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Questions About Rituals

Carol asks…

Do you have any strange lucky rituals you carry out before or during the game?

be random 🙂

Suzi Q answers:

I would if I cared enough … But.. It really is just a game..

Ok.. I will pray that we are not as bad as Greece….LOL

dR bad

Lizzie asks…

any lucky charms/rituals that work for u?

Suzi Q answers:

Every night before I go to bed, I do the hokey-pokey, and I turn myself around.
It works like a charm.

Charles asks…

POLL: Do you have any lucky rituals?

If so, what are they?
I’m in need of luck tomorrow, so maybe I’ll try some of yours!

Suzi Q answers:

I never go out without my lucky rabbits foot

Sharon asks…

HOw is best LUcky AMERICAn ritual for to getting the paste for teeth from the bottom out?

Am having times of great hardness getting paste for teeth remnants from bottom of toob. How is best lucky Americaner ritual for acheiving great freedom and happiness with getting toob contents out?

Suzi Q answers:

We are known worldwide as a wasteful society, gee, wonder why.

Cut the bottom of the tube open. The tube can be held closed with any number of clips, like potato chip clips or paper clips if there is enough remaining for additional use.

Mandy asks…

Atheists: do you feel excluded because most rituals to mark life milestones are religious?

I am an Atheist and getting married in 2 months, and it seems to be pretty difficult to find any sort of traditions for the ceremony that are not rooted in religion. Lucky for me, I’m Russian and can incorporate cultural, instead of religious, elements into my wedding. But am just wondering if anyone feels the same way, in terms of getting married, having babies, etc. Do you think most rituals in life are religious in nature?

Suzi Q answers:

No, in fact i find it is a much more personal thing when its not “traditional” and religious
i will be having a pagan-esque wedding and funeral, but still very atheist too
i just think of these things as important to you and so should be what YOU want,
as you say, if you feel your Russian side is important to you, then that’s what you can use as your ‘theme’
why not i say sounds like it would be amazing, and very unique

i think society has a LOT of religion incorporated into it, but not enough to take away individuality as it may have done many years ago

if your life’s not religious, its up to you to make it what you want

congrats and hope you have a lovely day, and night ;-D

Nancy asks…

Do you have a lucky item like socks and a ritual for their use or do you think its mumbo jumbo?

for example some wear lucky red socks b4 a soccer match, personally one thinks its all superstious mumbo jumbo, buy hey if that what makes people happy let em do it as its not harming anything well.

Suzi Q answers:

Yes. I wear my wedding rings around my neck since my husband died. I feel closer to James with our rings next to my heart. They provide me with strength and remind me that I can go forward and be happy again.


Jenny asks…

Pagans, Wiccans or witches who do rituals outside of their homes?

I am putting together plans to make an outside altar area in my yard. What would you suggest I use for the altar itself? A large tree base like a log? A large rock?

How about the circle itself? Stones of some type? How large of a circle? I am a solitary but it would be nice to make it large enough for a group if I ever am lucky enough to find some fellow witches in my area. Ideas from fellow non Christians are gratefully accepted. Thank you brothers and sisters.

Myra Stone answers:

Hello my dear friend,

I have a big back yard and have dedicated half of it to my circle. I have altars located in each of the Quarters. In the East, I have a Japanese flavor, with flat rocks and grassy plants to emphasize the lightness of the element Air. There is also a bust of Buddha.

In the West, I have a totem pole carved from stone, and three large boulders, with one smooth stone painted to be a curled up snake, and more plants that are inspired by the element Fire, such as fiery orange New Guinea impatiens. There is also a fire pit.

In the West altar, I have a large urn filled with water, and more plants that remind me of water, with big leaves, mint, ferns, and wooden water birds.

In the North altar, there are rocks stacked to look like a mountain range, more plants that remind me of sturdiness, strength, and some wooden forest animals like deer and a raccoon.

In the center of all of this there is a slab of dark brown concrete, about 5′ by 14′, with the Triple Goddess symbol painted in white in the middle. When I have needed a center altar for rituals, I use a wooden table, covered with sacred cloths. I have big oak trees all around, but no big central rock or tree stump. A table works just fine for me, bc I don’t find the need of a central table very often.

I hope these suggestions help. I spent a lot of time creating my sacred space, and I love it there.

Many blessings,
Lady Morgana

James asks…

Just played the lotto any meditation,rituals,psychic energy i can put into it and put out to the universe that?

i deserve to win,will being positive and meditating on it increase my chances,any advice on how i can make myself lucky?thanks

Suzi Q answers:

Try this method:
1) go in a trance
2) Breathe in from all sides, the color green, a bright, rich vibrant green
3) say “I am breathing in powerful energy that is attracting to me a lot of free and easy money. This money is free and all mine to keep.”
4)Say this several times with intent and desire while you breathe in the green. The green is the color of Venus which rules money. It really works, but has to be done every several days to keep the money coming.
5) Afterwards, breathe in vibrant white light to balance your aura for several breaths.

If you see the green shimmering with gold, this is most positive, but may take several meditations. The money gradually builds in amounts.

Mary asks…

Do you believe in luck? If you do, what makes you feel lucky?

Can you empower yourself through using your lucky charms and rituals?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes I believe in luck but don’t feel lucky at the moment. I haven’t been able to empower myself using lucky charms and rituals. I think life is like a wheel of fortune or a carousel ride; what goes up must come down, there will be ups and downs in fortunes.

♪♫Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum♪♫

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