Lucky Two-headed Snake?

Two-headed Snake

Rare Two-headed Snake Brings Good Luck?

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Red Sand Boa

Red Sand Boa Eryx johnii. This image is a normal snake, not one with two heads. Photo by Ashahar alias Krishna Khan / CC BY-SA 4.0

There are many good luck customs all over the world. Some make sense, others don’t.Whether they actually help in bringing good luck is highly debatable. Of course probably most of those that do believe in such good luck customs will never believe someone who derides their belief about something that “brings them luck” is not the cause of any good luck that might occur.

Then there are the good luck customs that seem to make absolutely no sense whatsoever to nonbelievers. Here is a good luck custom that is hard for me to believe. Since I am not Indian and do not live in India, it is hard for me to believe people actually think a rare snake can bring them good luck.

But it gets worse. The group mentioned in the following excerpt from an article that appeared in The Times of India are really bad people. They are professional killers!

Read the article and find out about this unusual good luck custom, but don’t fall for it yourself. The world has enough killers already. So don’t get caught up in such a myth about a two-headed sand boa. Remove any thoughts of an occupation like the gang mentioned in the article.

Two-headed Snake Article

KANPUR: The Farrukhabad police on Monday busted a nine-member gang of professional killers, found to possess a rare sand boa (two-headed) snake. The gang members believe that by its `puja’ before executing heinous crime, brings success and good luck.

Red Sand Boa

Close up of head of a Red Sand Boa Eryx johnii, Family Boidae, Serpentes. Photo by User:AshLin / CC BY-SA 2.5 in

The reptile scientifically known as erycinae is a part of a family of non-venomous snakes called boasis, listed under the Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act-1972.

They had shot at jeweller Santosh Verma and looted jewellery and cash worth lakhs from him.

Sources said that his neighbouring jewellery shop owner Ashok Verma had hired `supari’ killers to kill him.

“The arrest and recovery of a rare sand boa led police to stumble upon a very interesting fact,” said special operation group incharge NL Yadav. The accused, most of whom are professional killers, got a rare sand boa snake from Shahjahanpur district and believing it to be auspicious offered its `puja’ before committing the crime, Yadav added.

“During interrogation, Sushil Mishra disclosed that he and his accomplices had approached a snake trader in Shahjahanpur and purchased a sand boa from him in order to convert the given ‘contract’ into a success,” superintendent of police N Chowdhary said.


Now such strange beliefs don’t make much sense to me. But since I am not used to such customs maybe I just don’t understand. I’d be interested in comments about this belief of good luck. How does it justify killing people?

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Two-headed Snake


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