Good Luck Rituals Q & A

Questions About Good Luck Rituals

Questions About Good Luck Rituals

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Maria asks…

Any ideas for my 2min Speech?

For English my teacher set a task of doing a 2min speech on ANYTHING that is to with a certain emotion e.g. to get the audience feeling interested, shocked, sad etc, i am struggling to think of something that is fitted to the context of being ‘interested’ i was thinking of ‘rituals for good luck‘ something out of the ordinary any suggestions?

Suzi Q answers:

I think you have a really good idea with rituals for good luck since I notice that a lot of people are at least a little bit superstitious and it’s something people can relate to. Just remember that a good speech can keep an audience interested no matter the topic. Good luck : )

Sandy asks…

pagans? do you practice? rituals or magic spells?

I mean magick or what is the right spell? I mean rituals or spells for good things.. like good luck or fortunate or tell me where to find some spells for good things? btw I mean good things… like recovering your health..thanks I am curious about paganism or wiccans..
I am serious..

Suzi Q answers:

I do rituals on sabbats and esbats usually. The spells I perform are more to the tune of world peace, harmony, heal the earth type stuff. Also, I attend a healing drum circle most Monday nights in Norfolk VA. They make a list of everyone who needs healing energy (everyone who goes can put a name down, or people can call the store and have a name put down), and this list is read then burned to send out the energy.

Daniel asks…

Woman runs sword into foot during Wiccan ceremony?

LEBANON, Ind. – A woman accidentally stabbed herself in the foot with a 3-foot-long sword while performing a Wiccan good luck ritual at a central Indiana cemetery.

Katherine Gunther, 36, of Lebanon, pierced her left foot with the sword while performing the rite at Oak Hill Cemetery, police said.

Gunther said she was performing the ceremony to give thanks for a recent run of good luck. The ceremony involves the use of candles, incense and driving swords into the ground during the full moon.

Gunther said was aiming to put the sword in the ground, but hit her foot instead.

“It wasn’t the first time I performed the ritual, but it was the first time I put a sword through my foot,” she said.

Gunther immediately pulled the sword out of her foot, and her companions took her to Witham Memorial Hospital, where she was kept a couple days for treatment.

No charges were filed, police said. The Wiccans were warned that being in the cemetery in the city about 20 miles northwest of Indianapolis after posted visiting hours constitutes trespassing.
Does this happen often?

Sorry Wiccans, no offence but this is too funny.

Suzi Q answers:

Answer: things happen. It’s not common, thankfully. Candles get knocked over, robes get stained from fruit juice or candle wax. Usually the Wiccans I know don’t put the sword or athame through any body parts.

The most serious thing I’ve seen happen in Heathenism has been someone drinking from the horn incorrectly and getting a face full of mead or ale.

No, take that back, someone tripped over a rock and broke their ankle at a camp-out. She was definitely Heathen – wouldn’t go to the doctor until the next afternoon after the camp-out shut down. Personally, she was nuts for waiting.

Donald asks…

What kind of silly games/rituals do you play in the car?

I know that when you drive through a yellow light, you hit the dash (or center console if you’re in the backseat) for good luck. I know that when you pass a cemetery you hold your breath because “it’s not polite to breath when others can’t”. I know there are some for when you drive over a train track, and when you go under and over a bridge or through a tunnel and when another car passes you with one of its headlights out. I just can’t think of what those rituals are. Just for fun, I’d like to know what they are, because quite frankly, I get bored when I’m riding or driving in a car. Let me know if you have any that you do, used to do, or just know about. Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

I will praying when i’m in highway

Helen asks…

How do you “fan”?

Any unique ways you get ready for a game? Any good luck charms, pre game rituals, etc.? (At home or at the game.)

Suzi Q answers:

Well I only get to watch on tv for now :(. I usually put on my yankees cap and shirt (one special one given to me straight off someone’s back). I can’t wear my yankees attire to work so if they are playing a game while I am at work (except on Casual friday’s) I make a habit of putting my cap on my rearview mirror. I know it sounds silly, but I guess it’s my ritual. On causual friday, of course, I sport my gear. Other than that, not any real charms or rituals. If I actually get to sit down and watch the game (rare because of work and kids) I pop popcorn and open a nice ice cold diet dr. Pepper LOL 🙂

William asks…

blessing a necklace with wicca/pagan witchcraft spells/rituals.?

