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Steven asks…

Are there ANY wish making rituals that actually work for real?

As an extremely supersticious person I have tried wishing at 11:11 pm… but my wish did not come true.. I have tried the “star light. Star birght. First star I see tonight, make my wish come true tonight.” method and that didn’t workout either… Has anyone used a wish making ritual that is proven to work? If so, please tell and go in depth.

Suzi Q answers:

Well the dark side has some that work but you have to make a deal first.

Stay safe and stay with Jesus. Whatever you wish just say simple prayer and if it is God’s will, it will be granted, but if not just trust that you really didn’t need what you wished for.

Daniel asks…

Atheists: Do you wish we had cool stuff like the religions do: buildings, rituals, worship music and art?

Of course they’re stuff is mostly fakery.

But compared to Catholics and Mormons, being an atheist just isn’t that interesting.

Suzi Q answers:

We DO; Go to any museum about science. I’ve been to the various facilities of the National Air And Space Museum in DC, and each time is simply marvelous. I’ve seen a Shuttle launch, and toured the Cape, several times.

The rock group Rush wrote a wonderful song and video about the first Shuttle launch, look it up on YouTube (Countdown). There’s other music for nifty technologies.

I am glad that we don’t have rituals. If we are to have anything like that, I would much prefer that such things be functional and purposeful.

Being an atheist is not, in of itself, supposed to be very much. Its merely one small part of a worldview. The rest comes from taking the same values that got one to be an atheist, and to use those values to seek out good things in life, including art, music, and so on.

James asks…

Does God care if those who wish to serve him participate in pagan rituals?

Suzi Q answers:

God searches the heart….pure and simple….He knows His servants intents.

Chris asks…

Are Satanic Rituals simply using the law of attraction? Just Believe and feel you have it?

After reading the Satanic Bible, the Satanic Rituals, Satanic Scriptures, etc and in reading Satanic Forums and talking to Satanists. It sounds like Satanic Rituals and magic are simply applying the Laws of Attraction.

Where you feel strongly that you already have and achieved your wish already to attract it. You believe in the Ritual Chamber it is now yours already.

Is that really all there is too it? Does it really bring results?

Suzi Q answers:

Any and all magic is simply applying the law of attraction not just Satanic ritual or black magick. If you’re interested in magick you should find out for yourself.

Carol asks…

How to make a wish come true quickly?

How can I make a wish come true quickly and easily? I’m not religious, so God can’t help me. Is there some sort of ritual that makes wishes more likely to come true?

Suzi Q answers:

If you wish, you wait
if you want, you work for it



Richard asks…

Has anyone ever casted a wish spell that worked?

do wishing spells actually work? does anyone have any experience with this and did it work for u, did u get what u wanted? and if yes what did u do, what kind of wishing spell or ritual?

Suzi Q answers:

I have actually i was fed up with bad relationships. And the day that i saw a shooting star i wished for the best relationship of my life that will never ever end and me and my boyfriend are 4 years strong im in 9th grade. You do the math !

Lisa asks…

Do you wish for a church service with beauty and ritual?

Do you prefer your church service to be very plain, or do you wish for vestments, flowers, stained glass windows, regular prayers said by the congregation?
When I visit a relative’s church, I miss the beauty of the Lutheran service.
What about you?

Suzi Q answers:

OH I agree. Http://catholicmass.com click on Commentaries – A lot of this will apply to the Lutheran church as well.

I agree with those saying that a service should be all about God.. The thing they are forgetting though, is that “about God” is WHY the services in the Main-Line Protestant (Lutheran, Methodist, Anglican/Episcopalian) and Catholic churches are so fancy and beautiful. It is HOW they are giving respect and reverence to God. It is HOW they are putting forth their BEST foot. HOW they are CELEBRATING God and ALL he has done for us.
It is natural to adorn and enhance that which you hold MOST PRECIOUS.

Like how most of us spend money to make ourselves and our homes look beautiful. How we put on our “Sunday Best” for church.
It is natural to show respect and to make the things important to us more beautiful.

SO, the Main-Line Protestant and Catholic churches agree wholeheartedly with the statement of those saying “focus on God” — it is just that they have a different cultural idea of what the entails.

SO, what most people really mean, when they say “focus on God or the bible” IS — “do like I THINK you should do..adopt MY definition and opinion”

Just thought I’d point that out.

I agree with you 100%. WORSHIP in my eyes is all about humbe, reverence, respect, adoration, and celebration.

Betty asks…

Do you know any ritual to make a wish?

Do you know any ritual or a way to make a wish that really works??
Please tell me one that really works.Please don’t give me any of those chain mails.Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

Praying is a common method.

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