Dreams and Superstitions

Dreams and Superstitions

Dreams and Superstitions Related to your Dreams

By Bobbie Blueblood

There are many superstitions regarding dreams. Thousands of superstitions are related to dreams. A common saying goes “a dream out of season, trouble out of reason.” It would be so great if we knew what our dreams and superstitions meant.


Dreams and Associated Superstitions:

Dreams and SuperstitionsIt is believed that early morning dreams always come true. If a dream is told to someone before breakfast, then the dream comes true. Usually dreams told before breakfast on Friday morning are considered in this case. Dreams on Saturday should be told on Sundays to make them true. Sleeping with a dream bone under the pillow will make your dreams come true.

Dreaming of angels is a favorable dream that forecast success, prosperity and good fortune. Sleeping under a new quilt makes your dream come true. Dreaming of the same dream thrice makes the dream true. Dreaming of a baby interprets death. A bee in your dreams indicates good luck. Dreams about catching a bird brings bad luck. It is a superstition that dreaming of being blind brings bad luck.

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Blood in your dreams signifies an ill omen. A lot of things like clouds, almonds, black cats, coffins, broken eggs, and an imperfect fruit are all signs of bad luck. Dreaming about flying in the air brings pleasant news. A dream of making a bed by a girl indicates that she will be having a new lover soon.

Dreaming of death means longevity of life and vice versa. It is said that dreaming of a crow brings disappointment, failure and sorrows. Whereas dreaming of a crown predicts a change in your life. Acorns in your dreams predict pleasant things and good fortune. Seeing a butterfly among flowers in your dreams predicts prosperity. It is unfortunate to have dreams about a dragon fly.

Many dreams indicate the coming of death. A fine tooth comb, birth of a new born, marriage, funeral procession, dressing up someone are all dreams which predict death. Dreams of a mouse foretell domestic troubles. If you dream of a monkey, it denotes that you are having deceitful friends. If you dream of losing a necklace, it means separation from your loved one.


dreams and superstitions

Dreaming of a friend crying out in distress denotes the news of an accident from him. Dreams of needles predict friends and well-wishers around you. Dreams of an owl always predict bad omens. It denotes severe illness or death. It is a sign of a big change in your life if you dream about running.

Dreaming of >white things is considered lucky. It is a sign of bad luck if you dream about fire and smoke. A girl will soon get married to a rich man if she dreams about yarn.

Dreams of silver money bring health problems. To dream of paper in any form is a sign of bad fortune. To dream of running water denotes the arrival of death very soon. Dreaming of smooth water indicates good luck whereas dreaming of animals like cod or fish denotes the sign of rain.

In dreams, it is a sign of hidden fears of seeing a snake. To dream of falling into a pit of snakes represents worries and fears in life.

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Dreams and Superstitions

Dreams and Interpretation Questions

Following are questions and answers submitted to Yahoo Answers. These are from whoever wanted to submit them and the answers are generally the one selected by the person that submitted the question. Since these are not experts submitting the questions and answers don’t take any answer as the final word on any question.

David asks…

can dreams always be interpreted? does every sign in a dream have a distinct meaning?

I know some people answered my question about the spider a few months back, but even though that wasn’t a dream, does every dream about some strange objects, creatures, places and people have some sort of meaning behind it?

Suzi Q answers:

Dreams are of various kinds. Ones in which our soul remains in the body and processes memory and comes out with any thought or imagination that we might expect. Such dreams are usually in the memory when you get up and are of no importance at all. Second type of dream is the one when the soul leaves the body and travels according to its power. Such dreams are what are considered as dreams, which are difficult to interpret and sometimes even impossible.
The basic problem is that who should one ask about the dream. If it is a real dream then ask someone who has the knowledge and understanding to tell you a good thing every time you ask. Because dreams interpreted bad have bad impacts. These are infinite topics where one can say anything. So better keep them with yourself if they are real.

Donald asks…

I know it’s a weird dream, all my dreams are! I just wanna know if anyone has a meaning to offer?

