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Lottery Numbers and Luck – Questions and Answers

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Donald asks…

Good Lottery Numbers!?

Well with the recession, foreclosure and unemployment on the rise, I guess I’ll have to tango with lady, any ideas for winning numbers.
Some of these numbers look like good numbers, don’t be surprised if you see me on TV as the next millionair, I’ll give you a slice of the

Suzi Q answers:

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Ken asks…

if i had to chose, which one would or should i play, the cal lottery or the arizona lottery, which is better?

if i could only chose one, which one should i play, the california lottery or the arizona state lottery, only and either or ans, not “don,t play at all” tell me one or the other please? thank you and good luck and have a nice day, by the way, have any good lottery numbers to give me, if they win, i will send whoever sent them to me a half a million dollars, if the numbers win, sooooo, what are the numbers??

Suzi Q answers:

Save your money the odds are against you

George asks…

Tonight ‘s lottery numbers?

hey all
I am going to buy a lottery ticket tonight and good luck to anyone else who does as well.
What i would like is for everyone who answers this question to give me 3 random numbers ranaging from 1-49

I will then randomly choose two answers combine the numbers together go to the shop to buy the ticket.

Is anyone up for this?
I will also let u no the outcome of this challenge.

Suzi Q answers:

15 32 49

. . . And if you win mega bucks can you send £140,000 to the Derek Crowther Research Unit at the Christie Hospital Manchester UK – so they can have a specialist Bowel Cancer Nurse soon?

Good Luck

Charles asks…

anybody have any cool lottery numbers to play, i.ll play them, if they win i will give you a 1/3 of the prize,?

lnow what numbers do you want me to play? give me six numbers. have a good day and good luck

Suzi Q answers:

Go look at the past lotteries, stuty the numbers, get averages and the most chances of a certain number to be chosen and use those

Susan asks…

Who wants to pick the winning lottery numbers to the Powerball lottery for me?It’s up to $94,000,000……….

The numbers that came up for 7-25–7 drawings are 28-35-40-47-53 and powerball30.Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 55 one number from 1 to 42.Good luck picking the winning numbers for me.

Suzi Q answers:


17(for the one number)

Ruth asks…

How can I win the lottery? or at least have better luck at it.?

I’ve been playing the California lottery for the past few months and all I have managed to win is $10 bucks but have lost over $30 :(. So I was wondering if anyone out there has any tips at all that can maybe improve my odds in winning the lottery numbers. I usually play $2 dollars per week and I play it on super lotto plus. I only play it for fun is not like I’m addicted to it, but it will be nice to win it and who knows maybe I can split my winnings with you. Also, Does anyone have any luck with those lottery scratcher tickets? any luck with those?
All answers will be appreciated.

Suzi Q answers:

Have you ever heard the saying “just like finding a needle in a haystack” well, winning the lottery is thousands of times harder. But I guess that’s not what you want to hear. I too play Cal lottery but not super lotto or mega millions, the odds on that are just way big. I usually go for fantasy 5 which by the way the odds are way lower.

But believe it or not you also need some strategy to at least have a shot at it or be super lucky. About six months ago after searching the internet I came across a forum where people where talking about a guy that had a site that claimed to have some kind of strategy to win the lottery and the best part was that people seem to be recommending the site so I had to see what the buzz was all about so I went ahead and visited the site and after going through the site over and over again all the information was just too overwhelming and I had to give it a try. Luckily I bookmarked the site and posted the link if you want to take a look at it.

Maria asks…

How do I win a lottery with all of the correct numbers?

Do I have to have good luck or psychic abilities in order to do so?

Suzi Q answers:

Just luck.

coach glue passive income

Donna asks…

Tonight 6/49 $32 Million Lottery, I need 6 numbers?

Hi, tonight in canada $32 million dollar jackpot lottery.
Please give your best 6 number in 49 numbers.
lets see if anyone win. good luck

Suzi Q answers:

How about giving me 6 for the Mega Millions drawing on Friday , 220 Million :))

James asks…

I need lucky lottery numbers pick 3 and power ball?

my luck no good so let me try yours, I need the numbers for pick three and numbers for the power ball. I need to win so I can trade my wife in for a much younger women lol just joking
look at the illinois lottery numbers for today 888 yes I won thanks to your help thank you

Suzi Q answers:

I’ll give you one for the pick 3: “888”

Buy that ticket for $1. You have a 1 out of 1,000 chance of winning. If you DO win, you SHOULD get paid $1,000, but you DON’T! In fact, you’ll only get around $500! That’s because the lottery companies only pay you around 50% of what you should be paid.

At 50% this makes playing the lottery the WORST bet you can possibly make. Allow me to give you another example to demonstrate just how bad this is:

You and I will play a game of “Heads & Tails”. You call the flip of a coin, and if you’re right I’ll pay you $5. If you’re wrong you have to pay me $10! Wanna play??? OF COURSE NOT!!! That would be the WORST bet in the world!

The truth is this bet is EXACTLY the same payout as the lottery! NOBODY with even a speck of intelligence would ever play the game I described, yet millions and millions of people spend over 60 BILLION dollars per year on lottery tickets.

Sharon asks…

POLL: The Megamillions is up to $500,000,000.00. Do you want a chance to win some with me?

Heres the rules and proof of my promise to you IF the numbers you choose for me to play win. If they are the correct 6 numbers I will send you a cashiers check to wherever you want for $10,000,000.00 tax free to you……..just don’t let this post be deleted okay……..because I need to have your nicknames and the numbers you chose.
Now………choose 5 numbers from 1 to 56 and also 1 more number from 1 to 46…….if you don’t choose numbers as described then I can’t play your numbers. Good luck to us and lets hope we can win some money. Thanks.
Thanks Ozzie I wrote down your picks. You can get the money as soon as I cash the check and you e-mail me where you want it sent to. Thanks
Thanks Ozzie I wrote down your picks. You can get the money as soon as I cash the check and you e-mail me where you want it sent to. Thanks
Okay it’s 5:37 pm central time right now on Friday, March 30, 2012. Just making a public note of you, Ozzie, are the only person that I am buying a ticket with the numbers you chose here. Good luck to us tonight. Crossing fingers.
Heres what I got……
17-22-28-29-30 MB 44

BTW……..don’t edit okay.

Luvli Mystii answers:

17, 22, 28, 29, 30.

How soon, if we win, do I get my money? Lol

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