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Lisa asks…

How do you use to bring good luck, Feng Shui, what area do you put in your home eg South east etc?

What do you use for good luck in Feng Shui. What works best for you? Thankyou

Suzi Q answers:

Firstly, I use compass to see what part of the house goes for what part of my life

Secondly, do corrections where I need.


Thirdly, live happily))

Good luck!

John asks…

what phone number should I change to bring good luck from psychic, feng shui, spiritual and cosmically?

I’m planning to change my cell phone number, is there any psychic / feng shui master / fortune teller out there that can help me out in choosing what phone number to changed to bring good luck to me from feng shui, psychic, spiritual, cosmical and all other point of view? please help out…

Suzi Q answers:


George asks…

what`s the most best object like feng shui to earn good luck and loads of money???????

i want to know that what are the objects for example objects used in feng shui meant for good luck and for loads of money.

Suzi Q answers:

I have been studying fengshui for some time now, and i do not really believe that there is an object out there that can make you luckier or wealthy. Put it this way, if there is such a thing, then all fengshui masters would just keep this thing for themselves and be rich. But those masters who are rich, they are rich because they have business/es aside from teaching fengshui, which for them is just a hobby or sharing their knowledge.

Jenny asks…

Is that true if the yin house feng shui very good the descandant luck will be great.It will produce talented?

descandant like giving glory to the family

Suzi Q answers:

Yes. The burial site is very important. In fact, feng shui was firstly developed for Yin House. Later only came the Yang House fengshui concept. Nowadays there are not many Yin House fengshui experts since a lot of them concentrate more on Yang House.

Daniel asks…

Is it good luck/bad luck to keep dried corals at home ? (Feng Shui)?

I brought some corals from the sea side when i’d gone holidaying. Now I’m wondering whether I should use the corals to decorate the home. Any one with vastu or feng shui advice on this ?

Suzi Q answers:

Did the coral come with you of its own free will? Meaning, if you picked it up illegally — that would be bad — but if you picked it up in a way that helps the coral community, yes, the coral can bestow some luck upon you. Coral are communal, water loving, and light loving. They can accompany photos on your desk, stay in an aquarium, etc. They don’t like to be moved or touched though, and would like a light flow of chi over top it — nothing heavy over top and no stagnant air. Near a window would be good.


James asks…

Is it good luck or bad luck for bedroom? (feng shui)?

Suzi Q answers:

You’re bedroom seems fine; but fengshui is not about furniture arrangement of a bedroom. And regarding your picture, it lacks other details of a room.

Chris asks…

Anybody knows feng shui?

A year ago my best friend gave one of those good luck feng shui bamboos… I watered it and everything and was perfectly fine UNTIL today I saw that it was YELLOW, excepting the leaf and the roots… I know this plants have a meaning, and I was wondering if anyone knew what could that mean…

Suzi Q answers:

In fengshui, plants are placed in a specific location for specific purposes, like there is a location to make you better in your studies, though the technique is not the same for all houses. Then there is a location based on the year, meaning it changes every year, and effect also changes. This year, if you put the plant in the east most part of the house, you will be more sociable or attract people into your life. If you put them at the southwest most part, you will celebrate life. But only do these, if the part is not a bedroom or a toilet.

Regarding your plant going yellow, in fengshui it is important to keep the plant, fresh and healthy, if it became yellow and dying, it means that it absorbed bad chi in it, and must be replaced with a new one.

Ken asks…

Feng Shui… is The Stove next to the Fridge good or bad luck, bad chi?

According to Feng Shui Rules… Can someone tell me if it is good or bad for a Stove to be right next to the Fridge?

Suzi Q answers:

The heat from the oven will make the fridge wk overtime,i know nothing of mr. Feng shui,also for working in kit its handy to have a counter between the 2

Lizzie asks…

In Feng Shui…does a crystal hanging from a window mean good luck?

thnx in advance

Suzi Q answers:

Hi, In feng shui light is one of the ways to bring in chi (qi) or energy into the house. Therefore the crystal helps to reflect the light into the house and circulates.

Wind, water, people and animal activity also bring in and circulate chi and can influence the energies in a positive or negative way.

To add another level of complexity, forms (shape) and color also influence the energies around us and interact with the energies of the house when it was built etc.

So to answer your question, generally it is seen as a token of good luck as it is very pretty which is positive feng shui and it is helping the energy to circulate and interact.

Hope this helps,
best wishes,

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