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‘Good Luck’ in many languages

Good Luck

Good Luck!


Here’s how to say ‘Good Luck’ in many languages.

Our knowledge of how to say ‘Good Luck’ in many languages has been collected from different translators. Some languages like Chinese we have not been able to print correctly on a web page, others have multiple versions, while others we just didn’t understand well enough to attempt adding here.

If you find we have erred or we do not have your language listed please contact us. Good Luck!

Afrikaans: Sterkte

Albanian: fat i mirë

Arabic: Hathan mwafakan

Basque: Zorte on

Bargoens: De Mazzel en de Brogus

Belarusian: удача

Bengali: Saubhagyo       Contributed by Chitraparna Sinha

Bulgarian: на добър час

Catalaans: Bona sort

Czech: Hodně štěstí

Croatian: Sretno

Danish: Held og lykke

Dutch: Veel Geluk

English: Good Luck       Contributed by Rusty Blackbird

Estonian: õnne

Farsi: Movaffagh Baashid

Filipino: suwerte

Finnish: Onnea!

French: Bonne chance

Galician: boa sorte

German: Viel Glück or Alles Gute

Greek: Kali tihi

Gujarat: Subh Labh

Hawaiian: Maika’i Pomaika’i

Hebrew: B’hatzlacha

Hindi: khushnaseeb       Contributed by Mumu Thuja

Hungarian: Sok szerencsét!

Icelandic: Gangi þér vel

Indonesian: Semoga Beruntung!

Irish: Go n’éirí an t-ádh leat

Italian: Buona fortuna

Jewish: Mazzeltov

Japanese: Gambatte

Lithuanian: Sekme’s

Mandarin: Zhu ni hao yun

Marathi: Shubhecha

Macedonian: со среќа

Malay: semoga sukses

Maltese: tajba Xorti

Nederlands: Veel geluk

Norwegian: Lykke til

Polish: Powodzenia!

Portugese: Boa sorte

Romanian: Noroc Mult

Russian: Udachi

Serbian: Srecno

Spanish: Buena suerte

Slovenian: Mnogo srece

Swahili: bahati nzuri

Swedish: Lycka till!

Szczescia: Zycze Ci

Tamil: Nal Vazalthukal

Thai: โชคดี (chok dee)

Turkish: Lyi sanslar

Welsh: pob lwc

Zulu: Ngikufisela iwela

Sometimes these ways of saying Good Luck conflict or the interpretation can be more than one way. Click Here for a site specializing in languages where you can also get a feel for how to say “good Luck” in various languages.

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