Robin Luck

The Robin as a Harbinger of Good Luck – Robin Luck

By Charles L Harmon

In North America the Thrush is often known as the Robin although there are other birds in the Thrush family besides the robin.

Like some other birds, the robin takes its place on the list of birds that supposedly bring good luck or good fortune to people – under the “right” circumstances.

Don’t let him be injured in any way or that good luck just won’t happen. If you should be fortunate enough to find a robin’s nest with eggs in it that’s a particularly fortunate find.

That’s as long as you take great care not to disturb the nest. Just know that for anyone who steals an egg from the robin’s nest, there will be dire consequences for your misdeed.

robin luck

Robin – harbinger of good luck

Here is a traditional robin saying;

If the Robin sings in the bush,
The weather will be coarse,
If the Robin sings on the barn,
The weather will be warm.

The robin or redbreast of England and Europe is generally who the superstitions about the robin originated. They have been imported into the America where they have been applied to the thrush-robin.

Have you heard any of these superstitions about the robin?

Here are a few more of the common superstitions about the robin;

  • Good luck follows if a robin builds its nest near your house.
  • It is unlucky to keep a robin that accidentally flies into the house.
  • Make a wish if you see a robin and it will come true.
  • When robins show signs of friendliness there is a hard winter ahead.
  • If you see a robin in the morning, someone will visit you that day.
  • If the first robin you see in the spring flies up, you will have good luck, if it flies down you have bad luck.


A Few Legends about the Robin

There is a legend on the folklore about the robin’s red breast which relates its red color to the blood from Jesus body. When Jesus was on his way to Calvary a robin plucked a thorn from his temple. A drop of blood fell on its breast and turned its bosom red.

Another old legend is that the robin used to carry dew to refresh sinners parched in hell and the scorching heat turned its feathers red. Here is a poem that illustrates that, The Robin by John Greenleaf Whittier:

He brings cool dew on his little bill.

And lets it fall on the souls of sin;

You can see the mark on his redbreast still,

Of fires that scorch as he drops it in.

Robins are friendly birds, or at least they seem to enjoy human company. They are quite common in certain areas of the country and are companionable birds. They will build a nest very close to your house and sometimes sing in a loud voice, maybe just for you.

So the next time you see a robin on your lawn don’t scare him away, but bask in knowing you may be the receiver of good luck from that very same robin.

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Questions on Robins

Ken asks…

Is anyone else as lucky as me?

I have, not one, but two Robins nesting in garden. The Robiin is my favorite wild bird but to have two is a delight. I need advise on how to protect the nest from Magpies, even Blackbirds have trouble fighting them off so what chance do the Robins have?

Suzi Q answers:

Dont know about the nesting, but thought I would tell you that I have a hand-tame robin visits the garden every morning for his breakfast. I put a dish out for the birds and squirrels containing sunflower seeds, plain biscuit, toast, peanuts and nuts in shells. The robin is now so cheeky he cant wait till the dish is in place and lands on the side of whilst I’m walking down the garden! If I put a piece of toast on my outstretched hand he will land on my hand and scoff the toast!!! Cheeky or what!?

Linda asks…

If a robin comes into your house, someone in your family will die. Is this true?

when i was young, a robin came into our house and a week later someone in the house died. I heard then that if a robin came into your house, then someone in your family is going to die And now I’m freaking out as one came into my house this morning. I just hope it’s not true
I’m not superstitious and don’t actually believe in old wives tales. It just that the robin never came into my house before and when it did, it reminded me of what happened when i was young. Like you says Delta, it could have been a coincidence. Thanks to some of you for your answer, it is reassuring and to others, there was no need for the sarky answers,

Suzi Q answers:

Of course it’s not true…. But just to be safe, be sure to tell Batman to leave the Boy Wonder outside should he decide to visit.

Susan asks…

Is it bad luck for a robin to fly in your house?

Suzi Q answers:

No, close your window and shut up.

Sharon asks…

What do i do when robins make a nest close to your house and almosts hits you every time you leave the house?

my dog has a back door where we have a feanced in back yard and on one of the rafters of that porch is a rogin nest with CHICKS in everytime i let my dog go outside a parent robin comes inches away from my dog

Suzi Q answers:

It will stop attacking soon in a few weeks. It’s just protecting the babies. When the bird is finished with the nest (late summer/fall), remove it and put up some barriers so it won’t nest there again.

Ken asks…

If you see a bird walking around a lawn I front of your house, what type of food supply for these birds?

The type of birds are crossbill, eagle, falcon, heron, hummingbird, jacana, ostrich, pelican, quail, robin, whippoorwills, and woodpeckers. i really need the anwer for a project… CAN YOU WRITE IT IN A PARAGRAPH FORM

Suzi Q answers:

The ONLY Birds I know Of- who LIKE to take Their Meals (earthworms) on Lawns, – are Robins. All the other Birds- usually can’t find much else to Eat there…

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