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Michael asks…

does this chinese symbol mean lucky?

does this symbol mean lucky? or just luck. cos on internet it said blessed and good luck. but does it also mean lucky? cos i have it tattood on the bad of my neck. i got it for good luck. and i know it means good luck cos i asked alot of chinese people about it. and i mean ALOT. lol. just wanted to know if it also means lucky not just luck. if a chinese person can answer this that would be reeallyyy appreciated :D:D thanks!! this is the symbol

Suzi Q answers:

This is 福.
This letter is read as Fu. (like fu in tofu)

Fu means luck and blessing in Chinese.
O ya, it is simplified chinese.

Check the source if you don’t trust me lol

Mary asks…

i want to get a Chinese symbol that means LUCKY on my lower back does anyone know what the symbol looks like?

i would like to get this done tomorrow if you know what the symbol looks like could you post a pic

Suzi Q answers:

The character on the top means to bring, and the one at the bottom means good fortune or luck in case u wanted to know how to pronounce it zhao 招 fu 福

Joseph asks…

chinese lucky cat tattoo?

i know the lucky cat is actually japanese, but i want the chinese symbol on there. the problem is a website i found said that the symbol ‘ji’ means lucky, but that doesnt look like the symbol on the cat. what i would like to know is what is the appropriate symbol to put on the lucky cat? a picture of the symbol would be super helpful if you can =) thanks
possimpable, your an idiot.

Suzi Q answers:

The “lucky cats” are called “maneki neko” (“招き猫”) in Japanese, which literally means “beckoning cat.” They were originally a symbol of luck for businesses that used them to advertise on their storefronts by beckoning customers. It doesn’t make too much sense to put it on your body, unless you’re using your body to sell something (hey, it’s your business).
The coins that they wear on their collars often say “千万両,” which means ten million ryou (currency).

Linda asks…

Chinese Tattoo help for the symbol ‘Lucky’!?

Hey guys,
So i’ve decided i want a tattoo of a chinese symbol for ‘lucky‘ (personal reasons lol). i have asked as many people about the symbol as i possibly could and most of them said that this 幸运 is the right one :)(yay after months of research and embarrassing/awkward approaches to strangers).
My concern now is i cannot find a prettier font for it 🙁 does anyone know a websyt or something where i can find this exact symbol in a better font? because right now it looks too block-ish and im not getting THAT tattooed on my hip or neck.

Thank you in advance 😛 😀 x

PS the tattoo parlour i want to get it in NEEDS a printout, so going there and looking for the symbol isnt an option 🙁

Suzi Q answers:

Go to

there are some very cool Chinese tattoo fonts there.

Susan asks…

Could someone please tell me the chinese symbol for happy/lucky? Thanks!!?

Suzi Q answers:


Mary asks…

feng shui symbol for the house?

my parents are building this house .. and was thinking of putting a logo on the house like on top of the boucany .. most people put windows.. but my parents want to put this lucky Chinese symbol .. any idea? what kind ?

Suzi Q answers:

I’m not chinese but here are some good feng shui symbols:

* GOOD LUCK COINS: Gifting someone three coins tied with a red ribbon represents sharing wealth and luck. This act brings good luck and positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver.
* THREE LEGGED MOON FROG: The three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth should be placed inside the front and should face into the house. This will improve your good luck and prosperity. This is a very important symbol of wealth and fortune. This symbol is also associated with long-life.
* DRAGON TURTLE: A golden dragon turtle will make your business prosperous and improve relationships with those around you. Place a golden dragon turtle in the prosperity corner (South-East) of your office facing the door. This Feng Shui symbol is the best representative of a long and prosperous life.
* GOLDEN CAT OF ABUNDANCE AND PROTECTION: This is a unique Feng Shui statue. On one side of this two sided Cat, the Cat is smiling and holing out its left paw up which represents good fortune and attracts money. On the other side the Cat is frowning and is holding a broom in its paw. This side symbolizes protection and broom is used to sweep away your troubles.
* GOLDEN PIGS: Pair of Golden Pigs brings great prosperity and happiness to a household. This is a symbol of honesty, initiative and diligence. It is best to use Golden Pigs when you are setting up a business or a new home.
* THE THREE STAR GODS: The Three Star Gods are the most sacred of all Feng Shui deities since they represent Health, Wealth and Longevity.
* BELLS: Hang small metal bells outside your from door if it faces between the North and the West. Bells ring in good new and prosperity. You can place bells made of crystal and ceramic in other parts of the house.
* WEALTH BUCKET: Fill a container made of metal with coins and place it in the North West corner of your home or office. Do not display the container; keep the container inside a cabinet or draw.
* INDOOR PLANTS: Place indoor plants in the South East corner of your home to increase wealth.
* FISH: According to Feng Shui goldfish are descendants of Koi Carp and can live for over 100 years. Placing three gold fish in a bowl bring prosperity. It is believed that statues or pictures of eight Koi Carp bring good fortune into your home or business.

From another site they have this:

1. Longevity – Longevity means long life and most Feng Shui is based on the concept of wanting a long life. The concept of longevity is, of course, relative and can be applied to a person’s life, their existence in a dwelling, or a particular job, career or relationship. Symbols that relay longevity typically have the trait of longevity and are universally known for a long life. Some of those symbols might be:

a. Trees – The pine tree seems to be a more traditional symbol, although the Redwood has a history of extreme longevity as well.

B. Particular gods that are known for their longevity. Each religion or culture usually has one or two of these.

C. Chinese or Tibetan characters that have longevity as their meaning.

D. Cranes – Cranes represent an eternal quality that is necessary to longevity in any area of a person’s life

You could consult a Chinese dictionary for a few words e.g. Love, prosperity and use those as symbols too.

I use to have a golden cat in my house – actually i still have it xDxo


Charles asks…

Can someone translate this into Chinese Mandarin for me?

The other day I was in a shop, and the woman behind the desk was Chinese and explained a lot of her chinese products and symbolism to me. I would like to show her thanks in the form of a Lucky Bamboo as it is a lucky chinese symbol to receive a lucky bamboo. I am also going to attach a tag with a quote on. I wanted the quote to be in mandarin as that is her first language. If anyone can translate it I would be very grateful ^^

the quote is “No act of kindness, however small, Is ever forgotten”

Thankyou! 🙂
Whenever I use a translator and do a check by reversing it, It comes back completely different.

Suzi Q answers:

Simplified Chinese: 没有善良的行为,无论多小,不断被遗忘
Traditional Chinese: 没有善良的行为,无论多小,不断被遗忘

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