I had a dream I moved into like this hotel/apartment/bungalow thing in Georgia. It was absolutely disgustingly filthy. It was just crawling with HUGE insects that looked like they were from horror movies. None were smaller than my head and some were so surreally awful they looked like… animated. The walls were just caked on with grime, everything was gray or dull green and even the air was just smokey with filth.
I was so upset, and I kept trying to kill all these massive bugs but I just couldn’t do it. I’d get too scared or they’d run away or they would be just too big to kill.
A lot of my family was there, in an upstairs area where there was a dirty pool table and a balcony. They acted like everything was fine up there; they were just drinking and talking.
I was in the basement, where most of the bugs and mess was.
I remember distinctly one part:
I went into the backroom/bedrooms area of the basement where there were two beds and luggage everywhere. I saw this enormous green, thick caterpillar and a smaller but still huge black centipede.
And they were spazzing out all around the room. The caterpillar had like, a fake face: it was this creepy smile with big black eyes, but that was just a pattern on his fur because I could see his real face under it, which was a lot like a spider’s face.
And it was making this freaky squeaking noise and sometimes he’d crawl under the bed and I’d freeze and wait for him to come out, but then I’d hear him like right next to me on the wall and it was awful. I was so determined to kill him and that black centipede.
I tried throwing stuff at them, but they’d wriggle away. After a while of throwing lots of stuff at them, they both crawled into my suitcase.
Which really freaked me out!!
I could hear them breathing in the suitcase and that creepy huge caterpillar making wheezy squeaks. So then I went upstairs to get my aunt who came down with me. She basically shoved her arms into the suitcase and I was like,
“WAIT THEY’RE RIGHT THERE!” RIGHT next to her arm, but they were under like a notebook.
She was like “ah!” and yanked her arms out. Then she slowly lifted the notebook… and they were laying there… breathing heavily but otherwise staying very still.
Then she got some lotion and hairspray out and first sprayed the big caterpillar with it, which made his skin deteriorate, and sizzled the fur off, so his back was sort of see-through and thin. Then she like pierced his back with the nozzle of the lotion and filled his body up with it.
When he breathed in, the lotion would sink into this purple liquid in his body, and then when he breathed out the lotion would expand.
And he kept doing that till he burst at the seams
Then my aunt covered him in paper towels and was walking away with him but I never saw how she got rid of the centipede (if she did) or where she went with the creepy-ass caterpillar because I woke up.

Suzi Q answers:

It seems likely that your dream is showing you the big creepy bugs as symbols of big nasty problems. These are the things that “bug” you. I suspect that your mind makes these bugs appear huge in your dream because they have been exaggerated; the problems may be irritating, but they are not really as big as you feel they are.

In the dream, your aunt might represent your calm, more sensible self. You find her “upstairs,” meaning she is your intellect, not your emotions. She deals with the bugs effectively, then gets rid of them.

This is a very good dream. Your own subconscious is saying that you have the ability to deal with nasty problems when you think clearly.


Dreams and Superstitions


Thomas asks…

What do reoccurring dreams typically mean?

Do they even have meanings?

I’ve had two dreams that I’m getting constantly, and they’re both pretty much the same each time.

In my first reoccurring dream, it’s that serial killer from the movie, Hitcher. He’s in my house, and he’s hiding (whether it’s behind a wall, or under the bed), and he’s trying to kill my mother. He sees me, and I see him. I keep telling my mom that she needs to leave, but she doesn’t. Eventually, he pops up out of nowhere and kills her (but I never see it).

Is this just a worry about my mom dying?

The second is pretty simple… I can’t see, and I can’t move. I’m petrified, completely. I curled up like a dead spider, and there’s something talking to me. The best way I can describe it is as though it’s the “devil” (even though I don’t really believe in it), and I don’t even know if that’s it.

I don’t know- all I really want to know is IF they have a meaning, and what IS the meaning… normally.

