Luck and Success

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Luck and Success – Mysterious Ways in Which Luck Works

By Chitraparna Sinha


Its a secret - how luck works.

“A man likes to feel he’s in control of his life, but it is a damned illusion. The ‘X’ factor is always there. You can have all the talent in the world, but without luck you go nowhere”.

–      Kirk Douglas

That quote by Kirk Douglas, the famous American Hollywood actor says it all. It is a fact that there are very few individuals who can call themselves successful. Of course, to different people, the definition of success differs, but let’s just assume that we generally associate success with materialistic gains and power.

Isn’t it true that when we have money, we feel a sense of independence, a feeling that luck is favoring us? Luck and success are interrelated. One can understand luck as –

  1. destiny
  2. divine providence
  3. being at the right place at the right time
  4. inner voice

There is a very thin line between having the talent and not utilizing it AND having talent but not having the luck to use the talent. In the second category, a person tries heart and soul but every time their ‘luck’ fails them.

Read this story of ‘luck’ favoring abundance.

When the second richest man in America – Warren Buffett – was trying for admission to Harvard Business School, he was rejected. Being disheartened, he began to search for other business schools and enrolled in Columbia University.

As luck would have it, there he met his mentor Benjamin Graham, whose book Security Analysis was Buffett’s favorite.  Later, Buffett made his fortune in stocks and shrewd financial investments.

In his words, “Probably the luckiest thing that ever happened to me was getting rejected from Harvard”. He got his billion dollar break when Providence smiled on him! What he felt as disheartening experience turned out to be luck in disguise.

You know the biggest mistake we make or let’s say, the biggest obstacle we pose for ourselves is ‘us’ – yes, you read right! Every human dream of success and on that basis constructs his dreams and aspirations, and the ‘path’ that he feels is necessary for success.

By doing so, we are blocking or obstructing the natural inner voice within us that makes us realize otherwise. We become rigid in our perception and thoughts. Be conscious of your being – expand your horizon. Grab opportunity when it comes knocking – it just might be your luck!

For a moment, forget the famous personalities. Let’s look at people around us who luck when favored turned their life totally. One of my acquaintances was studying to become an engineer but his dream was to become a photographer – he had the talent!

So, what was stopping him? He had an envelope with him that contained a letter addresses to one of the world famous photographer. In the letter, he requests the person to take him under his wing, as a trainee. He never had the courage to actually approach that famous photographer. You can say that the X factor was lacking – luck was knocking, but he was not able to apprehend.

By stroke of ‘luck’, his friend found the letter and mailed it. A few days later he received a surprise reply from the photographer praising his art and an offer to join him. My acquaintance was undoubtedly very elated. He left his engineering studies, packed his bags, and left for London.

This was how his luck turned out! Now, he is a successful photographer.

Moral of the story – keep your subconscious mind receptive to new opportunities. The main thing is to realize the opportunity and grab it in time. Who knows? Your luck may be waiting just around the corner!

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