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Michael asks…

How to make a real working love Amulet?

I have a clear crystal and I was wondering how I could use it to make an amulet to attract love. Is there any other ways to make the amulet/charms that do work. I would appreciate answers from people who study Wicca and know how to make amulets that work and preferably fast.(any other charms not involving a crystal are welcome)

admin answers:

You are going to need a big magnet, and a man with a blood/iron composition of about 50%

or just dress sluttier, works like a charm.

Steven asks…

Do Love Charms help to find Soulmate?

I’m looking to attract the right person. Do love charms like these work? Seem to have no luck at all letting nature take its course. Some of my friends tried them from this site and it works , they found their other halves. Should i try too?

admin answers:

Why depend on charms when you can just ask a person out and wait for a simple yes or no?

James asks…

Do you wish you had the charm to attract the one you love…?

but you have no charm?

admin answers:

I just wish I had more charm in general. LOL Not that I am without charm, I just wish I had more. I can not even charm a girl who wants to be pretty. 😉

Chris asks…

What herbs and stones should I mix/put together to make a love mix/charm?

Hi, I want to make a love mix/charm/perfume. I have some herb oils and some stones. What do I need to make/mix a love charm/mix/perfume to make guys attracted to me?
A HELPFUL answer would be much appreciated! 🙂

admin answers:

If you want to make a charm of any sort..and want it to be at all effective, i suggest you do the research yourself, it is not hard to look online and discover which herbs might suit..’it wont work if you dont do the work’..that is my new mantra for all you girls here in m/f.

David asks…

a question to Wiccan pagans etc..?

well ive studied wicca and paganisim for a veery long time tho i still feel new at it i just bought a beautiful necklace with a leather string and stones i dont know what kind of stones they are yet but i was wanting to make it into a charm or talisman to attract love or to make me appear attractive stuff like that i was wondering how i can do that also if someone is interested can someone please sorta mentor me like when i need help they’ll be there thank you!

admin answers:

Start there, they can guide you.
Blessings on your Journey!

George asks…

How would you react if you found your fiance did a love spell?

You find something unusual tucked away in a drawer. She admits it is a charm she created from doing a love spell. She claims she did the spell before she met you, and that she was trying to attract her soul mate. She says she didn’t cast the spell on you, just on her unknown (at the time) future soul mate.

How would you react to this? Do your religious beliefs influence your reaction?

admin answers:

That’s how I met my husband. He knows. He doesn’t care.

Nothing wrong with casting a spell to meet potential compatible mates as long as they are entirely free to act in accord with their own will when they meet you. They must be free to make up their own minds or walk away if they desire.

That’s entirely different than putting a spell on someone to manipulate their feelings against their own will.

The first is like putting out a personal ad or getting out and mingling after a make-over– you’re just trying to meet someone.

The second is like putting a date rape drug in someone’s drink– you’re targeting someone and violating them.

Big big difference… Obviously I see nothing wrong with the first.

I’ve never seen the second scenario work, though. I’ve never done it but people have come to me asking for my help to reverse it and I can’t.

Carol asks…

Can sigil work as a love charm over the net as an avatar or profile background in Friendster or myspace?

Like when they see your avatar or profile page with the sigil will it be able to attract people and what to get to know you better?

Do you think this expanded application of sigil would work?

I don’t need nor want answer from laymen rather i want magic practitioners especially Chaotes with some or alot of experience answer.

no stupid replies from people who don’t know anything or don’t believe in such. Save Yourself the trouble and mine go bother someone else.

With that said, Real Magickians and Chaotes are more than welcome to shed some light on this matter. =)

admin answers:

THE IMPORTANT “Thing” would B 2 Have Jehovah God’s VERY, VERY POWERFUL Holy Spirit 2 “Begin With” ! ! !

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