Sorry it’s so long…

Suzi Q answers:

Most dreams contain messages that serve to teach us something about ourselves. Unfortunately many a times we forget what we dream about as we go about our daily routine. With recurring dreams, the message may be so important and/or powerful that it just will not go away. The frequent repetition of such dreams forces you to pay attention and confront the dream. The dream is trying desperately to tell you something. Such dreams are often nightmarish or frightening in their content, which also helps you to take notice and pay attention to them.

Recurring dreams are quite common and are often triggered by a certain life situation or a problem that keeps coming back again and again. These dreams may recur daily, once a week, or once a month, but whatever the frequency, there is little variation in the dream content itself. It usually points to a personal weakness, fear, or your inability to cope with something in your life – past or present.

The repetitive patterns in your dream can reveal some of the most valuable information on yourself. It may point to a conflict, situation or matter in your waking life that remains unresolved or unsettled. Or some urgent underlying message in your unconscious is demanding to be understood.

Following are some tips in overcoming your recurring dreams.

1. In understanding your recurring dream, you must be willing to accept some sort of change or undergo a transformation.

2. You need to look within yourself and confront whatever you may find no matter how difficult it my be.

3. Look at the dream from an objective point of view. Try to get pass the emotional and reactive elements of the dream and get down to the symbolic images. Many times dreams are masked by elements that are disturbing preventing you to delve any deeper. This is a defense mechanism that your unconscious may be putting up.

4. Each and every time you have a recurring dream, write it down in great detail. Look for any subtle variations. These variations are the most significant as it indicates that you are a step closer to understanding why the dream recurs.

5. Pay attention to what is going on in your waking life when you have these recurring dreams. You may start to notice a pattern.

6. Be patient. Do not get discourage if these dreams still recur even after you thought you have come to understand them.

7. Learn to accept yourself truly and fully.

Once you discover what your recurring dream is trying to tell you, these dreams will change or altogether disappear.

Sandra asks…

What do my dreams mean?

Ok, so i had two dreams in a row which were somewhat similar. the first one i had was after i watched prince of persia and there was a snake so maybe that had something to do with it cuz later that night i dreamt of a snake that was black and yellow, pretty small sized that bit me, i think it was in my room, under my sheets when it attacked me so i woke up after that terrified. then i had a dream today that i was out with my friends and family at some park or something and there was a huge spider but i wasnt afraid of it and i took a stick to kill it but i didnt expect it to somehow bite me cuz that’s what it did. the spider was big and red and it had 4 eyes staring back at me. i didnt think it would do anything to me and even after it bit me i didnt think it was venomous for some reason. then i started feeling the stingingness of the bite and it started to turn white, my finger i mean and there was a black dot there too. i’m not sure what these mean but in the first one i was terrified but the second, i wasnt even after it bit me cuz then i started thinking, well it must of been poisonous because it was so big and red! also right now i feel like my life is such a mess. my dad passed away 4 months ago and ever since that i couldnt sleep good. i dont take care of myself anymore and i dont even know who i am anymore. im trying to organize my life and enjoy it, have some fun cuz that’s what i need to get out of it the most but i can never be myself. also i have anger issues and so does everyone in the family: my sisters, my mom and my little brother and we’ve been fighting constantly. i was in an accident and my brain concussion didnt heal yet so i feel pretty weak all the time. also my faith in God is doing pretty bad these days. i go to church and i try to read the Bible but i feel like im nothing what God wants me to be but i dont know who to turn to that could explain the Bible better to me.

Suzi Q answers:

The Prince of Persia(a powerful demonic being) is actually mentioned in the Bible and the angel Michael actually fights against it in the Book of Daniel to bring an answer to prayer. The spider is probably also tied to the demonic realm, possibly as you say related to the anger problems in your family. Having dealt with anger in my family and myself here are a few suggestions about how to overcome in that direction: 1) Continue to read your Bible regularly and meditate on verses on love you can find in a concordance.
2) Pray over your Bible study time and ask God to speak to your through his word.
3) Listen to Christian music particularly praise and worship music which focuses on God and not on your problems.
4) Attend a church and/or youth group that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit.
5) Watch Christian television.
6) To bring healing into your life read Bible verses that speak of the healing power of God and meditate on them.
7) Don’t let the devil and his minions lie to you when they say God doesn’t love you and you will never measure up. None of us is righteous enough but Jesus paid the price for our sins so we can now come boldly into the throne room of God with our prayers.

