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Feng Shui Questions about Door, Mirror, Bed and other Items

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yin yang

Paul asks…

Feng shui? Bed position and mirror?

Okay my feet will be facing like the door but not directly on the door. Actually is not facing the door. The door is to the left and my bed is right in the middle of my room. So it not directly lining with door just next to it with my feet to that side.? Is that okay or not?

and my bed is right next to the window but not under it and just like 8 inches away.

And about the mirror. im planing to put my mirror right on the door. Like if you enter my room and turn around to the door the mirror will be there. get what i mean??. like when you open the door, the mirror will be there.

feng shui??

Suzi Q answers:

Just make sure that what ever is opposite that mirror it is something that you want reflected. Otherwise it will bug the heck out of you. The position sound great. Roxanne

Sandra asks…

This is a feng shui question?

A cure that I came across indicates that I need to put a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. However it would face a staircase going down. At the bottom of the staircase is a closet (closed) Would it still be okay to have the mirror in this position? Feng Shui knowledgeable people only please.
Thanks for the first answer. That has reminded me of another question. My wealth corner is in the kitchen where the back door is and the fridge blocks somewhat the view of the back door There isn’t a chance of moving it. Could I just emphasize the wealth corners of every room? My personal success corner is in the North.
Metal isn’t good for me but is indicated to represent wealth : any suggestions?

Suzi Q answers:

Actually, unless you are attempting to revert bad energy that according to Feng Shui practices can result in money draining out of your bank account as quickly as you get it (money down the toilet/drain?), the mirror isn’t absolutely necessary. In that situation, simply ensuring the toilet seat is down and door closed all the time can improve the situation almost immediately.

If you still need to reflect the bad energy or fast chi running through the home, especially if your front door and your back door/patio door are in direct line to one another, you can forgo the mirror and place a small crystal ball at the top of the doorway. Hang it with a green ribbon (denoting money). In the hallway from the front to back door, to allow the good energy to slow down, placing a round table (small decor table) or a rounded leaf plant (not fake) in a larger vase, also rounded, can make a difference. You can also purchase rounded columns made from plaster or clay that a vase and plant can sit upon which doesn’t create a loss of space in the hallway.

If your stairway leads directly out the front door…try placing a fountain near the door, a gently flowing fountain can encourage money to flow into the home. A fountain shouldn’t be placed in the back yard however, as this can encourage money to flow out of the home as fast as it flows in.

Also, place money oriented objects within your Wealth corner of the home…gold coins (Chinese if you can find them, the ones with open squares in the center), or coins of any denomination, a bank with money in it that you faithfully add to (preferably a green bank) and of course a Money tree is always a good addition in this corner as well.

Do each change in your home, one by one…and hold off on doing more until you see the effects of the first. Too many changes can result in not knowing what to correct first.

When it all works tho, it works very well. Good luck

Daniel asks…

Should I cover a large mirror with a curtain or something if it’s directly facing my bed?

I have a sliding door closet which have mirrors as the doors and I feel uncomfortable seeing my reflection in the dark when I sleep. (i also heard it was bad feng shui) What kind of curtain or what should I use to cover the mirror, so that it does not make the room look very awkward?

Suzi Q answers:

Use sheers, or lace, depending on what goes best with your room. If there is any depth to the mirrors you can use two sided tape to just cover the mirrored surfaces like you would on french doors. Or if you’d like them gathered, pull thin elastic thru top and bottom and secure with tape Velcro, or a tack if there is something to push it into (like a wood frame) If not a full curtain rod across the top but with 2 curtain panels will work as well.


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Mary asks…

How to fix feng shui in my bedroom if foot of bed directly faces the door?

The bed is directly in front of the door when you walk in. It is an attic room, so the right wall is too short to stand upright and have large skylights in that part of the ceiling. The only place on the left wall for the bed would leave the bed directly under a window and a ceiling fan. It is a long room , but there are two sets of windows with ceiling fans in front of them. I already have a folding screen to block the view from the stupid mirrored door on the closet…
If I make my feet face the wall…wouldn’t that make it so I have no support at my head? I was always told this was also bad…but then again, I never know which things take priority…

Suzi Q answers:

See if you can adjust your bed so that your feet is facing the wall instead. If not, you could try strengthening the door itself by placing a door mat with dragon pattern on it, changing the door color, adding a door bell that rings when the door opens, etc.

Hope this helps


James asks…

feng shui and mirrors…?

So I’m redecorating my bedroom and have a small mirror I want to go on the wall. I know it can’t face a door or window and can’t be infront of the bed. Does this mean if I look into the mirror (from any angle)I shouldn’t be able to see the window door or my bed.
And what about putting a big mirror in my closet?

Suzi Q answers:

Over your bed

Mark asks…

I have a feng shui problem in the fame/reputation section?

