Religious Symbols


Religious Symbols

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Signs & Symbols is a fully-illustrated guide that helps unlock the secret language of the signs, symbols, and traditions around us. A rich source of information for readers of all ages, this book is divided into two sections, first looking at major sources of symbols (basic shapes, colors and numbers, the natural world).

Then it places symbols in context of mythologies and religions, the human life cycle, people and culture, and symbol systems. Clear cross-referencing illuminates connections between symbols, while beautiful artwork and photography make this a collector’s edition to treasure.

Religious Symbols

The world has numerous religions and religious symbols, depending on which country you visit. Some countries like the USA and India have many different religions within their borders. For every religion you can find one, or usually more than one symbol which has a specific meaning for that religion.

Religious symbols can be images, events, some type of natural phenomena, image of a person and other objects. Many religious symbols date back to antiquity. Each religion has its own symbols and meaning. Sometimes the meaning of a symbol can be the opposite of it’s normal meaning, depending on how it is used.

Religious symbols carry deep meanings in their respective religion. These religious symbols

In the end, it is the person you become, not the things you have achieved, that is the most important. ~

Les Brown


Keep a good heart. That’s the most important thing in life. It’s not how much money you make or what you can acquire. The art of it is to keep a good heart.~

Joni Mitchell



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Question about a Symbol

Joseph asks…

What is the meaning of this Kabbalistic/ Qabbalistic/ Cabbalistic Symbol?

I would be grateful to know whether anyone knows the possible meaning of this Kabbalistic symbol. It is drawn on a public wall with a black felt tip pen by a person, or persons unknown as I enter, and depart from a block of flats in which I live. Essentially, it appears as a trident (bowled shaped like the Jewish Menorah)without the pronged endings. Two magan davids are to be seen both sides of it save the central “column” so to speak. At the bottom of the latter there is one more magan david. There also appears here to be a little “flame” on one of the apexes of the two triangles. The same is true of the one on the top left of the “trident”. These may have no significance at all along with where they are placed exactly.

The question is this? Is this a genuine Kabbalistic symbol possibly? Or is it just something made up by someone who has an interest in magic? Could ot be a symbol of good luck, or bad luck, or indeed, nothing at all of note??

Suzi Q answers:

It sounds like the Hebrew letter Shin. I found a site with a version of it (there are thousands of variations)
Scroll down the page to it – it’s called a Triad. And the explanation is there

William asks…

Will everyone reading this message pray for me and hundreds of mentally ill patients around the world?

1 minute is all that i ask for. I am going to do something about my messed up life finally. I have been a complete loser till now but now i want to change the story. Will someone pray for me and wish me good luck so that i do something with my life if not much. I don’t have anyone to pray for me so i though this could be the best place to find some wise people.
You all have my deepest wishes and prayers. I wished that each one of you gets pure happiness. Each one of you. Its always a good start which starts with love. Just pure love for everyone. I love everyone so much. Perhaps more than myself, even the ones who will not like me. I want to love everyone whom i hated before.
Who said there is no love in this mad world? People like you will always prove me right. There is love. Clean and pure hearted people.

Suzi Q answers:

If you really want to hit the right notes and make a positive change in your life accept Jesus into it. You can’t go wrong with receiving his love, comfort, protection, salvation and forgiveness. Jesus is love— deep, compassionate and sharing love. So start wit the pure source and let it radiate from there. With Jesus love and forgiveness you can start forgiving yourself and forgiving others. You can start loving yourself and others more. Sure, you already have that love but anchor it to the rock of Christ and it wont blow away quickly as the wind. Jesus I hope he makes this most positive change in his life. Amen.

† Equitable Prayer Warrior †

Jenny asks…

Will religions be treated casually someday like Horoscopes, good luck charms and fortune cookies?

Those things, although somewhat spiritual, do not cause such conflict, wars and arguments.

Suzi Q answers:

When their followers can act casually about them I suppose

Sandra asks…

Is religious belief just an extreme version of believing in luck and omens etc?

Luck, omens, truth in old sayings…these are just examples of logical inconsistencies that many of us allow to affect their judgment. Like I keep saying, there are two fundamental ingredients of our consciousness; what we know is true and what we hope is true; knowledge and belief. The ‘what we know is true’ part is filled with common sense knowledge and, depending upon level of education, what we know about the universe and reality itself. The ‘what we hope is true’ part is filled with belief in luck, superstition etc.

Religious beliefs come under that category of what people hope is true just like belief in luck and superstition, but it’s just a magnified version of what is essentially the same mental process, isn’t it?

Suzi Q answers:

Think of the amazing number of supernatural beliefs held by people:

Gods, goddesses, devils, demons, angels, heavens, hells, purgatories, limbos, miracles, prophecies, visions, auras, saviors, virgin births, immaculate conceptions, resurrections, bodily ascensions, faith-healings, exorcisms, salvation, redemption, messages from the dead, voices from Atlantis, omens, magic, clairvoyance, spirit-signals, divine visitations, incarnations, reincarnations, second comings, judgment days, astrology horoscopes, psychic phenomena, extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, voodoo, fairies, leprechauns, werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, warlocks, ghosts, wraiths, poltergeists, dopplegangers, incubi, succubi, palmistry, tarot cards, ouija boards, levitation, out-of-body travel, magical transport to UFOs, Elvis on a flying saucer, invisible Lemurians in Mount Shasta, Thetans from a dying planet, etc., etc.

That’s about 60 varieties – and you can probably think of others I overlooked.

All these magical beliefs are basically alike. There’s no tangible evidence for any of them. You can’t test supernatural claims; you’re expected to swallow them by blind faith. The only “proof” for them is that they were “revealed” by some prophet, guru, astrologer, shaman, mullah, mystic, swami, psychic, soothsayer or “channeler.”

Notice how certain religions will preach against things like “fortune telling” and “visions” but will at the same time believe that their god gives the church leaders visions of the future (prophets).

It’s all strict and selective superstition.

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