The Moon and Gambling Luck

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The Moon and Gambling Luck – is there any correlation?

By Bobbie Blueblood

On the gambling table, only one thing can change the financial status of players from pauper to prince. That is LUCK. Many people spend their free time in casinos or by playing some slot games.

Some people seem lucky at the gambling table as compared to other players. Others seem to think there is a connection between the Moon and gambling luck.

Moon and Gambling LuckPeople believe that it isn’t possible to change the fortune or destiny. Thus it is also impossible to get control on the luck one has. But this might not be the case in reality.


Scientific Reason Behind Gambling Luck

Professor Radin, in his book ‘Conscious Universe’, has researched the correlation between the phases of the Moon, the geomagnetic field of the Earth and the percentage payout of casino.

According to results from his research, he concluded the geomagnetic field of the Earth usually moves to the weakest point at the time of full moon. He then concluded that there could be a certain link between the magnetic field of the Earth, the psychic ability of the human and casino gambling.

The conclusion he had with him was that the gambler should avoid the casino at quarter moon. Gamble just at the time of the full moon and he will definitely win the profit.


Luck with Playing the lottery

There are various trends in lottery gambling. At the time of quarter moon, picking 3 style lotteries pay more as against lower payouts at full moon. In short, moon directly affects the luck with the lottery. Once again, there is a fluctuation in the magnetic field of the Earth, whose effect can be clearly observed in the lottery gambling at full moon.

It might be possible that a player looses due to the phases of moon and the strength of magnetic field of the Earth. Some people use the procedure of winning with the moon’s phases. They have marked dates on the calendar for the quarter of the moon and the full moon.


Moon and Gambling Luck

Some other factors for gambling luck

There is research that proves that a positive attitude of the player can make him a winner. It is often said that if a player thinks about victory even at the last phase of the game, he wins.

For example, if the person is at a casino table and is taking a proper time to select the table to sit at and if he is notices the mood of other players, he will definitely win. This is a perfect example of luck with the strategy.

Therefore, it is advisable that you should keep track of your winning and losing days and the phases of the moon. Also, keep a positive attitude. If you expect to win, perhaps it is a good day to take a chance.

However, if you expect to lose or just don’t feel lucky, maybe it would be better to save your money. Wait until you feel that the Earth’s fields, moon, or just plain old luck are working for you.


Lady luck with Gambling

Sometimes you might have notice that the player credits his victory to the lady present near him. Some believe that lady luck works for the gambler; so at a casino table, some players would play only if they have their favorite female with them.

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