I have a slight dent in the ceiling area where the fame area has a lower ceiling and the areas behind me have a higher ceiling, which places my fame under a “low ceiling”. I also have a balcony connected to my room, but the balcony is also part of the apartment, so it counts as my room..also the balcony doors are all entirely glass. To fix this problem, I put up green blinders on my fame, prosperity, and relationship areas. Also my computer desk is really tiny and made of glass, and I have a giant architecture table next to it, making my computer desk look tiny..but both desks are sort of in my fame area together. In addition, my desk is facing towards the wall, so I have my back at the door..which I heard is very bad..what should i do?! ): Should I place my giant architecture table somewhere else? and if so? where is the best place to put it? (it’s white and metal) . And how should I “raise” my ceiling..are there any easy cures for that?? And also, how should i fix the problem of having my back to the door? I can’t hang any mirrors on the wall,since the wall is part of the balcony door? ): amazing feng shui consultants/experts! your help is greatly needed!!

Suzi Q answers:

Hi Sally,
Though I am not an expert I would agree that you must reposition the desk(s). Also, add some form of greenery that grows upwards, ‘ lifting ‘ the area you mention. You are correct that having your back towards the doorway is not good. Neither is facing the wall. So abit of rearranging and see how it appeals to you. If I am not mistaken, you may include chimes in areas that you are unable to use mirrors. Easy enough to research on the internet. Happy Decorating!

George asks…

I need help to Feng Shui my confusing room?

I have been reading up on Feng Shui lately and I have been trying to position mine and my husbands room so that it brings good fortune and health, but every-time I make a move it seems that I have done the wrong thing. I have taken some pictures of my room at the moment after an exhausting last attempt. Our bed either faces the door or mirror, and I know that both of these things are not good. There is a fan in the middle of our ceiling and windows on two walls, I have tried to face the bed at an angle but read that the bed head should be against a solid wall and not a corner. There was one option so I moved the bed the side of the room, facing a wall with a wall at the head and a wall at the side, however this meant that the bed could only be accessed by one side, which I know is also bad Feng Shui.
I have attached some links to pictures of the room, although the clutter is only due to my rearrangement, it is the bed I really need help with.
Kind regards.
K Worden

Here is a view of the room from the door
Here is the right wall, me standing at the mirror
Here is the left wall (a mirrored wardrobe)
And here is the view from the back wall, where the bed head is.
Thank you so much for your help.

Suzi Q answers:

You will have no ill effects from putting the head of your bed in the corner. I debated about doing this with my own and have had it there for five months. I sleep quite soundly with nice dreams. I did, however, fill the corner space behind the headboard with a small bookcase.
If I had your room, I would redo the closet doors with something besides solid mirrors. A freestanding mirror would look much nicer and you could face it any way you want.

Ruth asks…

Is this a bad feng shui for my bedroom?

My mattress is underneath the window and my front door is facing the mirror and the toilet.

Suzi Q answers:

In Feng Shui you want to place the head of bed in such a way that it has a solid wall behind it.

This ensures that your head is as close as possible to the solid wall and protects it. When your head is ‘unprotected’ by the wall it gets exposed to negative energies that may be floating around.

Mirrors can actually reflect (double) or deflect (transfer) energy around your home. You want to invite the positive energy into your home so you should, depending on how it is angled move the mirror. If the mirror is directly facing the main door then the chi is coming in then being deflected back out the door by the mirror.

You want to keep your Bathroom door closed at all times

Donna asks…

How would I position my babies crib using feng shui?

She will be born in July of this year2007. My house is 3 houses away from a main street where there is a cemetery. I already have 3 mirrors set in my living room facing the cemetery to reflect back the negative energy. I was told to light incense in the middle of my living room and front door in the morn and evening too. any suggestions on what colors i can also use in the room since she will be in our bedroom?

the room has one wall with no windows the other 2 wall have windows. the window less wall is aligned with the door, and i read not to align the crib directly witha door, so what do i do? help!!:o)

Suzi Q answers:

Position your child’s crib or bed with a solid wall behind its headboard (not lengthwise) to provide solid support in his/her life. The bed should not be against a window or be directly in line with the door. Do not place the baby against a wall that has plumbing on the other side of it such as a toilet. For more advanced Feng Shui, you can line up your child’s crib/bed so the head points in one of their 4 favorable directions.
She will be a 3 Gua person which is a wood energy.
South, North, Southeast and East are her best directions. Try to aim her crib in one of these directions.
As for the cemetery, plant a row of red flowers on the side of the home that is in line with the cemetery.
If you have to align her with the door you will need something so the chi does not hit her directly since it will be too strong.
Usually a screen works best. If not, hang some sheer fabric from the foot of her crib if the crib has posts. Otherwise a faceted crystal sphere between the door and the crib which is hung from the ceiling will disperse the energy and soften the effects.
I have written a couple of articles on both these topics.Maybe they will be of use to you.

Here is Feng Shui for Babies
and here is Feng Shui says No Way to Cemetery

Many blessings on your new addition to your family.
P.S don’t let anyone make her bed until she comes home.

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