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According to Wikipedia there are three concepts applying to luck.

There are three concepts concerning luck:

Luck is good or bad.
Luck is by accident or chance.
Luck applies to a person (is a personal thing).

However one can extend that to possibly other cases where luck might occur. For example a business or an organization can have good luck. There are probably other cases where luck might me applicable to a group, such as an office group of people that just won a big 200 million dollar plus lottery.

Note – videos are from YouTube with comments from the person publishing it.

Baby Dropping religious hindu Ritual in India – A ritual For Good Luck

Uploaded to YouTube on Jun 10, 2009

I always find these rituals very annoying now look at this one a baby dropped from the roof who would do so isn’t it insanity or is it sheer ignorance and lack of knowledge and education these sort of rituals are not rare in India so many other rituals like burning wife with husband like dalits been treated as animals and the entire nation treated like herd by our leaders and our armed forces in kashmir punjab tamil nadu and many other parts world should look at it and put pressure to make Indians learn.

Go here to see video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/rndVUQZhA3Q?rel=0

Nude Festival – Japan, February 2006

Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012

For most of the year, Kounoniya is a peaceful place. But in winter, religious ritual joins with drunken delirium to create one of Japan’s most extraordinary sights — the Nude Festival.
In temperatures close to zero, a designated ‘Spirit Man’ is stripped and beaten by the crowd. The ritual, which dates back over a thousand years, is meant to absorb the city’s punishment and brings good luck. As one participant admits: “It’s more important than my wife.”
ABC Australia

Go here to see video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/io_WDUdCLnU?rel=0


Change your Luck St. Anthony Spell~

Uploaded on May 15, 2010

Grabbed this Spell from the 5000 Spells from Judika Illes Encyclopedia
Saint Anthony, Miracle Working Saint and acclaimed witch Doctor, may be petitioned for Good Luck
1. Create an altar with statue or image
2. Some turn his image upside down until petitioned is received to work faster.
3. Offer him a Lily or candle. Tell him that when he helps your fortunes improve you’ll bring him a whole bouquet

website for prayer

Good luck! Hope you enjoyed this spell

Below are instances where someone or a group of people, a company, a team, a political party, etc. are being wished good luck. In other cases an action, such as rubbing someone’s belly may be thought to bring good luck or finding a rare two-headed snake can bring good luck. Different customs in different parts of the world might just leave you wondering what anything has to do with luck since customs and superstitions are so varied all around the world. Is there really anything that can bring a person good luck?


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