Lucky Person Questions

Lucky Person Questions

Lucky Person Questions and Answers – Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

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Donald asks…

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

I do. When you start thinking about all the good things in life and the less fortunate who don’t have em, you realise how lucky you are to have such privileges as clean water, air, roof over your head, food, technology and most of all people who love you. You don’t have to win a lottery to be lucky.

Suzi Q answers:

I never think of it that way, i alway think that i’m not lucky, but know that i realise that there or people out there who would like a roof over there head and i have one and not been thankful for it i consider myself a lucky person.

Thanks for asking.

Jenny asks…

How to become a lucky person?

I am very depressed by knowing my husband is cheating on me for a while.
He said he has another 2 weeks business trips yet I know he will find time for his girlfriends.
He will work in China so I know there are plenty of Chinese gals that loved to stick to him.
Why am I all alone & be a decent wife?
Why did I cry for such a relationship?
I want love.
How to become lucky and be loved?

Suzi Q answers:

Spells and magic won’t help you with love or luck. Destiny is a part of our lives that we can control. Fate on the other hand we cannot. What we can grow up to be , who we chose as a life partner, and how wealthy we become are all results of destiny. Death is a result of fate. Something we have no control over. But for your story, it is sad that any man or (woman) should have to break vows. Me being a guy myself, is even surprised by that statement. The answer to your query: do what makes YOU happy. If you want to stay and reconcile then do so. If you want to leave. Well i’m not getting in on that one! But make sure that you do whats best for you and if/or any children. I will pray for a resolution for you.

Oh yeah, and another thing that helps me when depressed is think positive as often as you can and think of the happier times that you have with him. Many women seem to get tossed aside after the honeymoon. That’s just cold hearted!

All the best,

Krazy K

Sandy asks…

Spiritually speaking do you consider yourself to be a lucky person?

just in general how things play out in your life are you lucky or do you get the short end of the stick?

Suzi Q answers:

I’m alive…. ALIVE

Thomas asks…

How to be a really lucky person?

I want to try to change my luck to good PLEASE HELP

Suzi Q answers:

Find a 4 leaf clover, carry a rabbits foot, collect troll dolls and buy a lucky bamboo. 😀

Richard asks…

How do you become a happy go lucky person?

I see girls who are happy go lucky and have this incredible aura about themselves. They radiate incredible energy and seem so happy. How can I be this way? And please don’t tell me to just be myself, I’m 19, still figuring out who “myself” really is, and I want to be like those girls I described above. Everyone has role models right? So how do I achieve this?

Suzi Q answers:

As soon as you wake up in the morning,feed yourself with positive and happy thoughts AND–count your blessings!! Make this a habit and you’ll see the me–IT WORKS! I know this is hard most esp if you woke up at the wrong side of the bed.but true as the saying goes, you are what you think you be careful of your thoughts cause it shapes you. Second, ask i want to be around someone who is pessimistic, is lifeless and boring? Or with someone who’s bubbly, cheerful,has a happy disposition and always see the good in people/things? You have a choice.

Sharon asks…

I used to be an extremely lucky person. Since past few months everything in my life has been goin exactly the?

opposite of what i want. Its like im jinxed. is there anyway to get your luck back?? how does one go from being extremely lucky to extremely unlucky?!

Suzi Q answers:

You are going through a phase in your Karmic journey.To regain luck you must give.The more you give,the more you will receive.

Lucky Person Questions

Chris asks…

Are you a positive person and oven attract negative people?

It happen to me all the time. I am a happy go lucky person, positive bu i meet a lot of negative people. It brings me down most of the time. Can you relate? how to deal when you also need friends? But This keeps happening over and over again no matter how positive a person is.

Suzi Q answers:

Hi there,

This makes good sense. Often negative people are attracted to positive people on the basis that they believe positive people will more than likely have the answers to there problems.

In response to your question … Try to look at their perspective as different rather than negative, and if you feel to could contribute to there input in a way that may make them see differently and help, let them know.

Try and find any positives you can in what they are saying. Generally people that are negative from my experience feel inadequate which makes them depressed and finding any good in what they are saying such as agreeing with them in some respects will lift them up.

Negative people will always gravitate towards you because ultimately they want to be happy and believe it or not, being around someone positive gives them hope. Look at the positives in the situation in that you have the ability to sway and influence people to have a better outlook.

Good Luck

Carol asks…

Have you been a lucky person to get a ticket to Oprah’s show?

Have you ever been an audience member on the Oprah Winfrey show? How was your experience?

Suzi Q answers:

No….never had gotten a ticket but want one sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bad.

Joseph asks…

are you a lucky person?

i’ve just realised i’m a very lucky person.
once i went shopping, gave the cashier 50 bucks. he gave me change and i didn’t realise he gave me 70 bucks until i was at home. doesn’t make any sense. i actually made money when i bought
and sometimes i find money in the middle of nowhere…
i’m very fortunate when it comes to my career too. i haven’t even started looking for photography jobs yet, and i recently got an offer to have my photographs in an exhibition.
i just got an email from the person who works at the gallery, and i don’t even know how he found my pictures online.
ooh i’m a lucky girl. i’m happy =)

pisces sun
gemini moon
sagittarius rising

Suzi Q answers:

I’m not lucky, but Blessed:)

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Lucky Person Questions

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