Goddess of Fortune /3

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Fortuna – The Roman Goddess of Fortune and Personification of Luck /3

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Emperor Valerian drawing

The humiliation of Emperor Valerian by king Shapur I of Persia (260) passed into European cultural memory as an instance of the reversals of Fortuna. In Hans Holbein's pen-and-ink drawing (1521), the universal lesson is brought home by its contemporary setting.

Here are some Aspects of Fortuna, many of which had their own holidays and centers of worship.

Some Aspects of Fortuna

* Fortuna Annonaria brought the luck of the harvest.

* Fortuna Belli – the fortune of war

* Fortuna Primigenia directed the fortune of a firstborn child at the moment of birth.

* Fortuna Virilis attended a man’s career.

* Fortuna Redux brought one safely home.

* Fortuna Respiciens – the fortune of the provider

* Fortuna Muliebris – the luck of a woman

* Fortuna Virilis – the fortune of a woman in marriage

* Fortuna Victrix brought victory in battle.

* Fortuna Augusta – the fortune of the emperor

* Fortuna Balnearis – the fortune of the baths

* Fortuna Conservatrix – the fortune of the Preserver

* Fortuna Equestris – fortune of the Knights

* Fortuna Huiusque – fortune of the present day

* Fortuna Obsequens – fortune of indulgence

* Fortuna Privata – fortune of the private individual

* Fortuna Publica – fortune of the people

* Fortuna Romana – fortune of Rome

* Fortuna Virgo – fortune of the virgin


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