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Feng Shui Jewelry Provides Balance as well as Protection

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To bring balance into your life, you should wear Feng Shui jewelry. Feng Shui jewelry is beautiful and empowering and such jewelry provides you with balance as well as protection. Well-designed jewelry with Feng Shui application is a very good way to increase your personal energy. Feng Shui jewelry makes use of Feng Shui symbols. The symbol of dragon is mostly used in this jewelry. Different symbols represent different aspects of life. The associated symbolism is very necessary to be properly understood while choosing jewelry. The different symbols represent different aspects of life such as wealth, health, love, kids, business, office, good luck, success etc.

Some of the symbols found in jewelry are arowana, coins, dragons and three-legged toads. The arowana represents good luck and money. Coins are meant for wealth and success. Dragons also symbolize wealth and success. And the three-legged toads represent fame and recognition and the list goes on and on. Lilian too, a famous Feng Shui practitioner has started his own jewelry collections. You should choose Feng Shui jewelry according to its elements and also by following its guidelines. Certain jewelry can be worn to add a particular element to your life as per the energy needed to improve your life.

Some metals and precious stones can be chosen according to the Feng Shui guidelines and map, and following these will make it easier for you to choose this jewelry. The first and foremost thing is to learn the various concepts and guidelines of Feng Shui in order to choose the jewelry perfectly. The metals, stones and elements are properly studied in a Feng Shui school and accordingly used for jewelry making.

Another important factor in choosing Feng Shui jewelry are the colors chosen. First of all, you should get a Feng Shui color chart and study them and then you should choose the jewelry according to the energy needed to improve your life. This also helps in achieving your goals accordingly. A very useful article is the Feng Shui jewelry box. It is a rational object in this modern and oriental world. It serves as a decorating piece as well as an element to balance the harmony in and around our surroundings. Tradition says that if a man wanted to propose to a woman, then he would send her a traditional Feng Shui jewelry box.

In order to improve a specific area of our life, the proper use of Feng Shui jewelry is important. And this can be done in three ways, by choosing proper colors, symbols and metals. Some of the Feng Shui jewelry is talisman, mojo, shaman necklace, green Tara, yak pendant, zodiac harmony necklace, protection amulet and some others. This jewelry is not only good to look at but they also have a sense of antiquity. Wearing them also brings about harmony and protection in relationships.

So now we come to the conclusion that Feng Shui jewelry is not merely an object to adorn one but also to improve and energize our life conditions in various ways. Thus we can make our life blessed and more likely to live harmoniously with the nature surrounding us.

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