Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen – a Few Tips for the Ideal Feng Shui Kitchen

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feng shui kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of a house. It is the heart of a house. Hence, it is advisable to plan the kitchen according to Feng Shui kitchen principles. The kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity in Feng Shui.

A properly designed Feng Shui kitchen can influence your health and wealth. Feng Shui KitchenThe first thing in laying out a kitchen in a home is its placement. The ideal Feng Shui kitchen is usually built in the back of the house.

The kitchen is one of the most important assets to consider according to Feng Shui. It is a key room in any home and it is believed to influence many conditions of our lives.

The gas stove should be placed in such a place that the cook does not show her back to the entrance door of the kitchen; she should be in a commanding position. Using a cooking island is the best suitable thing for a kitchen.

The Cook should be able to View the Whole Kitchen

It means the cook should stand in such a position that he or she can view the whole kitchen from one position. This is not only ideal according to a Feng Shui concept but also fits into the modern trends.

Feng Shui encourages group cooking as a contemporary trend today. It also emphasizes on the Great Room concept of having the living room, dining area and the kitchen included. Generally the kitchen is placed in the south and eastern directions of the homes to enhance the fire elements. The direction of the house is determined by the breadwinner‘s Kua number of the house.

Never locate the kitchen at the front side of the house. This kills the chi energy entering the house. Don’t place the kitchen in front of the bedroom. This also kills the energy. Pantry doors should be closed at all times.

A Feng Shui kitchen should not be placed below an upstairs bathroom or facing a toilet. Water and waste kills the chi energy in the kitchen.

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The refrigerator should not be placed beside the stove or oven. Water element eliminates fire energy.
feng shui kitchen

A Rectangular Shape Kitchen is Preferred in Feng Shui

Same concept applies in not placing the stove besides the sink. The kitchen, the living room and the dining hall should be built on the same level. A round shaped kitchen should be avoided. A Rectangular shape kitchen is preferred in Feng Shui.

Don’t allow dirty clothes to pile up around if your laundry area is located beside the kitchen. Piling up of dirty dishes should also be avoided. Hanging of a towel over the oven handle also throws negative energy.

make money onlineNever place an oven or a stove in the northwest direction because it is the area where good luck energy resides and you don’t want to burn that energy by lighting the oven. Brooms and mops should not be thrown here and there in the kitchen. They should be kept in closets.

A number of Feng Shui key elements have to be considered while planning the layout of a Feng Shui kitchen. The placement of objects is more important than the direction of the kitchen. Incorrect placement of appliances and objects creates inauspicious elements that bring in the negative chi energy.

It is good to know that the placement of the kitchen is not the most important consideration in Feng Shui. Most of us have no choice in where the kitchen is placed in our houses, apartments, townhomes or condominiums. Fortunately some of us may have a choice or two in placements of some appliances in the kitchen.

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