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Lucky Colors – Colors have Meanings and Elicit Feelings

By Bobby Blueblood

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All the colors can be created from three basic colors like the ones used in TV – red, green, and blue. However, even though it may seem unbelievable, there are practically an unlimited number of actual colors. Different people have different ideas about colors including those who feel there are lucky colors.

It’s possible to have even a billion colors. But in such a case many of the various shades will seem almost the same, even though there are actually slight differences.

Even though there are potentially many colors one can create or can see only couple of dozen have been given any meanings. Sometimes you hear people say “blue is my lucky color” or some other color is their lucky color. Here we explain a few, but not all color meanings.
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Colors Can Do More than Just Look Pretty

Colors can be beautiful, soothing, emotional, and lucky colors. That’s to name a few of the qualities colors can have. Colors can influence your mood, make rooms and objects brighter or more subdued. They elicit messengers such as when used in stoplights and other signaling devices.

Every color has a special significance in attracting or repelling the power of the planets according to ancient writings. In Feng Shui colors also have specific qualities. Certain colors used in ordinary situations also seem to have meaning or evoke certain feelings.

Take for instance the color white. It’s used often to signify purity. Think of hospitals and white immediately comes to your mind. Nurse uniforms are white in almost all cases. White is associated with cleanliness.

On the other hand the color black is about the opposite with death being associated with black. Ravens, which are black, are symbols of death, along with black hearses you see in funeral processions.

There may be conflicting ideas in what different people say or feel about the meanings of colors. Plus some colors seem to have no definitive definition for them. This means use your own judgment, especially when some color shades are close to another color.

Here are some basic color meanings you’ll find in various books and literature:
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The Color BLACK

Saturn is attracted by black. Since Saturn has a negative effect on children, youngsters are cautioned never to wear black clothing. It is a good color, however, for persons born under the signs of Libra, Aquarius, or Capricorn.

In some cultures black in general symbolizes the unknown, unconscious, danger, mystery and darkness. Also death, mourning, hate or malice, but also dignity. One only has to look at TV or the movies to verify these uses of the color black. Go to a funeral and the color black is unmistakable.
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The Color BLUE

The color blue associated with Venus as well as the color of the sky. Blue has been sacred in religions dating back to prehistoric times. Today it is associated with the Virgin Mary. We sometimes say we are “blue” when we are in a sad or down mood. Still, the color blue is a happy, even lucky color for most of us. And when we have unexpected good luck, we often say it came “out of the blue.” The color blue is an especially lucky color for people born under the signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Taurus.

Blue colored neckbands have been worn for centuries by nursing mothers in parts of Europe. They believe the color blue protects their babies from fevers. And what bride would tempt fate by walking down the aisle without “something borrowed, something blue”? In the U.S. blue is a very popular car color. Many different types of uniforms are a shade of blue, including the U.S. Air Force and Navy uniforms.
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The Color RED

People born under the sign of Libra of Taurus may find red color an unlucky color. However, those whose birth date falls in Aries or Scorpio should wear the color red for good luck. The ancients believed that a talisman written in red was double powerful.

In China and other parts of the East, no other color can compete with the color red. No other color has as much power to bring good luck.

Red is the color of stop signs and stoplights. It is also used in many other instances as a warning signal. At least here in the USA red is a very popular color for women. At one time red, fire engine red, or rally red was a popular color for cars, especially sports cars.

My 1963 fire engine red Corvette Sting Ray was a shining example. Not only was the color spectacular, but it turned the heads of many a girl. Back in those days you might say red was my lucky color.
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The Color WHITE

The classic color of purity, white (or silver) is especially lucky for people born under the sign of Cancer, Gemini or Virgo. Though in some cultures, a white horse, a white cat of a white mouse are all considered very unlucky. In general, the color white can bring you good luck.

In some places, especially here in Southern California, almost all new houses have white walls. I don’t know if white sells better than colored walls, but except in the models for new homes, you seldom find new houses with colored walls.

Of course there may be some cost considerations and other factors why builders always have the walls white. Maybe it’s just that virtually everything goes well with the color white.

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There are many other colors that have meanings attached to them. We don’t have room to discuss them in this article. For our purpose you might consider all colors are lucky colors to someone. You can read more about colors and their meanings at

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