Feng Shui Good Luck

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Five Feng Shui Good Luck Tips

By Charles L Harmon adapted from an article by Chitraparna Sinha

Feng Shui Good Luck

Chinese dragons bring Feng Shui good luck

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art, originating some 40 centuries ago. It is about the practice of knowing and implementing the positive benefits of energy.

According to Feng Shui believers, channeling proper energy flow into a positive direction is the way of maintaining peace and harmonious human existence. Because of this, those that believe and practice Feng Shui practitioners believe in this ancient art. They are hoping for good luck and prosperity if they follow Feng Shui practices.

Over the years Feng Shui good luck charms and products have adorned the daily life of Chinese for years. Now Feng Shui good luck charms quite popular and are available worldwide. You can buy Feng Shui charms and good luck items both online or offline. Because the practice is so popular there is almost never a shortage of Feng Shui gifts.

Want to follow the practice? Here are Five tips for inducing Feng Shui good luck:

Dragon: The Chinese Dragon represents the spirit of change. By placing the Chinese Dragon at your workplace, you induce Feng Shui good luck in the form of protection from harmful energy. Never place a Chinese Dragon in the bedroom because it may hamper peace and calm. Chinese Dragons made from wood, ceramic, or crystal are beneficial but don’t put metal dragons alongside wood.

Laughing Buddha: Feng Shui good luck attributes the Laughing Buddha charm of possessing supernatural powers. It brings contentment and financial luck into your home or office, wherever you place it! The Laughing Buddha should be placed facing the main door entrance. That way the energy of people entering the house through the main door is converted into auspicious energy. Be sure to place the Laughing Buddha idol at least 30 inches height from the floor level.


Feng Shui Good Luck


Fountain: This Feng Shui good luck charm works for money and health concerns. Place a fountain having sound of water in the middle of the room for maximizing the surge of positive energy in the room. The fountain charm induces calm and peaceful environment. You will often notice a fountain in the center of commercial buildings. What about parks – you’ve seen them there too. Are these placed there with Feng Shui good luck in mind?

Bamboo: The bamboo tree in Feng Shui is considered to be representation of consistent good luck in terms of career and relationship prosperity. The bamboo tree attracts positive energy and induces growth in the place where it is placed.

Metals: Metal items with rounded shaped edges are known to increase protection and material wealth. Sharp edged metal objects should be avoided as they are source of negative energy.

In these few tips we see a sampling of how this ancient art of Feng Shui can help our existence if we follow it. It can bring good luck and affect all aspects of our life. By following Feng Shui practices, good luck can even be showered upon relationships, careers, wealth and health.

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