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By Lokesh Rathi.

The Laxmi Paduka or the foot of the Goddess Laxmi is regarded as very sacred by the Hindu devotees. The Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and property. The Laxmi Paduka is also known as the Laxmi Charan. There is a mythological tale that gives the evidence of the Laxmi Paduka existence to be very old. It is also considered a very unique lucky charm having its relevance even in the Vedas and the Puranas. It is also regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity as it is related to the Laxmi, the Goddess Of wealth in the Hindu religion.

The story goes that when the demons (Asuras) and the Gods (deities) were performing the churning of the great ocean or the Samudra Manthan taking the help of a mountain to get the Amrut or the divine nectar, 14 gems came out of the ocean during this process. At this time even the Goddess Laxmi came out from the ocean fully dressed up as a bride with a lotus Mala holding in her hands for Lord Vishnu.  She emerged from the ocean as the 15th gem so every body was amazed and they start hailing her name loudly. At that moment, she set her foot on the heaven leaving an imprint of her foot in heaven. There were 15 symbols on the footprint left by her. All the deities of heaven took the impressions of her foot and kept it with them and celebrated this occasion by the lighting lamps or divas. This is one of the reasons of celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights and this impression taken by all the deities or Gods in heaven is known as the auspicious Laxmi paduka.

Each symbol on the foot of the Laxmi Paduka has its own significance. The left foot has the Teer Kaman that helps in fulfilling of aims in life, the Matsya or the fish that is said to bring wealth and fortune into one’s life and the Kumbha or the pot which signifies good health. The left foot also has the Chandra and the Tilak that represent victory and purity. It also has the symbol of the Trikonakar Mangal Bindu or the triangle that is said to bring wealth and property into one’s life and the last one is the Chakra Rekha that creates positive atmosphere in the life of an individual.

The right foot also has some symbols each having a significance of its own. It has the symbols of the Swastika that gives wisdom and blessings and the Chakra acts as a protector from the evil forces and the Shankh that spreads purity in the life. It also has the symbol of the Surya and the Vajra, the former a bringer of success whereas the latter helps in improving focus. The symbol of Dhwaja or the flag that represents the right direction in one’s life and the Trishul provides religious purity and strength. The Kumbha signifies wealth and property and the Kamal Pushpa invites blessings and prosperity in the homes. Installing or placing of the Laxmi paduka is considered very lucky and auspicious as it enhances wealth and brings prosperity into the houses or offices.

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