Arithmancy – An Ancient Method Exploring Some Magical Properties of Numbers

By Cozee Cackel


Do numbers have magical properties?

Arithmancy is a branch of magic that concerns itself with the magical properties of numbers. A Person who practices Arithmancy is called an Arithmancer.

The study of numbers and their magical properties is what arithmancy is. Actually it is one of the oldest documented forms of magic in the world.

The Chaldeans, a semi-nomadic people, who occupied the city of Ur were among its practitioners. The Chaldeans used it in a way that, in its simplest forms, could be considered divination with numbers.

However, the practice is much more complicated than that and has risen above its original divination purposes.

In modern numerological terminology, arithmancy (a shortened form of Greek divination by numbers) is a simplified version of ancient Greek Isopsephy or Hebrew/Aramaic Gematria, as adapted to the Latin alphabet.



divination by the use of numbers, esp. by the number of letters in names.

Also, a·rith·mo·man·cy

1570–80;  < NL arithmomantia  < Gk arithmó ( s ) number + manteía -mancy Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010.


In a Way, Arithmancy is Sort of Magic with Numbers

In order to study the properties of a number in arithmancy requires breaking the universe down into fundamental equations, people, objects, things, and concepts. The arithmancer must take what is concrete and known and turn it into conceptual ideas.

In a way, arithmancy is sort of magic with numbers as the channel. It is quite similar to how some African cultures consider the magic of names or of personal images.

The first step towards using Arithmancy is in being able to analyze or interpret people on a basic level. Other steps are more complicated and will not be discussed here.

There are two methods used in Arithmancy, the Agrippan Method and the older and lesser known Chaldean Method. In the Agrippan Method letters of the alphabet are assigned numerical values from 1 to 9 in a certain order, while in the Chaldean Method 9’s are not used and the letters are assigned numbers in a different order.

Based on these values, the value for a person’s name is calculated. If the result is greater than 9, the values of the digits in the number are added up until it is reduced to a single-digit number.

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Predicting the Strengths and Weaknesses in a Person

This is a system used to predict the strengths and weaknesses in a person, by using the heart number, the social/life number, and the character/personality number.

The heart number is determined by adding together only the vowels in a person’s name.

The social number is calculated by using only consonants.

The character number is determined when both vowels and consonants are used.

The Character Number- indicates the individual’s general personality type.

The Heart Number– represents the person’s inner life. It can also indicate desires and fears hidden from others.

The Social Number– represents the individual’s outer personality. This is the side the individual shows to the outside world.

A similar approach is to use the numbers from a person’s birthday to derive their character number. Each of these numbers is considered to have a suitable predictive meaning also.

You can use the Arithmancy calculator to determine your numbers and corresponding qualities.


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