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Good Luck Gifts Questions and Answers about and Craft Ideas

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Mandy asks…

Unique good luck gifts ideas?

I am a competitive level 9 gymnast and our state meet is this weekend. I want to do something special for the 8 other level 9’s. The ages range from 12-18. Any ideas on quick, easy, cool, creative good luck ideas? Or any craft ideas that I could make into a good luck gift? I am already writing each othe them a personalized note about their season and such. Thank you! Any idea’s are welcome!

Suzi Q answers:

I really love little Asian good luck charms! They’re usually so cute and/or beautiful 😀

Here is what some of them look like. There are a lot of variations:

If you’re not into the Asian charms idea, here’s a site that tells your how to make good luck charms out of paper:

Good luck bracelets are relatively cheap and easy to put together as well. Here’s a site showing how to do that:

You’re a really kind person and good teammate for doing this 😀

Richard asks…

what do spaniard give as good bye or luck gifts?

People from Spain only! what do spaniards give to others as a good bye or luck gift? thanks.

Suzi Q answers:

Spanish people always give me consumables. Wine, Sausages and Jamon. Don’t know if its like that everywhere, but thats what i get when I go to Seville and Malaga. I’m not complaining i love the stuff.

Daniel asks…

Good luck/congratulations gifts?

I am a youth group advisor and one of my students is running for a position on our regional board. I’m looking for some kind of good luck gift to give her before elections. Any ideas? (The position she’s running for is to coordinate with the directors of a summer camp for kids with cancer called Camp Rainbow.)

Suzi Q answers:

Hallmark has several collectible items. Perhaps they have something.
You might look for something with a rainbow.

George asks…

good luck gifts?

a friend is going to The Dominican Republic for a humanitarian thing. What is a good going away gift?
It’d a guy
it’s a guy. sorry for the misspelling

Suzi Q answers:

Photo album or scrap book

Joseph asks…

What is a good luck gift for iraqis?

My friend is changing jobs and I want to give her a present that symbolizes good luck in iraqi culture, what would be a good choice?

Suzi Q answers:

Since you’re asking in religion/spirituality I assume she’s Muslim and you want something related to that? Try asking in the Ramadan section (it’s under the holidays section), you’re probably going to get more knowledgeable answers there.
You can also ask her. 🙂

Donald asks…

good luck gift first interview?

a friend of mine will have her first interview (for a full-time job) next Tuesday. This is her first real interview ever. What kind the good luck gifts should I get?

Suzi Q answers:

Take her out after the interview. She will want someone to talk to about it. Give advice.

If she is nervous before the interview give her something of yours to put in her purse. Like a good luck charm. She could wear a piece of your jewelry…necklace.

If she gets the job then give her an office present. But wait til she gets the job.

Helen asks…

My best friend is moving away to medical school. Any ideas of good luck/housewarming gifts for a care package?

Suzi Q answers:

Yeah, they actually have these cute med school survival kits…(check out amazon–i think that is where i saw them at) which are great gifts to new students!

Charles asks…

A good Housewarming gifts that represent luck?

what would be suitable

Suzi Q answers:

A special Chinese coin. It has detailed textures and a red jewel in the middle. Put on top of door. They are close to $100. You can get them a set of gold rim cutlery with it around $200 if you get the cutlery cheap. That would be a good housewarming gift. Also 8’s bring luck if that helps.

Betty asks…

What is a good gift idea for someone who is depressed, with bad luck.?

Like a gift that says good luck. Or that symbolizes it. Thanks! Hope that made sense.

Suzi Q answers:

Very interesting question that probably relates to at least one person on everybody’s gift list….

My hunch is that if this person is very depressed (anger turned inwards) they might not be receptive to anything either too subtle or something that you are really sure will turn their luck and their mood around… So, I guess I’m saying, don’t get your hopes up…

When I have been down and out in my life (or plummeted by hormones, etc.) I have always been most touched by people’s taking an interest in me… The “stuff” was pretty much incidental, and I am ashamed to say that I gave away a lot of well-meaning scented soaps and other gifts. If someone sincerely talked to me about what they saw as my strengths and what they valued in me, that was a real lift. I felt loved. But it had to be sincere.

I also liked it that my grandmother would slip a $20 in my coat pocket that I would find later… She never had any conditions on her love or the money she gave to me. I try to be that sort of adult person now, years later, with those I love.

I do believe that the perfect gift for this person is just a prayer away… God will let you know!

Hope this has been useful.

God bless you for your kind heart!


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