Beds and Luck


Beds and Luck Superstitions; a Powerful Combination – if you Believe

By Chitraparna Sinha

Sweet Dreams

Can your bed influence your luck?


A commodity of comfort and peaceful slumber, beds or mattresses have been associated with good and bad luck, depending on the situation one perceives the tradition. These superstitious associations date back as far as the16th century. That’s about when written evidence began to appear in literary works, non fictional writings and later in journals, personal diaries, magazines and others.

Here we give you some superstitious traditions or beliefs – some are believed even today while some others are outright intriguing.

  • If a house has an unfinished bedspread, none of the women in the house will get married. Keeping the bedspread incomplete brings bad luck.
  • It is unlucky to turn a bed occupied by a mother and her newborn before the month of mandatory confinement is over as it brings bad luck.
  • Never turn a featherbed on Friday or Sunday otherwise, the person who sleeps on the bed frequently will see fearful dreams all week long. (PS: This happened with me as well)
  • Another belief in turning a featherbed on Sunday or Friday is that the person who sleeps stands chance to lose his / her sweetheart to devil.
  • Never change a bed sheet on Friday or the devil will have control over your dreams for a week.
  • E.M. Wright in 1913 mentioned in Rustic Speech that three people should never take part in making up a bed. Result – a death in the house within the same year.
  • Evil will befall on a person who leaves for work but leaves a bed half-made behind; such a person will have sleepless night – a Scottish belief.
  • It is considered lucky to get out of the bed from the right side; left side brings bad luck for the rest of the day. Even if something good is about to happen, it turns negative.
  • “No good luck shall I get, I got out o’ bed backside first” – M. Hudson (1826). In other words, you should not get out of bed backwards because the general perception goes that doing so means every good thing will not be in your favor.
  • One should never sleep with their feet pointed towards the door because that is the gateway for the dead – generally, corpses are laid that way indicating their journey from this life to the after life.
  • If the bed of a sick person is placed across the planks on the floor, instead of being parallel with them, it becomes the reason for the patient’s lingering death.
  • It is unlucky to sleep across the joints of the bedroom floor. To sleep well, make sure the bed is placed the same way as the floor boards. If they are placed across them, you have the Devil working against you.


Superstitions - Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Well there are other beliefs about ‘beds’, spanning world cultures. I have highlighted few that form a part of the common perception and beliefs. Frankly, I never thought seriously about ‘beds’ bringing good luck or bad luck.

I read about them somewhere and thought of enlightening my readers about them. So, take heed of all these suggestions and whether you believe in them or not, depend entirely on your eerie experiences, or just simply the trust you are willing to put in your faith, know that somewhere back in history these beliefs were formulated by those who sincerely believed in them.

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