Spiders in Dreams

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Spiders in Dreams – Pick Your Own Meaning and Consequences

By Bobby Blueblood

Spiders in dreams generally indicate a confined feeling for being in a stale relationship. It represents an unsatisfying status of a person in a relationship. Dreaming of spiders also symbolizes the number ‘8’ which shows increased sensitivity and being aware of one’s own self.

To dream of spiders further signifies that one is going to be careful in his efforts and hard work. It further indicates that good fortune is going to knock on the doors of the person who has dreams of a spider. Many a times it is an indication of being a stranger in some situations, meaning that one wants to keep away from alluring situations.

spiders in dreamsAlso being a symbol of feminine power, the spider represents a mother figure in our lives. It also signifies being a powerful force that acts as a protector against our self destructive attitude.

Killing a spider in dreams denotes bad luck and misfortune in life. It also means that one has to undergo many difficult situations. This is also a sign of dangerous times ahead.

If the spider is seen as spinning a web, it means wealth and fortune will be soon at your doors. It gives the indication of approaching money. Another interpretation is that one is going to be paid for their hard work. They also symbolize a clingy relationship.

If someone sees a spider climbing a wall in his dreams, then it denotes success and prosperity in all those areas which are a matter of concern for you. It also means that the desires and hopes of the person will soon be fulfilled.

Some people say that it is the symbolic representation of a sneaky and cunning person. The upward spiral movement of a spider indicates development and progress whereas the downward spiral movement of a spider denotes some kind of setback or downfall. A spider climbing upwards means that one of your wishes is going to be fulfilled.

SpidersGetting bitten by a spider in dreams mean that there is going to be a conflict with any feminine figure in your life, especially your mother.

It can also mean that one is being entrapped in some stingy relationship. It also signifies as a metaphor for the dominating feminine power in one’s lives. Many a times dreaming of a spider denotes childhood fears. It is an irrational behavior.

To dream about eating a spider means that one is having a superior control over a situation. It further denotes that one is ready to be dominant in a relationship. It is believed that all spiders except the tarantulas are a symbol of good omen of luck.

Dreaming about old dusty spider webs means that some part of an individual’s life is being neglected. If someone sees in dreams that a cat is killing a spider, it indicates that one is showing a destructive and seductive cunning nature, which is altogether a negative side of the person’s character.

So as you can see a dream of spiders or otherwise spiders in dreams can have a lot of different meanings depending on what the spider is doing, possibly what kind of relationship you are in, conflicts in your life, potential progress of downfalls and many other things. Depending on how you feel about superstitions, or rather this particular superstition of spiders in dreams, your future can be either good or bad or not effected in any way.

It would be interesting to get a few comments of your experience of spiders in your dreams. I don’t personally remember any dreams of mine with spiders in my dreams but you can enter your comments of such dreams here.

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Lisa asks…

Which one is good luck, a spider in the morning or one at night?

My mom told me that according to an old German saying one of them is good luck it’s either a spider in the morning or a spider at night.
My question is which one? And please don’t go saying that it’s neither or that there is no saying like that because my mom is german she was born and raised in Germany so just tell me which on please.
This will help you get best answer because this is what I am looking for : I am looking for someone who tells me exactly what I want to know (this is a simple question) and someone who does NOT say something sarcastic or something saying that there is no such thing as this saying unless you can give me proof!!

Suzi Q answers:

The spider at night. I have a friend who’s German, and she told me the saying. =]

Donna asks…

Is it bad luck to kill a spider?

I don’t know like there was this super giant spider in my room and it was like brown and the size of one hand and i was sooo scared i got my mum to kill it. It took 3 hits to kill it with a fly swatt and my heart was racing.

I think i got arachnophobia now lol whenever i see something sudden i think its a spider omg.. ew i developed arachnophobia. Anyway at first i was thinking of releasing it by putting like it into a plastic container and sliding some paper over it but then i thought it was too risky cause it was so big and ugly and brown and after we killed it my mums like WELL WE’RE GOING TO GET GOOD LUCK.

ITS A SAYING IF A BIG SPIDER COMES INTO YOUR HOUSE YOU’ll GET VERY GOOD LUCK and i’m like well its also a saying that if you kill a spider you’ll get bad luck… and my mums like then how are you supposed to get rid of it then and i was thinking i could of just put it in a glass jar and free it outside
before i kill bugs these days i always think twice.. because you only live once and get to experience all your senses and sight and hearing and smelling the air and just being alive once and then you’re gone and i feel sorry for bugs who don’t get to live any longer and are just killed by some of my friends so i usually leave bugs alone but the spider was so fucking big in my bedroom
i usually would of let it go outside via glass jar but it was too big it was like the size of my hand and the legs were like AOSHDIUASHDIUH.

So I’m just wondering what are the bad luck symptoms and good luck and like whatever superstitious sayings i want to know about spiders but most importantly what my situation means to me?

Suzi Q answers:

Never heard of that. I think no

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