Richard asks…

A good question about dreams and the way your mind works?

So, you know dreams only last like 3 seconds on average. Why does it feel like you’ve been in your dream for longer? I’ve had a friend pass me out one time and she said I was only out for like about 3 to 5 seconds. But I had a dream and I felt like I was in it for 15 minutes. Why does your mind work like that? Thanks in advance for the answers.

Suzi Q answers:

Dreams don’t happen in 3 seconds because “Time” doesn’t really exist as a measurable dimension. What we have done to -deal- with the perception of “time” is just convene that when you move from one place to another you were at your starting location “before” you got to your destination. I know this is weird… But stay with it !

As a consequence and although your own thoughts may feel to you as happening in sequence or in a “before and after” fashion, the truth is that everything happens in the only “time” we ever have, ever did have and ever will have… Which is the -present time-. Although you might move through space, time has nothing to do with it because it isn’t a measurable part of the space you covered. You were not here now and over there later… Nope, you were always here “now” and then when you moved over to the other place, you’re there “now” too.

You are consciousness and consciousness is energy… Energy happens within certain quality and quantity parameters. In other words, you become aware of the Universe stuff one thing at a time. The thing is that it’s happening at such speed (trillions of bits of info every fraction of a second) that is perceived as a “continuum” just like frames of a motion picture. You are an extension and connected with all of that energy, but you are not necessarily aware of all its specifics all at once.

In very broad terms, (I’m starting to sweat here..lol! )this is how your brain actually processes thoughts and information. Dreams are no different. Think about this, pay attention next time when an “idea” comes to you. You’ll see that it doesn’t really arrive sequentially, like one word after another as when someone is talking to you or when you relate a story… The fact is that the whole story resides in your head as one unit… When you relate such story to someone is when you put it in words and the perception of the passing of “time” seems real to you.

The memories of your whole life for example, exist in your head as one big single event. It only appears fragmented or affected by time when you relate your life story by putting it into words because all that stored energy is transferred one “word at a time” (the only “time” being the present) so all along you’re telling it in the present time anyway!

I know this is kind of weird, but I couldn’t resist… Good question! Everything happens now. Read up on The Theory of Relativity.

Geez… Hope that helped. 😉


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Paul asks…

What did my nightmare mean?

It was short and brief; it was a nightmare that I actually had after falling back to sleep after I had already woken up this morning. I was in a huge dirt field with a bunch of other people (I didn’t know anyone but one, my old friend Brian from high school who I haven’t seen or heard from in 5 years). There was an abnormally huge wully mammoth/elephant with a long deformed tail that it would whip around for protection like an iguana or something. it seemed friendly then all of a sudden it picked up my friend Brian’s little brother with it’s huge deformed trunk and started slamming him to the ground and killed him. then I woke up

One of my more disturbing nightmares, I am curious why I would dream something like this…?

Luvli Mystii answers:

It means: an old or former atmosphere, though friendly
and familiar, can be highly deceptive. Your friend represented a former life or lifestyle. A place where
you have “graduated” or evolved from and is now
too mature to resort back to, nor to visit. Such as a behavior or a way of thinking(mentality, ideology, etc.,).
An elephant never forgets so this was a past life lesson
or mistake. It’s abnormal, and it’s huge. The rear could protect itself; meaning that someone once had your back.
This tail is also a weapon..whips punish and discipline.
The deformed trunk was the face of a liar. You weren’t or are not receiving the truth about certain things/issues in your life which you now face or have faced in the past.
The little brother of your friend is the product which is associated with your history being destroyed by mistakes
and erroneous living/thinking.
Connecting the dots: You’re being warned not to regress back to a formal condition or era in life in which you have
successfully conquered..for there would be dire consequences should you decide not to heed the cautions.
That’s my interpretation..it may not be as major as all that,
but it’s a warning; nonetheless.