Hi, i would like to bless a necklace/bracelet for a friend. on that will bring good luck, happiness, and love. if you are of the wiccan or pagan religion please contact me. or just answer this question. thank you! also if you could tell me a few things about magick, i am new, that would be great. email me at

Suzi Q answers:

Blessing and object is rather simple, really. One thing you can do is a simple meditation/ritual and infuse the gifts with your best intentions for your friend. It kind of requires a lot of focus and concentration if you are just starting out… Concentrate on the good luck, happiness, and love–not all at the same time, because then your Will might be confused with your intentions. Just remember: With every action you take with magick, you will bear the consequences (whether good or bad).

Magick, in essence, is using our Will to change things that need to be changed–whether it be for good or bad. Most people would say that there is a black magick and a white magick, then the grey magick… But, in my opinion, it’s all just grey–because it isn’t the magick that is being used that is harmful or not, tis the intentions that are put behind the magick.

Some sites for more information:

I hope this helps you! 😀

David asks…

Good Luck?

What are some of your good luck rituals?

Suzi Q answers:


Sandra asks…

New Year’s Eve Good Luck Rituals?

For lack of a better word I used the term rituals. I’m having people over for New year’s and I would like to do something for good luck. Not like eating Peas as they do in the south but like lighting candles or something. Anyone have anything they know of or suggestions?

Suzi Q answers:

Put coins in ur pocket
hav round friuts on the table
wear clothes with circles
make sure house is clean
do all the laundrey

circles are good luck(coins are circles)
house clean so that you arent messy in the next year
clothes hung up so you hav alot of clothes
money in ur pocket so you hav lots of it in the next year

my family is filipino so we beliven superstition

Robert asks…

Do you people know any good luck rituals that actually WORK?

Please do not say “I’m so stupid to think this is real” or such, because I usually don’t believe in this stuff, it’s just that I’m getting desperate…I need these for my district spelling bee! Wish me luck, please! *wink*

Suzi Q answers:

Study is the best thing for this. Lots and lots of study.

But it seems you need to calm down, relax, and be rested for this spelling bee.

You don’t need luck… You need to be prepared.

Try taking some time each evening to calm yourself. Do a little meditation. If it makes you feel better, sit in a hot bubbly tub, light some candles, and go over in your mind how it will feel to stand on stage, answer the questions. Go over it so that it becomes familiar, and does not scare or upset you. Get a feel for it. Make it real in your mind so you are relaxed, feeling comfortable.

Then do your studying. Use some aroma therapy, some calming scents, like rose and lavender. Study till you are tired, and then sleep. Do not force yourself. Cramming at this point will not help. Staying up late will not help, it will only make you over anxious and tired.

You don’t need luck. If you have studied, then you will be as lucky as you can be. What you do need is a presentation of yourself as calm, in control and knowing what you are doing. This will say more to the judges and to the audience than anything else. Even if you take second or third place, you will have presented the best side of you and you will have done the best job you can.

Good luck…

Betty asks…

are you going to do good luck rituals this new year.?

i am, i did last year and this year was unexpectedly better. im not superstitious but its still good to do. so what do you do for new years?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, I will do it, so that my new year will go good. I follow this – Do not pay back loans or lend money or other precious items on New Year’s Day. To do so is to guarantee you’ll be paying out all year.

Click HERE to read more

Mandy asks…

Do YOU have any good luck rituals?

….i don`t…and i`m playing bingo the night.Anybody care to wish me good luck by way of a star i`d be most grateful.I`ll even split me winnings with ya…..HONEST! 😉
Sig-Hmmm i could try the fire thing…*looks around for something to torch*
sig-I`m sure it would….but i`m sitting on it!!
Mr Happy and Saz- Let`s hear some then!
Starting to feel lucky now…..!
Mr Happy-And it sounds so effective too!

