Good Luck Bus?

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Good Luck Bus – The Bus brought Him Good Luck – Maybe for Me Too

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Some people believe in good luck, while others don’t. Some even say there is no such thing as luck. Well whatever you think is fine as long as it serves you well.

Now I have heard of people trying to capture some of the good luck someone else had, if that is even possible. But this short article about someone renting the previous bus that President Barack Obama used in his re-election campaign the past year or so just might be carrying it a bit too far.

According to News Track India Tareq Salahi has paid a small fortune to rent the very same bus Obama used as his campaign bus while campaigning for Virginia Govenor.

 Lucky Bus

Read the complete one minute article, a snippet shown below, by clicking the above link to learn his reasoning the bus is lucky and the huge amount he will spend renting the bus.


Is Tareq carrying the good luck thing a little too far?

Washington, December 26 (ANI): Tareq Salahi, who is famous for crashing a White House state dinner in honour of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has rented Obama’s former tour bus to use for his very own campaign for Virginia governor.

The 43-year-old TV personality sought out the company that rented Obama’s bus because he thinks it was “good luck” for the President, and hopes it rubs off on him, TMZ reported.

What do you think? Is Tareq carrying the good luck thing a little too far? It seems like he paid a fortune to rent the bus. Personally I’d like to be the owner of that bus and collect all the money he spent to rent it. That would be good luck for me.

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