Gambling Q&A II

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Lottery Gambling and other Questions about Gambling from Stocks to the Lottery

Presented by Yolky D Egg

If you like to gamble then some of these questions about gambling may be the same or similar to questions you may have had. Taken from Yahoo answers they are just a few selected randomly from the questions submitted about gambling. Although they are answered, just know that the answers are from ordinary people and not experts. So do not base your actions on these answers. They are just for information purposes only.



Jenny asks…

stock vs gambling?

What do you think: Invest in stock isn’t it like gambling in casino?

stock: You put money down, hope for the stock go up or down
gambling: You put money down, hope for your choice of gamble

stock: Some people win the money, some other losses
Gambling: Some people win the bet, some other losses

Stock: As day trader, you just play in luck
Gambling: You play in luck

What do you guys think, please let us know?

We are talking about professional gambler and professional stock investing. They both knows about the odds you’re bet and the company you are investing.

If you owns the casino, it’s like you own the business and issue stock to be purchased; while you own the casino, you’ll let other play as well.

I know some people, who get paid to be a gambler; just by show up at the gamble table, he receives $300,000 whether he win/lose.

Just gives us more insight though about this subject, guyss…

waiting for your comment!!

Suzi Q answers:

You do not distinguish between investing and speculation. Speculation in stocks is a lot like gambling. A short term trade with the hopes that it will go up in value very quickly is simply a bet that the market has priced the stock incorrectly. Investing is different than speculation. If you are investing, research is done, you should know what you are investing in and why, you are not looking for a short term “pop” in the stock.

Over a long period of time, say 15 to 20 years the stock market is down only about one out of ever four or five years depending on the time frame you are looking at. That means the stock market is up 75 to 80% of the time over the long run, show me a casino that has those kind of odds in favor of the person putting the $ down, there arnt any.

Charles asks…

How do I confront my mother about gambling, without pissing her off?

My life is complicated, for one reason, knowing that my mother is addicted to gambling. I know because of my age I might not need to care, but because of my father’s age I definitely do. My dad is 60 as of right now. He came into America about 20 years ago. He and my mom found this house 10 years ago. My Mom is putting $15,000 a year in MGM’s pocket. They only have $100,000 to pay off. They also have my older brothers’ college fees to pay off. Soon enough mine. I’m just worried about it, about my Mom. I tried to show her one reason not to go, that reason was the Lord. You’d be surprised what the Bible says about luck and gambling. I tried to show it to her today, and she simply said, “Go away.” What’s a better way to rid her of this addiction of the casinos. Just to let you know, she usually goes four days out of the seven in a week. What should I say when I try to get her to read something that’ll get her away from the casino. Of course without getting her pissed off. (All answers are helpful.)

Suzi Q answers:

I do not think with your mothers personality you can without getting her mad.

But even if you get her mad. You need to sit down and talk to her about how serious her problem is and maybe suggesting getting her counseling.

Yes it will get her mad but eventually if she continues she is going to gamble away all of her money and shes going to be broke

for help on talking to your mother about this go here

Sandy asks…

Do you believe in luck?

I personally believe in luck. The reason is because when I play poker or others for sake of fun I will keep on winning. I start to lose terribly if I involve the game with $$. I just couldn’t explain it except by using the word ‘luck‘ perhaps I’m born with the rule that I must not make $$ by luck.

Today I decided to try out the online casino and the first 2 tries I won $15 but later on I lost $30. I stopped playing after that as I just don’t want to get deeper.

Btw, does playing stock market consider the same as gambling? I’m afraid my bad luck in gambling will be the same as playing stock market since both also involve $$ and depend on ‘luck‘.

Suzi Q answers:

Nope. You create your own ‘luck’. Every cause has an effect; every effect has a cause; luck/chance are just merely words that are given to things with unknown causes; causes unforeseen, not recognized or perceived.


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Carol asks…

Is playing the stock market a form of “gambling” in the religious context?

There are no guarantees in the stock market. Yes, you can have quality information, but without inside help, you still can’t expect to “win.” Most games of chance (gambling) are just luck. But what about poker and blackjack, games where intuition and strategy can be used just as effectively as one might use in the stock market. So could/should people consider playing the stock market as a form of gambling? Religious scriptures or authority? Does it just depend on how strict or conservative your religious beliefs are?

