From Barter to Plastic


From Barter to Plastic – Money the Universal Token of Good Luck

By Chitraparna Sinha

Money bills

Money is good luck?


From Barter to Plastic – Money the Universal Token of Good Luck

Goods exchange, crops dealing, cowry shells, knives, spades, silver, bronze metal, gold, leather, papers, potlach, wampum, gold standard, electronic trading – this list is in brief the entire history of money, the universal token of good luck, spanning from the Eastern civilization to the Western civilization, from the North Pole to the South Pole!

Who disregards money? Who does not want money? Sooner or later, we realize its importance and work all our life to earn money. Money is one prime concern we experience till the day we die. When you have money, you feel as if you own the whole world; you feel the luckiest man among others! Well, my dear, we all get the same feeling. So undoubtedly, money is ‘good luck’ and I am sure you will be interested to know ways in which you can continue to attract ‘money good luck’ till your last day on earth!

Read on.

*  If you drop money by mistake, let someone else pick it up and keep it. Why? Doing so will make you more money.

*  You should pick up a coin off the floor only after you have trod on it.

*  ‘Money on the floor, money to the door’. Spit on the fallen money after you pick it up.

*  If you find money that is not yours, make sure to spend it as soon as you can or donate it to some charity otherwise, it will bring you bad luck. Never keep other’s money on yourself.

*  But contrary to the above point, M. Trevelyan in Folklore of Wales says that finding money in unexpected places is fortunate, and you will remain successful so long as you conceal it, and do not let anybody know you have found it.

*   It is unlucky to pick up money from the highway.

*  It is a lucky omen if you find a coin on the road; lucky only if the head and not the tails happens to be up.

*  It is unlucky to keep money bag / wallets / purse empty. At least a coin should be kept. Similarly, if you are gifting a money bag / hand bag / wallet / purse to anyone, place a coin inside. This ensures that the bag will always be filled with money.

*  Earlier when gold was the main mode of dealing, a gold coin was kept by men in their pocket for luck in the belief that ‘money begets money’.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards - Good or Bad - Are they out to replace money?

Amidst all this, I am not sure how we are going to follow these practices when the world is ruled by plastic money (credit cards/debit cards) and/or internet financial transactions but I guess it won’t harm to keep a money bag with a few coins for old times’ sake. At least, we can ensure ‘money luck’ keeps shining on us!

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