Nette-Ok! You grab a rope i`ll get the lighter fluid and matches!
Saz-Jeeeez…i`m leaving the house in half an hour! Might struggle to fit all that in.Thanks though!
Nette-Reet! GRAB HIM! 😉
Sig-Me cooker!! How in hell am i meant to set me smioke alarm off now! My neighbours will be SO disappointed!
Jonah-Cheers! How`s a dime bar grab ya?
Nette- NICE ONE! Let`s get the rope round the slippery fekker..*snigger*….AIYAH! Just got kicked in the face there….how rude! You`d think he didn`t want to be burnt alive by way of sacrifice to the gddess o` fortune!
Val- No need to rub me nose in it….hmmm….i aint got a nose…*mutters unintelligibly*
Hhahahahaha fek the cooker…*pours lighter fluid and nonchalantly tosses a match*…..Reet! Dance Nette dance!!
Hhahahahaha fek the cooker…*pours lighter fluid and nonchalantly tosses a match*…..Reet! Dance Nette dance!!
Sig-Hahhahaha tickled and tied into submission…not to mention burnt alive.Bound to win tonight now!

Suzi Q answers:

I say you tie Sig to a Fire Pit and we dance around the fire.. Lol Gimme my money! =) bwah hahahaha

Nancy asks…

Ways of obtaining good luck, such as spells, rituals, feng shui, anything?

My family has been having very back luck, especially my mother, is there anyway i can change that.

Please not rude answers, im serious.

Suzi Q answers:

The best I can recommend to you is to practice affirmations.

Affirmation is a declaration that something is true. What do you want to be true? Say it aloud, in positive terms.

William asks…

free good luck rituals?

where do i look?

Suzi Q answers:

(YES); there Are a “Few” Web-Sites that offer good luck rituals !

Daniel asks…

Scientists, engineers, technicians: Do you perform little “good luck rituals” in your daily work?

I work as an EE and in our lab we have a particularly fickle spectrum analyzer that we have not yet replaced. It doesn’t lose calibration, but sometimes the auto freq centering doesn’t work correctly and the signal jumps all over the display…since we’ve tried just about everything to fix it and to diagnose it, we’ve assumed at this point that it’s just possessed. When it acts crazy, we shake a rubber chicken in front of it and say a prayer to the electron gods to prevent the SA’s demise. Over time, as new techs have come in and seen this ritual, the ritual has become part of our daily routine although almost everyone has forgotten the “why” of it.

Does this kind of thing happen in your work areas?

What odd rituals are in your environments?

Do you believe that people around you actually believe that these rituals have some paranormal power, or are they universally acknowledged as a joke?

Did it give you any pause to admit to such a thing?
That was dry humor.
Thanks for reminding me why I don’t hang out in this section for fun.
Well, yelling probably does make you feel better; that’s kind of how rituals work, too, I think .
Mariners in general are a superstitious lot. I was in the Navy for a while and sailors have lots of interesting rituals.

Suzi Q answers:

The most superstitious scientists are Oceanographers. My thesis adviser would never allow skindiving gear to be brought on a research cruise because of a series of equipment failures that happened when dive gear was aboard.

There is but one god and her name is Ocean.

She does not require worship, but is absolutely intolerant of disrespect.

Anyone who hasn’t developed rituals to appease Her hasn’t been to sea enough.

Michael asks…

What wiccan good luck ritual can i do for halloween?

i am a absolute beginner so it needs to be simple. But im a fast learner. Also it’s my birthday on the 27th and wondered if there was anything wiccan i could do to make it special.

Suzi Q answers:

Halloween is called Samhain by Wiccans and most other Pagans. It is considered our new year and in some calenders the final death of our god as he sacrifices his body to the earth to ensure bounty and returns to the Goddess’s womb to be reborn on Yule (Dec. 21). Look up Samhain rituals if you are looking for something special to do.

As for your birthday, You said you are new to the path. Perhaps you can pick out your craft name then or affirm yourself in it. Maybe a self cleansing ritual. They are pretty easy. You could also thank the God and Goddess for another year on Earth and make promised to them and yourself on things you hope to accomplish in your next year.

OK I’m getting tired of this, people. Stop trying forcing your religion on others. Its just a waste of figure movement. I don’t answer other religious questions telling people they are following the wrong faith. Nor do I know of any other Pagans that do so. Have some respect and common courtesy.

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