Lizzie asks…

Having dreams about fighting my friends.?

I was hoping someone could help me analyze my dreams as I’ve been having some weird ones recently mostly involving fighting. I used to have dreams in the past about me fist fighting with different people in different places each time. At first my punches would go really slow and do nothing to the person but sometimes I would have dreams where I beat the person badly but they don’t seem to be in any pain. More recently I’ve been having dreams a lot of me beating up my friends (the punches aren’t slow or anything anymore in fact they seem effective).

Last night my dream took place in a supermarket with about 4 or 5 of my friends. We would get along great in the beginning but the confrontations would always arise when my friends would start to disrespect me. My friends would ridicule me (they don’t say anything like this to me in the real world when I’m not dreaming) and then I would hit them a few times either knocking them down or busting their face up. I know there were about 4 or 5 of them but I can only remember two of them (its like I know they were my friends in the dream but I can’t remember who they are at all now). The one that really stuck out to me was my friend Brandon. He started running his mouth making me very angry so I tilted my head sideways and bite him on the nose. I bit really hard and I felt his nose make this ‘squishing’ noise. I pictured an image of a blood-filled sack being ripped open spilling blood everywhere… I stopped biting immediately but by that time there were these huge bite marks on each side of his nose. My other friends looked at him and started saying things such as, “ugh! nasty!”. At this point I remember feeling a sense of fear and remorse for what I had done. I had hurt my friend badly and tried apologizing. He looked in a mirror and said to me, “What do you mean my nose is broken? Its perfectly fine.” I turned to him and stared at his face. His nose was already healed with the exception of two little scars. That was the end of that dream.

I’ve always had weird dreams before (I’ve had a dream where I sliced my own leg in half from my ankle to my knee… I then raised up the top half of my leg to see the inside and to my horror what appeared was a formation of spider-web looking bones. Other dreams included things like pulling my teeth out and keeping them in a little cup (If someone knew what those meant that would be great but I can’t remember much of those in detail)) Anyways, I just thought this most recent dream was particularly strange and hopefully somebody can tell me what this means so I can stop having these things :p

Luvli Mystii answers:

Dreams i believe happen in the spirit world to some degree with spirits there playing roles in scenarios that represent the present emotional/spiritual state one is in at the time of the dream. Fighting in a dream would mean wanting to protect or defend oneself, or a desire to get back at people, or a desire to exploit people. You seem to feel the need to gain the respect of your friends. Sometimes one has friends that are not that much for respecting anyone. One often has to work really hard to impress people and earn their respect. Fighting or standing up for oneself can help one gain more respect.

You do have to be careful about overdoing it since the guy Brandon in the dream seemed to be treated way to roughly by you, and you felt bad at what you had done. Brandon in the dream would be played by a spirit and may or may not represent how you relate to him in real life. It seemed that you may at times think that you hurt people more than you do since it appears that Brandon in the dream recovered quite quickly from what you had done to him. Some people are quite resilient. But, one has to be careful not to hurt people, since what one does will come back at you in the future in some way.

Your other dreams have to do with doing things that are harmful to yourself and to your image(pulling teeth out in dream).

Meditation and spiritual practices, mind-body and other exercise(not done excessively), along with a very healthy diet, can help you build up your spiritual energy so that you will not feel the need to rely as heavily on your friends for respect. Once one feels good about oneself one can laugh at those who disrespect you and then not give them much of your valuable time. One does have to stand up for oneself in this world, but this must be done carefully. One does not want to harm others unnecessarily or get in trouble with the law.

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Surely you have had dreams where you wondered what the dream meant, if anything. It would be nice if one could be sure of what all your dreams and superstitions meant. But regardless of dream symbols and people who claim to know what a particular dream means, there is quite a bit of uncertainty in my mind what any dream I have means.


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Dreams and Superstitions


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