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Lucky Bamboo Plant Questions – the Plant Considered Lucky in Some Countries

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Lucky Bamboo

Dracaena sanderiana is a species of the genus Dracaena. The species was named after the German-English gardener Henry Frederick Conrad Sander (1847-1920). It is also known as Dracaena braunii, Ribbon Dracaena, Lucky Bamboo, Belgian Evergreen or sometimes Ribbon Plant.

The plant is marketed in the developed world as a Chinese decorative plant “Lucky Bamboo” (although unrelated to Bamboo and not native to Asia), propagated from short cuttings, usually in water.

This “bamboo” plant is considered a lucky plant in some countries, especially Asian countries. As such it is a prized possession. We have probably a half dozen bamboo plants in our house – well make that a dozen. Bamboo plants are a lucky charm to those that believe bamboo plants bring good luck.

Here are some questions regarding bamboo plants as submitted to Yahoo Answers.

Sharon asks…

What does it mean when you give someone a lucky bamboo vase arrangement?

My boyfriend just moved to a new office and I would like to give him an arrangement of lucky bamboo but I do not know what they mean? some say that each number of lucky bamboo mean something and I would like to know the meaning please. I want to give it to him for good fortune.

admin answers:

This is what I have.
3 stalks = attracts happiness
5 stalks = attracts wealth
7 stalks = result in good health
21 stalks = offer a very powerful all-purpose blessing

Mark asks…

If I plant my Lucky Bamboo in soil, will it need light?

When you keep Lucky bamboo in just water it says it needs very little light. I am thinking of planting my bamboo in soil because someone told me it is good for them and it will help it grow. If I plant it in soil will I need to give it light?

admin answers:

Yes, lucky bamboos prefer close to full sunlight and they do grow better in the soil. I’ve kept mine alive for almost a year and actually gaining size. Just make sure you don’t give it tap water since it will burn the plant.

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Sandy asks…

Is Lucky Bamboo safe in vivarium for Chinese Water Dragon?

I read that lucky bamboo is actually not bamboo, it is a type of Dracenae, specifically Dracenae Sanderana. In this case, is it safe to put in the vivarium? The safe list says Dracenae, but not specifically Sanderana. I just want to be sure…

admin answers:

Yes, it’s fine. Fun for climbing, too. =)

Susan asks…

why my lucky bamboo’s leaves starting to get yellow?

just bought them 2 weeks ago, put in water, in the kitchen bench-i can say filtered sun (cause the last ones i had for 6 years near the kitchen window-too much sun) did not grow at all…how can i keep my lucky bamboos this time??? anyone?

admin answers:

So much sun light is not good for it

David asks…

When should lucky bamboo be planted in soil?

Ok, I have two lucky bamboo plants one is the spiral kind and the other is straight. Though I bought the spiral one first it’s roots are still growing (they are white) and the straight one I bought a few days ago and has many roots. I am really confused as some sources are saying to plant lucky bamboo in water and others say in soil, but I want to try with one of my plants in soil. Even if my spiral is still growing roots can i still pot it in soil? How long should I wait for the roots to grow before potting it in soil? Oh and also do any of you know “The lucky bamboo expert” from youtube? is he a reliable source? Here is is channel.


admin answers:

The guy is right on how to plant the bamboo in soil. He might have said to put it in a good draining pot. I did not hear him say a good draining pot. The plant will get root rot if the pot does not drain.

Mary asks…

Is Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) poisonous to cats?

My male cat has been quite sick this evening and stopped after he regurgitated some lucky bamboo leaves. The leaves were still in tact so I’m hoping he hadn’t managed to digest any before he vomited but I just want to double check what to watch out for. I phoned the vet who said they had never heard of lucky bamboo so they weren’t much help at all! As I say, I think he vomited it all up and touch wood he’s stopped being ill for now but I just wanted to know what to watch for as signs that he is suffering from any kind of poisoning.

admin answers:

Yes, it is! And my cat would chew on it too, so I had to move it to where she couldn’t get to it. Fortunately my cat was ok, although I can’t keep houseplants that have thin leaves.

