luck?

first i brought a laptop on the 2nd march and it broke on the 11th so i had it for a few days, its been in the repair shop and when i rang them and said you have had my laptop for a good month or so they sai0d ” oh my !! sorry we forgot we had your laptop and left it on the side by accident, please give us another month to repair it 🙁 ”

” my last like 4 laptops broke for no reason ”

my sister has had a terrapin for like 4 years and its healthy, my terrapin was my life, i loved him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! and he just died, im crying my heart out here :'( he was only like 5 months old.

and everything bad happens to me, even my mom says i hav terrible luck.. im a very sensitive person, never had a fight and stuff i dont no why i have such bad luck?

Suzi Q answers:

I know what you mean. Sometimes it seems like I have been assigned my own personal demon to make sure that I never get too high or too full of myself. It even feels evil sometimes.

I didn’t have a home computer for a couple years due to viruses, and I just got this one fixed. I took it in and believe it or not, it took over 6 weeks to get this thing fixed. I kept asking and the guy and he kept saying it was almost done, and then he called to say it was done, and I walk into the store…..and it’s not done…….hahahaha. Finally I have it!

Well, I just read your bio and you and I both have a lot of things that are good going on too! You’re young and have a boyfriend y tu eres muy bonita tambien!!! Life just can’t ever be perfect though.

Sorry about your terrapin – that’s really hard!


Betty asks…

Why have i had such bad luck lately?

Well I’m 13 and a girl..this is basicaly all the stuff that’s happened in the past 2 days…sorry if it sounds like in mom found out I stripped on webcam,now my older sister and my mom are stalking all my friends on Facebook and watching everything I say ..even though I was 11 when I did it and I know it was bad,I got food poisoning, my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl,I’ve lost some good friends because they snitched to my sister about me,I got burnt 2 times with a ciggerate and a hair straigtner,and I yacht had internet or cable in 3 weekz but I get it tommorow..ugh why am I so sad???
Yeah ik I was 11 when I did was stupid of me and probsly the worst thing I did…

Suzi Q answers:

Why the hell were you stripping on a Webcam… You’re 13 that sh** is too young for you. You can get in serious trouble for that you deserved it 😐

George asks…

I don’t know what im gonna do with my life i give up why do i have such a bad luck with everything?

ok i have been trying to conceive for 19 months and nothing i have a 29 through 32 days cycle and a lot of time my luteal phase is 11 when it comes to ovulation day or clothes i have intercourse with my husband then i put my leg up for 20 min or so like everybody says and nothing happens ah brother u know what i give up it seems like im not meant to be a mother and i have another ploblem a lot of times i whish i was like my sister in law she had a baby at the age of 21 a unplanned pregnancy the girl is now 4 years old she is a very hyper child in fact i babysit her every weekend for 3 long years now her parents bough a house and i cant wait for them to move out is not that i dont want them to leave im just so sick of baby sitting.they come home around 4 and 5 in the morning.i would go out but i dont have a lot of cash like they do i only go out with my husband like every 3 months or so or either we go out whith my husband parents which is no fun at all.i hope someone has understood my situation i give up on every dream i have or had im 25 years old and i know that when im in my 40 still no children so good luck to u all trying to conceive.god bless u all.
i have another problem like 5 days ago my father in law found a 1 month old cat it a girl she sweet she loves to cuddle and i live in a efficiancy and people is saying is bad to have cats around when ttc is it true cause sometimes i want to give her away.but it will break my heart cause she very sweet and my husband also fell in love with her.

Suzi Q answers:

Never ever give up!

James asks…

Have you ever had a Bird Poop on you?

I had one Poop on my shoulder this morning while I was walking my dog. I thought oh heck, what bad luck to have bird crap all over me. I was just about to leave for work and I had to go upstairs and change shirts. They say it is supposed to be good luck, me personally I would rather see a shooting star or something.

Suzi Q answers:

I had this happen to me and I almost threw up. What an unfortunate way to start your day. Whoever said it was good luck must have never had a bird poop on them.

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I wonder how many of you can relate to any of the videos or questions. Fortunately I try to brush off bad luck and don’t let it bother me. We all seem to have a bit of bad luck or are unlucky sometimes, whether you call it luck or karma probably depends on which country you live in or whether you believe in luck or karma. Of course there are those few that don’t believe in either and that’s fine too.


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