Religious Good Luck Symbols

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Some Religious Good Luck Symbols and Meanings

By Chitraparna Sinha

Religious Good Luck Symbols

The word ‘Cross’ is the translation of Latin word ‘Cruz’. As we all know, Christ was nailed to a cross. The cross on which he was crucified was made up of two pieces of timber across one another. Since then, the symbol of cross has become a sacred symbol for the Christians.



It is also a well-known heathen sign. Long before Christ, this symbol was used by the ancient people as an object of religious worship. The cross is considered as a grand charm, as a refuge in times of danger and miseries.

the crossIt is also looked upon as a refuge in times of evil temptations and satanic attacks. There are several magic virtues attributed to the symbol of cross. Taking the cross as a good luck charm is a very old and pagan custom.

It is a sign of life for all. Christians believe that one can live a life of love by believing that the cross of CHRIST is the central reference point of their lives. At times, when you need spiritual strength to carry on, then you can rely on the cross for God’s unsearchable love.

The cross is associated with good luck and good fortune. The earliest and the most widely used Christian symbol is the Cross. It is the representation and resemblance of Christ’s crucifixion. There are a great variety of crosses, each having its own specific meaning and importance.

The most ancient cross is the Greek cross. The graded cross refers to faith, hope and love. The cross which can be used only by the Pope is the papal cross. It represents the Pope’s authority. The budded cross represents trinity. The most popular form of the cross is the Latin cross

The cross is meant to be effective when it appeals to both the intellect as well as the emotions. Besides the cross, Christians also use a wide variety of other symbols which are sometimes used as religious symbols or in conjunction with religion; like the fish, the lamb, the altar, the dove, the peacock, pelican, the phoenix, the ship, rainbow, palm, etc.



david's starThe image of David or the Jewish star is a modern universal Jewish symbol and the ancient universal symbol of the Jews is the ‘candelabrum’.

The number 18 known as ‘chai’, normally found on jeweler items, is another religious symbol meant to bring luck, according to Jewish traditions.

The mezuzah is a good luck charm used by the Jews widely on the doorposts of traditional Jewish homes. The menorah is the oldest symbol of the Jews which is also a sign of good luck.

Other religious symbols of good luck



Sikh symbol

Sikh symbol, smoothened edges using paint. added year of formation. Image by DDT Fair Trade/CC BY-SA 3.0/

The Sikhs also use a few varieties of symbols of good luck in their religion. The main Sikh symbol is the ‘khanda’ or the sword. This confirms the Sikh’s belief in one God and thus it is very sacred. It is an object of good luck for all Sikhs to keep a ‘khanda’ along with them wherever they go.

The words ‘Ek-Onkar’ has very significant place in the life of every Sikh. The Sikhs use this symbol widely in many documents, papers and important tasks as they consider it to be a harbinger of good fortune.

Another important symbol of the Sikhs is the ‘chakkar’s circle’, representing God as one. A devout Sikh uses these symbols to find solace and peace. They are a means for him to lead an honest and simple life.


BuddahThere are about eight auspicious symbols of the Buddhists. The eight-spike wheel known as the ‘dharma chakra’ is the symbol of Buddha’s turning towards the truth. Other valuable symbols of the Buddhist religion which is considered a good luck charm.

Other symbols are the ‘bodhi’ tree, Buddha’s footprints, an empty throne, a begging bowl and a lion. All these symbols represent Buddha. The bodhi tree and the bodhi leaf are considered as a devotional symbol. The most potent symbol of good luck is the lion.

It gives us a sense of inner strength and power. The ‘durva’ grass is a symbol of long life and the mirror is the symbol to give purity. All these symbols are of great significance as they ward off evil and spread an aura of good fortune and mysticism.



Religious Good Luck Symbol

Lotus flower

The Ashtamangala or the eight auspicious symbols in Hinduism are also regarded as sign of good luck. They are the golden fish, the umbrella, the lotus, and the conch.

The other four are the endless knot, the victory banner, the dharma wheel and the more recent one, the Buddhist flag.

The treasure vase brings wealth, long life and riches. The most important symbol is the lotus that is said to bring complete purification of the body, speech and mind.


jain good luck symbol

The official symbol of Jainism, known as the Jain Prateek Chihna. Mpanchratan derivative work/CC BY-SA 3.0

Jainism is another religion that uses various religious symbols for bringing good luck and prosperity in one’s life. The most important one is the Jain emblem. The other Jain symbols are the crescent of the moon, three dots, the swastika, the Om and the wheel inset.

Jainism also uses a separate symbol for each individual. The swastika is meant to give us inner pleasure and happiness. It is the most sacred symbol of the Jains. The use of the symbol Om is also prominent in Jain culture. Every Jain’s symbol has adept meaning from within and has different impact on different individuals.


Parses or Zoroastrian

fire symbolThe Parses or the Zoroastrian community also has some sacred symbols for good luck and fortune. Fire is the most sacred symbol for the persisted passé and it is known as the Ravish. It is a physical symbol as well as a spiritual aid.

This symbol is so powerful, according to Parses that it can ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

These are some of the religious symbols which believers have continued to use since ancient times. These symbols tend to bring about good luck and eradicate misfortune from the life of the people.

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Religious Good Luck Symbols


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Religious Good Luck Symbols

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