Suzi Q answers:

Ultimately it is a form of gambling in the sense that there is a risk involved. However, the economy is much more predictable, reliable, stable, and consistent, than simply throwing your dice at a craps table or playing the slots. Besides, most people gamble to make more money so they can feed their need to gamble more. Those who invest in stocks, bonds, etc. Typically do it to save for retirement or to live off of.

Gambling in the literal sense is not being a good steward of the money that God has given you from the fruits of your labor. Investing the money He has provided you with is a wise choice.

Joseph asks…

What online Sportsbook or Racebook do you like the best?

Ive always had a fair amount of luck gambling, it started when i was 16 i started playing dice with the guys for quarters in school. about 90% of the time i came out ahead. And as i live in Minnesota you have to be 18 to go to casinos so i went to one here once i became 18 and again just about 9 times out of 10 i walked out with more then i went in with.I wanted to get into something that took real skill though and I started developing a interest and in time a little bit of skill in horse racing. Ive been learning more although ive lacked a mentor in this so ive kind of picked up whats what with experience and studying it. I live near Canterbury park so i see alot of the races from here and i get HRTV and TVG on my satellite so i see a lot of national races as well. I have been looking for a sportsbook online so i can place wagers on some of the tracks outside my state and i am looking for some advice on this, does anyone have a favorite sportsbook or racebook? I have seen Betus,bodog, Sportsbetting and BetJamaica and every other one under the sun. And im hoping someone can lend me a opinion on some of these, hopefully with some facts as well. Again my main interest is horse racing. Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

Do you know about this one? You can bet on just about anything on this site, and from any state.


Betty asks…

(Question about gambling) To old people have amazing luck when it comes to gambling?

Once in a while i take a trip to my local horse track and bet the horses. I never win i don’t think i have ever even won a single cent until earlier today. I try and go at least once a month if i can. I was down to my last bet before i was about to make my wager i saw some older gentleman make a crazy trifecta bet so instead of just playing the favorites i did the same wager he did. It cost me just about 20 to make the bet and it came in and paid little over 1600. Now i understand that’s not a huge amount of money but from a little under 20 it really is. So are old people just lucky or was i at the right spot at the right time.

Just to add i went up to the guy and told him what i did he just smiled at me and said kid don’t spend it all at one time.

Suzi Q answers:

Luck is luck. That’s all it was. What you didn’t get to see were the thousands and thousands that this guy poured down the drain before this lucky bet. If you continue on horses, you’ll do the same.

Robert asks…

What are your gambling triumphs and tragedies?

As for me, nothing major either way.

Biggest winning session was $1000 in a day.
Biggest losing session was $500-$600 in a day.

I’m sure that’s small potatoes to some of you high rollers though. How has your luck (or lack thereof) fared in the world of gambling?

Suzi Q answers:

Hit a bad beat for 3700

Lost about 700 of it the next day playing a higher limit game.

Mark asks…

What were the most popular forms of card gambling in Vienna in the 1880s?

How did gentlemen gamble at the time? Were the games mostly luck or skill? Where were they played?

Suzi Q answers:

It was/is “schnapsen”.

The extended version is called “bauernschnapsen” with 4 players instead of 2

the austrian law says that its a game of skill and not gambling

Richard asks…

i am 19 and in vegas, im wondering if anyone has had any luck downtown or in any shady areas for gambling?

Suzi Q answers:

Lots of folks have luck. But these people are all 21 years old or more.

If you manage to get into a casino, do yourself a big favor – Do NOT play any sort of jackpot style game like slot machines or anything else with a jackpot prize.

Imagine how happy you’d be if you hit a jackpot! Now imagine someone comes to pay you and finds out you are 19 years old! (They absolutely WILL find out when they try to pay you, because they’ll need all sorts of ID.) Now, instead of getting lots of money for a jackpot, you’re getting NOTHING, plus you’re getting arrested!

Sucks to be a 19-year old in Vegas, but you’re better off just sucking it up and finding something else to do.


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If you are a gambler then maybe some of these questions will resonate with you. If you depend on Lady Luck then read more about Lady Luck here. It always helps to know something about the probabilities so you know what you are up against. Here is some information about probabilities.

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