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Chris asks…

Do lucky bamboo (Dracaena Sanderia) stalks grow in height?

I received some lucky bamboo from Eastern Leaf, and I was looking at the care instructions online. They say that the stalks won’t grow, only the leaves. How is that possible? I’ve found some other information online, but all of it is contradicting what I have previously read. I noticed that Eastern Leaf calls their bamboo “Dracaena Sanderia,” while the information about lucky bamboo that I have found online refers to theirs as “Dracaena Sanderiana.” Is this a typo or is there an actual difference between the two?
If anyone has any information or experience caring for these plants, I would appreciate it.

admin answers:

They are both names for the same plant, lucky bamboo which is not actually bamboo but is related to the corn plant. The main stalk once cut will not grow, but the leaves actually develop into stalks and I have read that they can be cut off, dipped in rooting hormone and replanted and will grow on their own, and that new plants will eventually form on the stalk they were removed from. I had one of these plants and it did much better planted in potting soil than in the water it was sold in.

Ruth asks…

my lucky bamboo is starting to turn yellow?

I had my lucky bamboo for about 3 weeks now, and for awhile now, one of the 4 stalks have slowly been turning yellow. It is the smallest of the stalks. Also, one of the biggest stalks have one leaf that is yellow, but that is it. I grow it in the container I got it in (a glass jar with a bunch of pebbles in it), and fill the container with tap water whenever the water level goes below the surface (the plant instructions said u could grow it in water, so i assumed that bamboo like a lot of water). I also grow it in partial sunlight. It faces the window, however, I put it on a short stand so that my bed takes away a lot of the sunlight.

Is my bamboo turning yellow because the glass container leaves no room for the roots to grow? Is the water causing root decay? Should I water it with filtered water?….I thought that would be bad, because purified water doesn’t have any minerals in it.

Please help me restore my bamboo, and tell me further instructions of daily care

thank you
also, the stalk that is turning yellow- its baby leaves started to turn yellow, and it’s spreading downwards.

admin answers:

Bamboo likes lots of water, but some kinds of water aren’t very good, city or processed water shouldn’t be used. Rain water is the best kind of water to give water plants, well water the second best kind. U should not use tap water that comes from a processing station of any kind, or that goes threw a water softener or other kind of filter in your house. These processes add chemicals to the water that can harm pants.
Also bamboos aren’t ment to grow in glasses for very long so it will probably die eventually anyway.

Also give it some more light, it can’t hurt. If you can’t find well water or rain water, try bottled spring water.

Linda asks…

Lucky Bamboo Problem?

I’ve had my lucky bamboo for about a 1 1/2 weeks. I got it for the office… I’ve kept water in it, like it said… it started turning brown around the “joint” or sections(not sure what to call them) and where the leaves connect to the stalk part… i thought that it might not be getting enough sun, so I put it up where it would be in view of the window, but not in direct sunlight… It has also gotten darker in color since i bought it… What am i doing wrong?

ps. i know that it really isn’t bamboo
It’s still firm… and the roots look good. I moved it over into some dirt to see if it would help… Could the temperature be causing it? It is kinda cool in my office… It stays around 71.

admin answers:

It sounds like its rotting,if its no longer firm on the cane its trash

James asks…

How do I care for my Lucky bamboo?

I have a lucky bamboo at work (three stems, two twisted one straight) in a vase. I change the water every week using bottled water. They have very good roots but all the leaves are very pale almost white. I have moved it around in an attempt to try different light conditions but with no luck. All advise welcome!!!
I was told that I should change the water once a week to stop it going stagnant and to replenish the nutrients. I have it in a clear glass vase so have now wrapped card around it and fed it and we will see what happens!!

Any other advise still welcome!

Suzi Q answers:

So where’s the nitrogen for the plant in all this water?? Try adding a tiny pinch of plant food. Better yet, make a weak solution and then pour a bit into the water every week or so. Remember, they still need some real sun, not direct, but some natural sunlight……be within 3 feet of a window. (if you are moving towards more light, have the roots in a dark container, roots really don’t like light.)

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Do you believe in lucky bamboo? Whether you believe in this superstition or not do you have a lucky bamboo plant?


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