Feng Shui Bedroom Questions

Feng Shui Bedroom Questions

Feng Shui Bedroom Questions about Basic Rules and more of a Feng Shui Bedroom

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Sandra asks…

What are the basic rules of a feng shui bedroom?

I am aiming to reduce the amount of stress in my life and want a complete tidy out my room and place my furniture differently, any ideas how to feng shui it nicely?

Suzi Q answers:

A) avoid all electric things (television, Clocks, Electric blankets, Baby Monitor, air-dry, computer, microwave)

b) get rid of clutter:

c) place your bedroom so that it wont face any corners

d) NO mirrors in bedroom.

e) plants in the bedroom should be with soft leaves.

Sharon asks…

Any good color suggestions for feng shui bedroom color?

I’m riping my room apart,patching holes,and getting ready for paint. Does anyone have any good suggestions for colors that are good for feng shui? I’m in need of some serious changes!

Any other easy tips are also appreciated.

: )

admin answers:

Hi Jason,
Benjamin Moore Zen Green 1493 ( a nice lighter shade of green ) Peaceful Jade 1494 or if you prefer a light neutral tans I would suggest Smokey Taupe or Bamboo Shoot. The paints mentioned with numbers are in the serenity collection. If you have black or dark wood tone furniture these colors will work nicely. Choosing feng shui colors in the bedroom can also be dependent upon where you room is located. Ie North, east, west south facing etc. The colors for the room facing this direction differ than what I have listed. But nonetheless if you want to use these as neutral natural colors they will work. Keep the room minimalist and have most nature inspired things to surround you. Do not have open electronics displayed, this disturbs the rest. Nor store anything under the bed or hang anything heavy over your head. There is much information on the internet and readily available. I have only added a mere few ideas for you. You are off to a great start ~ Happy Decorating!

Ruth asks…

how do i feng shui my bedroom?

what is the best feng shui for the bedroom in order to allow good energy flow?

Suzi Q answers:

It gets complicated when people do not understand fengshui. Fengshui is not putting a certain object in the bedroom and good energy will flow in.

Fengshui is using a formula to calculate the location of the good energy based on the degree which your main door faces and when your house is first used or when did you have your major renovation – which ever is recent. When you have the location, you locate your bedroom there. Then you have good energy flowing into this room.

Another formula called xuan kong da gua is you measure the degree from your door and the farthest or opposite corner and the degree should be good according to the formula. If it’s not, you can put additional storage/ closet to change the degree.

I know that these are vague to you; but these are used in chinese fengshui, and what fengshui is all about.

Jenny asks…

Feng shui bedroom advice – headboard on bathroom wall or outside wall?

I’m moving into a new house that is quite small. There are two bedrooms and the only options to put my bed are adjacent to the bathroom or the outside of the house. Both are bad feng shui, but which one is worse and which one can measures be taken to protect against? I’m thinking that the outside wall is the better choice, but I’m not sure.
The wall adjacent to the bath room is next to the door. The outside walls are away from the door.

Suzi Q answers:

Not having a floor plan to view, it sounds like the outside wall is best. Your bed needs to be in the “command” position — away from the door, not in direct line of the door, with the widest view of the room and able to see the entry door from the bed. The head board needs to be solid, wood is a good choice, and against the wall.

Hope this helps.

Feng Shui Bedroom Questions

John asks…

Is there a free web site on how to feng shui a bedroom/home?

I’m looking for a free website detailing and explainning the basic principles of fengshui so that I can apply it to my bedroom, primarily.

Suzi Q answers:

Sadly there is no website out there that details and explains each one of the concepts of fengshui. The main reason for this is that most of these concepts and theories are formulated by masters and are considered as secrets/ trade secrets. It is just now that some masters like to share their knowledge by giving out seminars. In those days, you need to work under a master for free as an apprentice.

There are a lot of bits and pieces out there, but obviously they left out the part on how to use them. And most website are there to promote what they are selling.

And there is no book out there that details and explains most of the concepts.

The cheapest way to learn fengshui properly is still to get a master to teach you.

Mark asks…

Tips on How to Feng Shui a Bedroom?

Or however you say it. I am a teen girl and I am redecorating my bedroom. I need tips on things do help with good Feng Shui. Where to put things, what colors to use, and website links would be great, also.

All answers appreciated. Thanks.

Suzi Q answers:

There’s a great link on feng shui tips here:

Some additional tips would be.
– don’t have a mirror facing your bed or reflecting your door
– add a fish tank for a zen-like water sound
– no plants in the bedroom
– keep things clutter free and tidy
– a fun animal piggy bank is great for feng shui
– apply calming colors like blue or neutrals

Steven asks…

feng shui bedroom delima?

ok so im trying feng shui out for the first time starting in our bedroom … have a huge unmoveable problem … my husband has a wall size fishtank that lyes on the west wall …it wont fit anywhere else in the house and i read that fish tanks are not good in the bed room … what can i do?

Suzi Q answers:

Feng Shui is about creating space that provides supportive energy to the individual who live or work in that space. Many who do not know the essentials of Feng Shui doubts it benefits. However, if you keep an open mind and willing to explore into the world of Feng Shui, you will find that many Feng Shui concepts are quite beneficial and makes sense.

In the use of water in Feng Shui, one should always be careful where water goes. Water is the essence of life, for without water no living beings would survive. However, water in the wrong location or too much water, can overwhelm a person. After all, Feng Shui is about balance and harmony. A large fish tank filled with water in a bedroom will overwhelm the space. There will be too much water in the bedroom which will make the space out of balance.

You are correct, most Feng Shui practitioners do not advise having water in the bedroom. This is because water is an active element, it is constantly moving. This especially true with a fish tank, because the pump and fishes are constantly moving the water. Remember the purpose of the bedroom is to rest our bodies and rejuvenate. By having water in the bedroom, it creates too much movement (energy in the room is constantly active) and does not allow the body to rest.

You need to ask yourself a few question before doing anything. First, how well do you sleep in the bedroom with the fish tank and fishes? If you sleep well with the fish tank, then you might have a high level of tolerance. If you do not sleep well, it is best to get rid of the tank. How is your health, do you have bladder or liver problems, arthritis, urniary infection? Water can cause these type of health problems when located in the wrong area. Can you just get rid of the fish tank all together, sell it or give it away? Why did you have a fist tank in your bedroom in the first place? If you have such a beautiful fish tank, wouldn’t you want it in a area where your friends and family can enjoy them (like the living or family room), not just you and your husband in the bedroom?

If you can not move the fish tank and do not want to get rid of it completely. The only solution is to clean out the tank and not have water or fishes in it. Get creative and use it as a glass display case instead.

Good luck.


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Maria asks…

where do i put my side table in a feng-shui bedroom?

I have only one bedside table in my room i am a teenager and so i don’t need two of them. I would like to put the side table on the left side of my bed is that ok?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes it’s fine just dont sleep right next to a mirror

Lisa asks…

is it enough to do my bedroom Feng Shui alone?

i live with my family who do not believe or care for Feng Shui, is it enough to do my own room to see results in my life?

Suzi Q answers:

Yes it does! Espescially if you believe in it. Take influence whenever you can and by this you´ll be able to convince your friends and family after several months. Take a good compass and check every corner and space. If you´ve got the feeling you´ve done it right, your mood will be better and this turns your people arround in also moore satisfied people.

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