Karma and Luck – Part 1

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Karma and Luck – The Demise of Luck, Good or Bad – Part 1

By Sangeeta


Karma and Luck – is LUCK all in the MIND?


The following document about karma and luck is eye-opening and in another sense, mind-blowing. Taken to heart, it destroys the ancient concept (in the Western world) of good and bad luck.

It came about when I decided to have a long book review written of a certain well-known book explaining Luck. I thought the book had merit and was the best of about a couple of dozen books I’d read about luck.

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Devanāgari Aum or Om

I was shocked at the response from my writer when she indicated she totally disagreed with the author of the book, who had said “there are principles and sub-principles to follow for being lucky.” To her there was only karma and luck really didn’t enter the picture.


Under normal circumstances such an opinion wouldn’t sway me, but she reaps of academia, has multiple university degrees, and is a long-time accomplished writer. More-over, this is just the tip of the iceberg of her accomplishments.


She indicated “Luck is not mathematics that it will have principles, sub-principles, theories, and the likes.” So to refute that book (and a dozen more on the topic of luck) the following write-up is her response on Karma vs. Luck.


You need to read the entire document and may or may not agree with her take karma and Luck. Good reading. You may leave any relevant comments about her article. Comment moderation is in place to help prevent spam.




The Demise of Luck, Good or Bad – and the Rise of Karma Part I

By Sangeeta

There is nothing as such called ‘being lucky’ or ‘being unlucky’ – IT IS ALL IN THE MIND


Yes, it is true that there are many people who get in life or out of life what they want or wish for with a single snap of their fingers. Vice versa, there are people who want or wish for many things in life but they don’t somehow end up getting them – no matter how many times they snap their fingers; they keep trying and trying their level best wondering what is wrong with them or their luck.


What’s the reason behind this? A very simple one – KARMA – effects of good karma committed in the previous birth and/or effects of bad karma committed in the previous birth. OR shall I say, DESTINY? – the people who are so called ‘lucky’, get everything even if they don’t work hard or they don’t work for it at all – no doubt, it is the influence of good karma from their previous birth. Whereas, the people who are so called ‘unlucky’, get nothing or get to do nothing fruitful in life even if they slog or work hard till they fall – no doubt, it is the influence of bad karma from their previous birth.


Let’s take a small example:



Look at Farmer A in the field. He has learnt farming from his father and is expected to become a farmer. Education was not possible for this Farmer A because of the family financial situation. So, this Farmer A grows up as a farmer in his childhood and teenage years, when finally, he takes hold of the rein from his father in farming. Day in day out, he slogs to grow crops in the field. The saddest part, the field also does not belong to him; it is of some landlord in the village for whom he is literally working as farmer labor. Every year, for six months he works hard to make the crops grow and once it is done, 50% of it goes to the landlord while the other 50% is sold in the market, from which whatever cash he gets, he has to give 25% to 30% to the landlord, and he keeps the balance amount with which it becomes very difficult for him to make two ends meet. Now, while selling the 50% crops, he gets an amount that is very less than what he has expected, or anticipated, or desired. Every year, the same story is repeated. The crops are fine, they are of high quality – then what goes wrong? Why does Farmer A not get the cash he desires or deserves?


Farmer B of the same village has same fate as Farmer A but with one exception. When he goes to sell the 50% in the market, he gets cash more than what he has expected, or anticipated, or desired. So, after giving 25% to 30% to the landlord, he has enough cash in his hand to make his two ends meet.

Why so? Two people, from the same background, with the same financial problems, with the same work, with the same option to earn, lead two separate lives – one with the downs and one with the ups.

      (1) Is it because Farmer A has made enemy of the buyer in the market who perhaps takes some kind of revenge on Farmer A by giving him less money?

      (2) Is the buyer in the market a friend of Farmer B and pays him more?

      (3) Why can’t Farmer A question the buyer the reason why he is given less money?

      (4) Why can’t Farmer B help farmer A by talking the buyer and telling him on his face why he is partial towards Farmer A? Both of them have produced the same crops, the same quality, and the same quantity – then why Farmer A gets less?


More on Karma and Luck in part II – Click Here

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